Shaun of the Dead "Your Thoughts"

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What are your thoughts on Shaun of the Dead, Personally i think it is one of the best films ever made.

i woudnt go that far...good film though

I didnt like it, got the jokes, just didnt think they were funny.

I "think" there are a few other threads on this already. yes

In the meantime, I'll drop in my newly polished 2 cents.

I've seen "Shaun of the Dead" 5 times now. 3 times in the theatre, once with cast commentary, and once with Edgar/Simon commentary and Zombie-o-meter.

Everyone knew that I wasn't too hot on it before, moderately enjoying it, but not really allowing myself to like it because of hype and "British Humor" which wasn't hard to grasp the second time around.

"Shaun of the Dead" has quickly become one of my favorite movies of all time. Why? It's unique. It's funny. It's made by guys who have a genuine love for Horror movies, who know they don't have to rip flicks off left and right to show their "inspiration". The homages are subtle, few, and presented in gags, not exact scenes, i.e. thumbing through a phonebook, finding "Fulci's Italian Restaraunt".

The comedic value of "SOTD" is hit or miss for a lot of people. Some will watch a man getting beaten with pool ques to Queen and wonder why they are doing it. Others will see a man being beaten with pool ques, in precise unison with a Queen song, with a tracking camera, and appreciate how truly brutally clever these guys are.

"Shaun" is full of relatible characters. There's a guy in a rut, a slacker, the girlfriend in limbo, the tag along, the loving mother, the distant stepfather, and that one pompous ass that we all hate. The casting was excellent, I might add.

And, of course, the Horror element was just aces all round, featuring some of the best zombie apps I've seen in forever. All in all, after taking the time to go into "SOTD" with no prejudice, no expectations, and no mental barriers, I fell in love with it more with each viewing. It is absolutely fine if the movie doesn't appeal to you, but if you've only seen it once, give it one more chance because movies like this just don't come around very often anymore.


CORY----how do you get the Zombie-O-Meter?

I choice the commentary with Simon and Edgar and thought it was in with it but its not??

i must say, i was waiting for you to come around cory. and i too loved the movie. unfortunatly its got the australian entertainment sections all over going on about how the Zombie movies is back and how Horror is dead. which annoys the shit out of me

Being a zombie fan, the movie was just a total climax for me. There wasnt a single scene that I did not enjoy or think was unnecisary.

I had already obtained a copy of shaun of the dead before it hit theaters in the US. By the time it made it, I had a free movie pass and refused to use it on shaun of the dead. I paid my full price ticket and happy enjoyed the movie for the 4th or 5th time. I also did not burn a copy of the DVD either. I went to Best Buy and paid the full $20. That movie deserves every penny from me and i wont deny them.

By far one of the funnest time I've had this year watching a movie. Loved it, instant classic.

A truly outstanding flick.

The whole cast did a great job at playing their charactors and the effects where awesome.

One of the best horror flicks to be released in recent years.

I have yet to see it. But with Gift cards and what not I'm going to get it after Christmas.

I love this movie. It's hilarious, gory, and touching in parts (particularly when that guy was gonna shoot Shaun's mom). Surely one of the best zombie movies I've seen in a while.

IT WUZ MAD C00L Y0!!!!!1!1!!one1!!!1

AH HA! You, sir, have to go to OPTIONS, then SUBTITLES, scroll down to the 3rd selection where it says ZOMBIE-O-METER, then Start Movie.

The subtitles will start right up, and I think the first one was the credits for the opening theme, taken from "Dawn of the Dead

That's noble. I paid full admission once, saw it again a few weeks ago at the $1 theatres, then got passes for a free screening that I went to this past week for my third time. I watched the movie 3 times in 24 hours from the DVD release, lol.

I feel like such a mark at times, because now I literally go to bed, wanting to wake up and watch the movie again EVERY MORNING. I've NEVER felt this way about a movie. Ever.

I know, there were some incredibly striking moments that seemed out of nowhere, but were totally effective. Simon Pegg is a great dramatic actor, too. He just gets shit on the entire movie, and he nailed every bar of the emotional spectrum.

The bonus features had one of the absolute funniest cut scenes ever, when Shaun offers himself to the zombies infront of the Winchester.

"Hey! Hey! Hey! Over here! Ohhhhhh, BOLLOCKS! **** OFF! Just ****..OFF!" Cut! LOL

Oy, I can't get enough.

