CHRISTMAS GIFT- RP area brand new trivia quiz! All please, have a stab!

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Totally for fun, why not have a stab at this quiz based upon the plot of my Star Wars game? Note, of course, that the longer you have played, the more likely you are to know stuff. The quiz deals mainly with the events from the tail end of Episode III onwards... so from stuff over the last two years.


*pull out large knife.....*
A5-I forget what the species was, but it was chosen because it was all defensive and portective untill someone got to close and then it was quick and deadly.
A-10 Using the sonic thingys, high pitched noise kills 'em, Forgot their name though...
C-1 He didn't like us becuase we were gonna disturbe the balance, Everyone was force sensitive on Zeton, but they were forced to supress it so they didn't turn all evil and destroy them-selves. Its was usless because it was too late by the time they got us, if I remember correctly it riots had allready started when they let us out. O and the Darkies were allready causeing hell.
C-3 Didn't Kuylen want to find the Temple of some Sith guy so he could study his writing, and/or sap some of his power or something like that, so he could become a Sith. This couldn't happen becuase the temple had been cleared out centruys before by the people who hid the planet.
C-5 Eliminate the Darkies? Accually doesn't it have somethign to do with Sidiuses rise to power, Its a baby empire right?

I know of Lance (who is dead now but he's returning *yay!*) and Galder, A bit between Me and Gader just becuase of our massive fight. Kuylen really doesn't like Gundy, but I don't know if that counts. Thats all I can think of.

F: I'm gonna go with Balek. just because he's an annoying little bastard...

A10. something with sound, I think we activated some kinda high pitched noise thingy

C1. because they were all force sensitive and he knew his society with errupt in a huge light vs dark civil war?
C4. To kill as many things as possible? Chion was mad

D. Marcus VS Galder and Vice Versa

E2. because he is being forced to do so, maybe a kidnapped relative or something like that

F. Nebb, and persis a tad but most likely Nebb evil face

Oooh, ok, some notes...

It was indeed sonic waves to defeat the insects... see if you get anywhere with the name.

Bang on with Chion- his only motivation was insane mass murder and blowing up Zeiton would have been the best result he could hope for.

The Elder was indeed worried about the loss of Balance on his homeworld. However, there is a more fundamental reason why he would have failed in the best of circujkstances- the best involving the Darkies not being there etc. Perhaps better to say he probably would have failed but we never got the chance to find out.

With Kuylen, you have named one of the means, but not the ends.

Need to be more precise about the Bureau's founding.

Did you even meet Balek, Roan? If not, that guy has done a class deal on making people dislike him. His reputation spreads far...

No never met him, just Read Rex's story and watched Marcus's encounter...

Silver Stardust
Oooh oooh I know this one!!!

How detailed an answer you want? Or can I just leave it with they're the beginning of the Empire?

Heh! Sure, though for full marks, you have to exactly describe the circumstances of it being set up.

WEll it goes soemthign along the lines of,
The Jedi knights can't do everything, we need some other sort of organization to hunt down other brands of organized, focused evil-doers (read: Darksiders) this organization should have unlimited funds and be outside the law because they are doing good things.

Good nuff?

Specific to the person involved. That's the story as far as most people know it.

Wasn't it Sidious?

Yes it was, so what is his motivation?

removing the dark side of the force competitors (if you can call them that) without paying any attention to the process. he has important tasks at conquering the galaxy smile

i know some of the rest also. but i'm too lazy to post right now stick out tongue

Silver Stardust
I'm not most people, though....big grin

The Bureau, set up by Sidious, has a bigger purpose than just wiping out the Dark Siders...(come on guys, it's the foundation for the Empire, you should be able to figure this out...) The purpose of the Bureau is to wipe out ALL Jedi, not just us darkies. They're just starting out with the Dark Siders as practice, if you will, because we're more accessible. Plus they can get away with going after the darkies because we're a general pain in the ass to the rest of the galaxy stick out tongue But the Bureau's eventual goal is to get rid of all the Jedi, light and dark, so that the Empire can be founded and Sidious can have total control.


Oh, well, you didn't have to say THAT much... Dexx had the main point, in that it is Sidious' latest means of removing competition.

Sidious has been trying to get rid of these gobshitey upstarts from square one. He would have liked to have sent Maul to deal with them, but irritatingly some oik of a Padawan had just hacked Maul in half and ruined THAT plan. Throughout the first campaign, then, Sidious manipulated Gundark and her team into doing that work for him, to hunt down Kuylen and crew. Whilst Kuylen's ambitions were brought to a crashing halt., Sidious is dissatisfied with not only Kuylen but many of his old followers still being alive- and furthermore, the Council had shut down his use of the Jedi as his personal death squad. Sidious had Dooku as a replacement, but he was hardly an assassin and besides- he was working on a bigger project; the build up to the Clone Wars.

