i love it when...

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has anyone else had it when you either stand up too fast or you get out of a hot bath and you totally black out and get so dizzy and pass out? i always do that! it's so fun! is it like bad for you coz its so fun! laughing

never passed out from that confused

or have you even just blacked out and gone dizzy and NEARLY pass out?

that doesn't scare you?

that heppens way too often to me; I don't really think that's such a fun because a few times it happened so strongly that I fell.

nah, i dont get scared bout things like that. like, i only beleive ppl or things that seem unbeleivable when i get butterflies in my tummy, coz i swear im scycic, in tha mornin i get butterflies in my tummy if somethin bad is gonna happen, an when i black out it's so cool, coz i start off (if im lookin in da mirra) seein all of me, then just the top half of me, then just my head then just my eyes then everything goes black and im like woah! its so cool!

yeah, like sorry bout what i said b/fore bout how i pass out, i get excited sometimes, thats never acctually happened, but i do fall and have to grab onto somethin, then everythin goes into clear view again im like damn!

i get headrush from baths embarrasment

is that the thing im talking bout, headrush? is tha **** its called? i dont acctually get it, but it was like 25 c tha otha day an i was freezin so i took a rilly hot bath, got out an i was like woah!

i love it when i go shopping and i have lotsa money to bust on things i don't really need!

i h8 that coz then when u go home ur like damn i shouldntve bought that. unless ur rich and that dont matter!

eeeep. lol. i always feel like tht. but yeah. smile thank god my favourite stores have an exchange policy

it happens to me big grin

but one time everything went black and purple blotches appeared all over...and i swayed and nearly fell

I blacked out in church once because it was hecka hot and I had to stand up because all the seats were occupied (the church was outside)

I do the same thing. but its when i get out of a seat to fast

another is when I lay down for hours and then I suddenly get up

There are sometimes when I just randomly black out smile

how weird smile

Sir Bob III
i think you had a little to much to drink pyro smile

Sir Bob III
i have a thing wrong with my head like if i get really mad i pass out and shit its crazy

raven guardia
that happens to me a lot when I get out of the bath tub....I use to think it was because the water was to hot and it made me dehydrated laughing out loud

yeah, maybe it is caus u get dehydrated? i dunno! but my sis told me tha thing bout that chair when u stand up, she said it happns to every1!

I have nearly passed out on many of those occasions and it was NEVER fun!

I've gotten a couple head rushes before, not like I try to have them now, but they're okay. It's like the world is spinning....wait it is.....blink

Lord Soth
I love that feeling! I've never actually blacked out, though

hahah i love it when i get up too fast.

one time on my birthday i sucked all the helium out of a balloon and i spoke and got out of my chair. and for like 5 secs i was stumbling around my house all ****ed up while my mother, grandmother, and girl friend at the time were talking. then out of no where i just collapsed on my face. it was def an interesting experience since that was my first and only time huffing.


lol, thats so cool!

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