Misery - your thoughts

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over christmas, i bought Misery, and i have to say, i really love this movie. i know that Dean(insert numbers here) loves this movie, i was wondering what you think of this movie?

Love Misery one of my favorite horror movies (along with Carrie)


Misery is a good film but it's not a horror

why not, its as much a horror movie as any. it has all the elements.
you dont get much better horror moments than when Bates hobbles the poor guy. and when Bates gets her head bashed in

The bit where the dude gets his ankles broken is sick... I can watch all these 'gory' movies, but bones breaking really screws me up.

It's more of a thriller than a horror.I read the book first and I think they adapted it pretty well.The hobbling is different in the book though.

i see it more as a horror......great film though...im gonna read the book next

Definitely has a lot of horror in it. One of my favourite King adapted films, alongside Carrie, like MornGlory mentioned.

Katy Bates is perfect in Misery!

yeah, she has great mood swings and you actually worry when she goes mental

I appreciate how "Misery" didn't just "insinuate" things. They show Kathy Bates with a block of wood, setting up James Caan's ankles, and she begins to swing. Do they cut away? Hell no, you see Caan's ankle SNAP and his delayed reaction, which is priceless, I might add.

Good stuff, I need to see it again.

i'm stoked i got if for next to nothing! no extra feature though, bit of a *****


thats how much i paid (well doing the conversion into aus dollar in my head thats about right) and all i got was the trailer

I love this movie. I've been meaning to get the book.

I'm the same way

or things like the nail through the finger in the ring, thats pretty harsh too

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