"Dead" Movies: Name Em'!

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This should be fun. Name as many movies as you can with the word "dead" in the title. You don't necessarily have to name strictly Horror films, but it's encouraged, as to keep it in line with the forum.

I'll knock out some obvious choices.

Night of the Living Dead
Dawn of the Dead
Dead of the Dead
Land of the Dead
Shaun of the Dead
Return of the Living Dead
Return of the Living Dead 2
Return of the Living Dead 3
Evil Dead
Evil Dead 2
House of the Dead
The Dead Pool
Braindead/Dead Alive
Dead Calm
Dead Wrong
Dead Ringers
Dead End
Dead or Alive
Children of the Living Dead
Orgy of the Dead
City of the Living Dead
City of the Walking Dead
Dead and Buried
Dead and Rotting
Drop Dead Fred
Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things
Dracula: Dead and Loving It
Dead Poets Society

..ok, I'm tired.

Dead Reconing (can't remember if i saw this at a videostore or someone said about it here, either way)
City of the Dead
and does Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness count or is it just Army of Darkness?

Dead and breakfast
The living dead at machester morgue

dead man walking

Dead in the Water
Dead or Alive 2
Dead of Night
Dead Again
Return of the Living Dead 4
Return of the Living Dead 5
Freddy's Dead: Final Nightmare
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Things to Do In Denver When Your Dead
Diamond Dead
Bringing Out the Dead
The Dead Zone
Waking the Dead
Drop Dead Gorgeous
Dead Right
Eaters of the Dead
The Quick and the Dead
Dead of Night

Dead Man on Campus

did anyone say Day of the dead? I loved that movie,
and dead reckoning was a working title before they decided on Land of the Dead a movie by romero coming out next year big grin

Wow, Day of the Dead was overlooked. I guess we all assumed C-Dic named all of George Romero's Dead movies.

dead alive

Dead Man Walking
Dead and Buried
Dead by Dawn
Dead Poets Society

9 Dead gay guys
Alien Dead
13 Dead Men

Dracula Dead and Loving it

do you count Deadly Friend as one?


Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.