Ever the long-term planner, Sidious puts the Bureau together to act as his new personal death squad. First target- those bloody Dark Siders. And then, as Alana says, once they are up to scratch having trained against them... they will hunt down the remaining Jedi.

Silver Stardust
Well, you said a detailed answer was okay...

...and besides which, now I can laugh at Tpt for all the times he's made fun of us having trouble fighting the Osokans! Which you know I've been wanting to do!

a3: teshan
a4: mogarian, i think..something with 'm' anyway
a5: because oxygen is toxic to their skin...therefore they must wear a suit covering their whole body. great for cover
a6:nayler..i think.
a7: he kept the daughter of the miramar leader (some sort of royalty?) imprisoned in a ...criostase chamber. or some other form of sedationsmile
a8: because as soon as the miramar connected us to their previous sith experiences, that was enough to risk the life of that hostage

b1: i think one of them was edna. because of her talent with the force...
b2: the distrubance, i'd say, is because of what would have happened, were chion to succede in his demented course of actions. the deaths of all those creatures. it was stopped because I stick out tongue killed him
b3: well..i probably shouldn't answer this one. though the main thing the vision was trying to tell me was what i said above.
b4: perhaps (i didn't check) one of us has master obfuscate and/or the jedi had bad premonition rolls that would normally tell something about us. (but we're safe under obfuscate)
b5: my glimpses of the sith events? don't know...just a stab smile

c1: easy..already been answered
c2: he want's his hands washed of the whole kuylen& minions affair. Aiding the jedi and getting on their good graces keeps him safe also...
c4: already answered
c5: same

D: lance and galder. marcus and galder. ...galder you t.wat! do you HAVE to piss everyone off? stick out tongue (omg...t.wat is consored? confused )

F: i'd have to say balek. thoug helkin is probably more dangerous if i think about it. though balek is simply annoying

h3: the only logical answer would be that the base of the planet (downwards of the mountain tops) is filled with non-environmental friendly chemicals, lethal to humans. much like windu's homeworld (can't rememebr the name)
h4: by the jedi council....after an unsuccesful mission back when he was a promissing jedi knight, when he went MIA
h5: what's bb-50?

Captain REX
Yes, yes I do have to piss EVERYONE off.

I also have a grudge against Balek that I never got to finish!

Captain REX
I'm taking a stab at this myself, I'll post what I come up with...

Captain REX
H5. Does this have something to do with Kuylen being a fallen Jedi Knight that is extremely skilled with a lightsaber who was originally going to be a fallen Master but Dooku was introduced?

Well... I dont now any answers extp


Heh, somehow I knew that Dexx would make a good go of this one.

Yes, it was Teshan, and yes, the speciies was Mogarian, and yes, it was because they needed 100% cover body suits as oxygent is extremely fatal to them- which also meant they talked using artificial voice synthisisers, better cover still. For bonus points I could have asked why this made Teshan suspicious, the answer being that Mogarians are committed pacifists, yet those two were rather good fighters.

Nayler was the Prelate, and yes, Saar had the Grandmaster's Daughter hostage, but their hatred of the Sith overcame the fear of the hostage being killed.

Edna was not one of them- sorry.

Gundark's troublesome vision was indeed the disturbance that wopuld be caused by the death of a whole world (even an under-populated one like Zeiton). And indeed, Takuan was directly responsible for preventing it.

Zeiton's destructioin was actually one of the smaller things from Takuan's vision- not that it was unimportant, just that your vision was focussing elsewhere. Still, that is one thing down so far.

It is indeed a form of Obfuscate that has impaired the Jedi this game- but from the Sith. not from you guys, and Sidious can Obfuscate in a way that is far more powerful than the rules covered in the Force Tree.

And as for b5... which Sith events, Takuan?

C1 has not been fully answered yet, though I shall do so now. The Elder was effectively a Light Sider, and killing the Jedi in cold blood, no matter how noble the cause, would most likely have been beyond him.

C2- nice try, but Ascar doesn't need to kiss ass in order to survive. In fact he is a very proud man and this would be beneath his dignity.

Galder does indeed have a LONG grudge list.

Interesting to see Balek getting the heaviest hate vote! Mark of success, perhaps?

H3- nice try. Not so though.
H4- nope, that's the 'bait' answer. Council only declared him dead two years before, say, Galder met him- nothing even closely approaching three decades. The Jedi were pretty sure he was alive whilst he was working for them!
H5- good question. Maybe you will find out.

That Kuylen was eerily similar to Dooku is ineeed the principle. But obviously enough, that WAS from a Star Wars film. In this case, it is a non-Star Wars film that appears to have beaten us to the idea.


It IS Gundark and Darth Sidious; can you explain why?

Ascar does not know about Sidious, I can assure you, though he is in a process of exploring the evidence of the Sith, as Gundy knows. Whilst that is broadly related, there is a more direct piece of reasoning involved.

