Is a crime ever really justified?

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The question is is there ever a reason strong enough to commit a crime?

For example, say you were starving and the only way for you to eat is to steal the food would you?

Or if someone dear to you was murdered and you had a chance to kill the murderer, who has never done anything bad in his life before this, without anyone knowing about it other than you, would you?

Or if you were working for a company that made billions of dollars and you worked in their pay roll department, and you for example were very poor, and barely getting by, and you or your wife were expecting a baby soon, would you take a little extra from the company?

The questions really is, if you had the chance and had a reason, like life or death situations, for the crime, do you think it would be right to commit it in the end?

Simply put...yes.

simply put NO

it can be understandable but justified never


No. I do not consider vengeance an acceptable reason to commite any crime, much less murder.

I'm not sure. Probably.

youve never had some close to you murderd have you

and yes some crimes can be justified

No. It doesn't matter. If somebody murdered someone close to me, I might, in my grief, think that vengeance was justified, but I'd be wrong.

And thousands of people who have had someone close to them murdered oppose the death penalty, so don't assume that everyone who so suffers will desire vengeance.

No I don't think it can be justified. If people started to accept some crimes, the whole society itself would collapse erm Everything is based on rules and regulations yes
Besides, who can claim what is ucceptable and what's not?
However... on life threatening situations...:
-Steal food if I was starving to death: I don't think so. There are other ways than stealing. Unless I was really desperate or something messed Dunno.
-Commit a crime against someone who harmed people I love: First thought would be no, buuuut.... if something like that happened... I dunno if I could think reasonably erm
-Steal from the company I work: Nopes, that's a straight no smile

yes but in the same breath thousands of people that also have had poeple close to them murdered do disire vengence and i see nothing wrong with that its a normal human emotion

is a crime ever really justified? no, of course not, a crime is a violation of the law and justice, so it never in definition be justified

can a crime ever really be understandable and forgiven? yes, it's the famous "stealing bread for a starving family" thing

I think vengence is justifible, but then again that's how I was raised. As for stealing from others or a company, no. You can borrow money if you're that much in the red. Same goes for food, you can borrow. But if someone was murdered and you had the chance to get back at the person that murdered them. Why not? But then again it also just starts a cycle if you look at it like that....It would never stop at just one murdered, but I still think it's justifible

Why not? Cause it would be unfair. I mean, it would cause havoc and mess. And how can you be really sure the person killed is guilty? How can you prevent real murderers from claiming that they killed, albeit they were 'justified'? A society HAS to have severe regulations, otherwise everything would collapse.
In NO means should it be justified. Understandable, yes. But justified, as in legal... nope.

If someone close to me was murdered, I would do every horrible thing possible to the person who killed my loved one. What goes around comes around.

than why have laws? why not drive on the other side of the road while you're at it?

Fitch a hard one.I meen I'm all for regulations and stuff....but as backfire said,revange does for me.

The law and justice are not the same thing that's why crime can sometimes be justified.

YES. If the law has failed, then sometimes the only was to get justice is to do something yourself.

what if you live in a dictatership and the laws are unjustfied like in iraq how cetern movies music and religions were against the law

As BF said...I't prolly do a lot of really horrible disgusting things to a person like that..

I'm not against regulations... but stealing a bread if u'r starving to death...I think it's a hipocrisy (dunno if I spellt that right, sorry) to say that u wouldn't b/c I don't think ANYONE would simply wait to die in order to respect the law..that's crap..

And yes, If I couldn't find any other options, and I REALLY needed the money (and I could get it without getting caught) I'd prolly take it..

Yes, I think crime can be depends who's trying to justify it after all... someone neutral cannot... the crime does not affect them..

Laws...POTC like...are more like guidelines...

If we were to obey all the rules we would become mindless robots.. anybody ever wished to become Borg by any chance ?

oh all the time confused

Remember Martin Luther King, Jr.? He broke the laws, too. I suppose that, in the opinion of some people, that was not justified.

I seem to be in a distinct minority (of one) in that I don't think revenge is an okay motive, but I think it should be obvious that laws sometimes need to be broken.

In a totalitarian society anything, even a thought, is a crime. Breaking the McPherson report edicts (which say that someone can be arrested for voicing subversive sentiments within their OWN homes) is a crime. Should the thought count? Is it bad or perhaps unnatural to think wishfully? If not, then crime can indeed be justified. Anyone who has subversive thoughts are criminals and this can even apply to toddlers nowadays.

Silver Tears' questions are based on an incomplete premise however:

I would like to be selective about how I steal. If I were starving, I would by preference only steal off someone who deserved to lose. I expect that I would steal anyhow if I were that desperate.

Would I kill the murderer under those circs - at the very least. I would like to be able to rend their soul in such a circumstance.

Gardening taken for granted - I probably would stretch that pay roll thing. It's exactly the same as the stealing if starving question.

Darth Revan
This is an interesting thread. I took a so called "honesty test" online awhile ago. I got something like 70%... Know why? Because there were a lot of questions like: "You, and two women named Tia and Mia are refugees who have recently fled the country. Tia is expecting a baby soon, is a widow, and barely manages to get by on her salary as a maid. Recently, she has been stealing small amounts of money from her employer, a rich lawyer. You don't want her to steal, but if you tell the authorities, she could be deported. What do you do?"

I answered questions like that ^ stuff like "say nothing". Apparently, that's dishonest. I don't think that's true--backing up a friend, family member, or even yourself when they're in need isn't dishonest. If this Tia's really your friend, why would you get her deported?! Anyways...

Yes, I'd steal food if I was starving and absolutely had to. I would kill a person out of self-defense, though not to get revenge. The pay roll one.. That's tough.

Lord Soth
So long as you're never suspected, caught or had evidence against you evil face

Would you not be afraid of the ultimate judgement though?
I'm against revenge, however in the heat of the moment you would be incapable of intelligent thought I guess erm

if you don't get caught, judges won't know in the first place

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