Jack Sparrow Action Figures

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omg!!!!!! I want it I want the prop replicas too helpful when planning a pirate party.

Captian Rogue
ARGG!! I so want that toy! i'll get me dad ta get it fer me!!!!!!!! .....that is of course when it comes out ere in Australia...lol

ok i cant post URL's as phoe said but that doesnt matter you can PM me for the links.. or the people whom posted already..

I'm trying to find the action figures..But I havent seen any yet. *Pout*

What you could do is take some of the pictures of the action figures Miss Bishie and paste them in here! Rather than as weblinks. Then we could see the images.... just use the brackets with the word IMG and then at the end of the url site post the brackets again with /IMG! big grin

Johnny Depp
March 02, 2004
NECA is producing a series of seven-inch action figures based on the surprise summer blockbuster, Pirates of the Caribbean._ The "PG-13" rated Pirates earned well over $305 million at the domestic box office, making it the third highest grossing film released in 2003 behind only The Return of the King and Finding Nemo._ For NECA, which specializes in creating movie-based action figures for older collectors (see "NECA Targets Older Collectors"wink, Pirates of the Caribbean, driven by Johnny Depp's wildly eccentric performance, which liberated his buccaneer character's inner Keith Richards, could be the perfect property._ The first series of seven-inch action figures should retail for $9.99 (MSRP) each and include Capt. Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Capt. Barbosa, and a Skeleton/Zombie Pirate._ In addition to the seven-inch action figures NECA is also planning to get to the heart of the film's appeal by releasing an eighteen-inch Capt. Jack Sparrow with Motion Activated Sound (MSRP: $39.99).
The fact that NECA's Pirates of the Caribbean figures will debut a year after the film opened, is actually a plus for many independent pop culture retailers._ The heavy discounters aren't likely to waste precious shelf space on action figures for a film from last year._ The question for pop culture retailers becomes, is Pirates of the Caribbean the kind of cult film that inspires toy collectors like a Nightmare Before Christmas?_ NECA is betting it will._ No images for NECA's Pirates of the Caribbean figures are currently available._ Stay tuned we will put them up as soon as they are released.

those are the two links... i found like three other links somewhere on the www.. when i come across then again ill make sure to tell y'all


This is the pic wink

thankies phoe ^_^

i have a bad case of newbinessim ovisuly ^_^;;

yay toys

Arrgh Gimme Gimme Gimme Where are they When are they comming out. Gimme Gimme Gimme eek! eek! beer

Those dolls would suckerm

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