Actually, the rule of two was irrelevant to Kuylen- he thought it was in error (do remember it is not a cosmic rule, simply a policy the Sith eventually adopted). Had he achieved the Sith part of his plan he would next have had to destroyed the extant Sith and replaced them.

But when I say impossible, I really mwean from a game plot point of view.

Trade Guy as in the Viceroy? Nope. Multi-guesses not allowed, I am afraid, but I will say that each person only appears once in the quotes round.

1 is not far off. But also the event of which it is talking about is not far off so that's not going to spoil anything.

2- One of his VP portfolios is security, so it's not that.

3- Nope, nothing like that. Epireus has an entirely breathable atmosphere.

4- Enterprising! But he was very young at the time to be doing that. Kuylen is in his 30s.

5- Again... a good question. Why don't you find out?

Captain REX
For Takuan's vision, the main thing was that he predicted there was nothing at the Mausoleum for us.

Indeedy so!

Lol, all my answers were guesses anyway.

Okay, the Sith thing - it wouldn't work because then it would mess with the movies... Alsom the dark-siders would become a lot more powerful than the Jedi...

Err, that is also not untrue, but how did that manifest itself in the game's storyline?

Captain REX
Mausoleum eradicated long before?

Which was in turn due to?

Captain REX
Good triumphing over evil?

No no no. How come it was that the Mausoleum was neutralised in advance?

Captain REX
Because the Jedi were there?

And why were they there?

Captain REX
With the way I'm answering, this'll probably go in circles... stick out tongue

Most likely!

It's the prime reason Kuylen could not win- the lesson of the first Campaign.

Because Sidious doesn't want him to become a Sith - and Sidious is extremely powerful?

Sidious is trying to stop Kuylen because Kuylen is a threat, so Kuylen isn't that impotent.


and what the hell is the BV-50?


I think the entire Dark Side despises Jena....and it's quite obvious how much Rianna loathes Helkin....

*goes off to plot deaths*

Captain REX
Well, looking up BV-50 on Google merely got me 38 pages advertising the Vivitar BV-50 35mm camera... stick out tongue

Oddly enough it's not a real-world object...

Captain REX
Nooooo! You're joking! roll eyes (sarcastic)

Though I somehow suspect that it has to do with Dr. Who (that's what it's called, right?) or something similar.

Nice try! In fact the gun machine you are up against is from Blake's 7... like most the Dark Side plot, frankly.

Bespin Bart
Speaking of Blake's 7, that's where the name for Balek's homeworld came from. One of the names given to Soolin's homeworld...whoever that is...

And Doon's ship, Scorpio. Also from there...

I found a fan site, can't ya tell? stick out tongue

The Photonic Drive is from Stardrive...

No bloody wonder Balek's homeworld is from it, when you look closely at his name.

Bespin Bart's Blake scrambled...

And rather more importantly than being one of Soolin's backgrounds (bit of script editing failure there), it is also where the last episode, called Blake, was set, and if I ever set a game on Gauda Prime you should all run a mile.

Bespin Bart

For the love of God, don't go printing that kind of thing in plain text or Xeth is going to walk into the business end of a neutron blaster.

Shame on you!

Bespin Bart
laughing out loud

I'm showing Lana all those you know! Geez...

...okay, I'm really curious as to what BB's post was.....stick out tongue

Originally posted by Bespin Bart's Blake scrambled...

Durr laughing out loud

Heh, remind me to tell all the darkies where the "Doon helping us escape Cynelline" bit was directly ripped from.....heehee!

Haha, Rex told me what BB's edited post was....and I already knew that big grin



YOU told me it!

What did BB say?

Count this as a reminder...

whistling innocent

Well, not far off a year on from when asked, the future questions here are all answered.

The answer to question 3 of the 'beyond impossible' section was left vague on purpose. It suits the Dark Siders because it means they can live on their secret base without being bothered unless they want to be.

Kuylen, as you now know, was declared dead decades earlier by his own people, their legal solution to those aristrocrats who become Jedi. But no-one ever thought more about the logic of that law...

And finally... the BV-50 has a very similar idea (and I thought tpt had gotten this, because not long after Episode III started, he asked me about this film) to the machine in The Incredibles. But seriously, it was thought up way in advance of that film being released...

Ah, I can come up with the logic of that law! It would be terrible to have someone like Larios Kuylen, a dictator at heart and evil Dark Jedi, take the reigns of Tasker's Crown after leaving the Jedi Order. His reign would have led his world against Republic in an all-out war.

That is neither a likely outcome nor does it explain the severity of the law.

Didn't Kuylen explain it to me, Something about him being in line to rule but him being a jedi screwed up their whole process....

That's all a given, but there is an implication to the rule that has been overlooked.

Lord Melkor
Ush, I think Boyars are big about honour and duty- as Jedi they would follow diffrent duties and Code. Am I on something here?

It's the right sort of area. Anaz did talk over the issue with Roan.

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