Just saw Susperia

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I thought it was pretty good.I heard alot about it and although I didn't find it scary,there were a couple of good scares.I thought the scariest part was near the ewnd where the dead girl pops out of the closet.Classic.Just classic. big grin

whats the movie about? i havn't seen it yet

I think the music to suspiria is one of its best assets. It really helps setup the moods. Goblins are the shizznit

that one death scene where the girl falls into the razor wire was crucial

Oh yeah,that scene was SO messed up.Wasn't expecting it at all.

susperia is more style over substance...pretty good film though..nothin special

It's wonderful, one of Argentos best. Pity they are remaking it sad

Yes i agree with the style comment. I remimber the movie being very colorful and artistic. Kind of Psychodelic

um, anyone gonna throw the plot my way?

SUSPIRIA is a classic and im suprised no one mentioned the first killing,visully stunning,goblin are great i admit,argento added a lot of the music ideas himself,id say suspiria is definetly 1 of argentos best,suspiria,deep red,tenebrae and four flies on grey velvet being his best movies,lets not forget his collaberation on that small zombie movie dawn of the dead,lol i think suspiria is visully amazing to look at especially on dvd, the story is about a girl who gets in to like the best european dance school which is run by witches smileTagline: The Only Thing More Terrifying Than The Last 12 Minutes Of This Film Are The First 92...awesome!"

You have been watching Suspiria !!

Director Dario Argento's original idea was that the ballet school would accommodate young girls not older 12. However the studio and producer (his father) denied his request because a film this violent involving children would be surely banned. Dario Argento raised the age limit of the girls to 20 but he didn't rewrite the script, hence the naivety of the characters and the occasionally childlike dialogue. He also put all the doorknobs at about the same height as the actress' heads, so that they will have to raise their arms in order to open the doors, just like children.

It is often incorrectly assumed that, to achieve the rich color palette, the film was shot using the outdated 3-strip Technicolor process. This is untrue: no film after the mid-1950s was shot using this method. The film was instead shot on normal Eastman Color Kodak stock and was then printed using the 3-strip Technicolor process, utilizing one of the last remaining machines. This issue has been confused somewhat by the fact that, on the 25th anniversary documentary featured in the 3-disc DVD set, a discussion of the printing process by cinematographer Luciano Tovoli was incorrectly followed by a diagram showing a 3-strip camera.

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