I love all of the references in the film as well as all the extras on the dvd. I never listen to commentaries but i have listened to every commentary on here and watched every extra and they give you a new perspective on the film and are very funny. The film itself is hilarious, as is a TV series simon pegg/nick frost and edgar wright and jessica simpson( who plays the leader of the other group that they meet in the garden, also actors from the office, little britain and league of gentlemen, all excellent britidh comedy tv shows)made called SPACED, which is fantastic and also has alot of references to sci-fi and horror films, fans of SOTD should check them all out, especially SPACED and THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN ( TV SERIES NOT THE CRAP FILM WITH SEAN CONNERY)

haha you sound like my friend billy... when he gets hooked on a movie ... hell watch it 3 4 or even 5 times in the same day ... like he has the DVDPlayer on Loop/Repeat or something haha

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shaun of the dead lost out on an award..they lost it to the movie school of rock,,,fair do u think??

what award though? school of rock had its moments too

best comedy film at the british comedy awards

Cool...found em.

Finally....confirmation on what I thought about the whole "Foree"
Electronics thing.

There's alot of homages I totally missed and I'm so asshamed of myself.

i watched half of this movie then turned it off because it was horrible but then i watched it all and i thought how the hell could i have watched this pile of crap not funny IMO

In the commentary, Simon said that the U.S. test audiences didn't get that, because here we call it "Nutty Buddy", lol. The "British translation" of Shaun's line when he sees Mary in the garden was; "Oh my god. She's pissed!", but us silly Yanks would think she's angry.

Besides. "Oh my God, she's a DRUNK!" was a HELL of a lot funnier. That whole sequence spawned one of my favorite movie lines ever.

"I think she likes you, Shaun. I think she want's to CUDDLE!" laughing

I know. There was another thread where I shared all the ones I spotted, and it wasn't even 1/2. I DID get the (John) "Landis" supermarket one, but I thought it was for "Thriller", and not "AWIL". Just thought "Thriller" made more sense.

Also, in the opening, where the character names ultimately reflected their fate, they were wrong about Diane = Dies. In the plot holes, the storyboard shows that she escaped from the Winchester, and scaled a tree until the coast was clear.

in england we use the term pissed to describe drunk people
but it is used to describe angry people to

same as australia, you have to see who their talking about to context it

I'm going to Buy it soon.

Yeah, its an absolutely terrific movie!
Very funny! And the acting, directing and writing are all top notch! thumb up

Also its easy to understand what they're saying. I didn't need subtitles like Gosford Park! mad

It's also nice to see what the outlying neighborhoods of London look like.

Evil Dead
I'm with C-dic........

This film is BRILLIANT. pure genius.

isn't it just

Saw this on Showtime last night, it was pretty funny with a nice bit of gore thrown in for good measure.
ie. The ripping apart of the stomach

And I liked the end when Shaun was playing the video game with his Zombie friend!

Shaun of the Dead was the COOLEST NEW MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN! I saw it twice in theatres! I lovvvvvved it!

I love it when Shaun is on the phone with his mom and Ed grabs it and says, "We're coming to get you, Barbara!" laughing out loud

I loved this movie. I don't know why but the scene that made me laugh hysterically was when he was walking from the cooler in the store and slips on the blood and continues to walk like nothing happened.

Great movie. Great spoof. Nice story. Fantastic ending. Terrific!

Instant classic. A terrific satire. IMO, the best part of the film was the scene at the Winchester when Shaun, Liz, and Ed beat the hell out of the owner to the beat of that Queen song. I laughed my ass off.

Originally posted by Nevermind
Nice story
Exactly the same as every other 'dead' film you mean!

My fav part is probably when Shaun and Ed are brainstorming their plans on where and what to do with Liz, Philip, and Barbara, and they go over it three times, its hillarious!

I also loved the part where the guys get a little tipsy, and go home to listen to some electrode, and the way Ed dances, its sooo funny!

Originally posted by deathbycorn
Exactly the same as every other 'dead' film you mean!

The story doesn't just consist of a plot. A story also consists of characters, where, when, how and conclusion. I was referring to the character relationships that more than anything else. Not to mention that, that plot normally always works and is fine (or in this case a nice bases) in zombie movies of Romero's (or Romero zombie spoofs as this case may have it).

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