do u put out cookies and milk still?

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do u still put out cookies and milk even if u know santa isnt real?

or does your parents still sign the presents "from Santa"?

mine do....i think there weird....

yeah they are lol just kiddin
its nice to get in the xmas spirit

sometime my parents sign presents "from Santa" just for laughs and stuff..

We don't even have santa so NO I don't

no, I'm the one who takes and cookies and milk. big grin

My parents sometime sign the presents "From Santa" but we know the truth...

And my little brother leaves cookies out still...

lol we used to.. but i have my own tradition now.. i eat some cookies and milk before i go to sleep

My dad would eat it before we put it down. . . . so i guess yea. . .

Can't say I do that...

I'd rather just eat the cookies and drink the milk before it settles and stuff from being left there over night laughing

STYX Chick
yes I still put out cookies embarrasment But no milk, no the cats will drink it sad I'll leave some water, or coke! big grin

I still put out cookies and milk... because i get too lazy in the morning to do that.

i stop putting out cookies and milk when I was 6

Beyond Image
i have never put any cookie or milk out, sorry Santa.

Silver Stardust
We still put out cookies and milk...and since tonight I got to play Santa and get all the presents under the tree, I got to eat them laughing out loud which is only fair, I guess, since I DID make the cookies....

No, besides I would always put out chips and beer when I was kid. I was a strange little boy.

I still have little brother and sisters, so my parents till put out the milk and cookies, although this year it is/was milk and a carrot.... just because your a fictional character doesn't mean you should ignore healthy snacks it seems.

When i was younger i ust to leave beer and peanuts, got a bit suspicious because my dad seemed to relay like both

I use to until I found out my mom was the one who had them instead of Santa lol


I did up until this year, I knew the truth about santa years ago. But my parents still sign presents from santa.

Phoenix Aska
I do!!!

Chocolate chip cookies or oreos in milk!

your suppose to leave milk and cookies for santa?
no wonders he never came to my house

and i remember when i was young i wanted power rangers toys and my parent gave me a pair of shoes instead and said it was from santa

Jackie Malfoy
This year me and my sister put out cookies and wine for our stepmom and dad!It was all finish the next morning!JM

Why the hell would I continue to put out cookies and milk for someone who I figured out YEARS AGO that isnt even real? heheheheh

Jackie Malfoy
Hey your parents deserve something too!Which is why I put out homemade cookies and wine for them!JM

Honey if they want cookies they go to the kitchen cabinet and get it, which is rare, cause whenever they buy them they're for us. And they dont like wine.



I had this awsome wine last night, it was called fat bastard. I drank it like water.

I leave out bear traps to kill him

Good idea

No.I used to though wink

We all did

And I left out a bowl of corn flakes for Rudolph lol.

i would put out lettece for the deer

Must of been alot of lettuce for 8 reindeer wink

no, just like 2 leaves

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