Magneto vs. Batman vs. Ironman

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Magneto, angry man that he is, chucks a car at Batman. Batman dodges, the car hits a wall, which crushes Ironman's rose bushes....

Thus, it is, as they say, on. Can Magneto effect Ironman's armor? Can Batman out wit and defeat the other two? Will Ironman deliver some Iron fisted justice? Who wins?

Magneto most definitely. Ironmans TOAST man he's made of IRON. forget controlling "iron in his blood"..LOL

And Batmans toys must have metal in them - they'd be useless. besides batman doesn't have powers himself. Magneto OWNS.

I agree.

I am a Batman fan, Bit I will amitt he lose this one, Iron Man is made out of well Iron, So he be taking care of in the frst 2 or 3 seconds, than after about a ten min battle with Batman(Who if wise would run when Magneto takes out Iron Man) takes down Batman.

norrin radd
i think harmonic sait it all when he said magneto owns this one.

This is a clever and quick ending, actually.

Magneto levitates IM and throws him into Bats.....stretches, wipes his hands, and goes back to reading the paper.

Ha Ha Ha Ha.

yea why is bats even in this?

See, it's the Rose Bushes part that makes this a great thread. I could actually see Iron Man with some gardening gloves on tending his roses, weeding, and watering his plants. That's what actually makes this thread funny. laughing out loud rolling on floor laughing yes

i dont think iron man would be affected by magneto's powers wink he for the most part cant be controlled by outside influence.

you are counting him out waaaaaaaay to fast.

Oh Kill-All, I must disagree. I think Magneto opens him up as easily as I do my aluminum cans of Miller Lite.

then you are ill informed on iron man wink

i dont think magneto would have a direct affect on iron mans armor at all.

With a bottle of whiskey on the side.wink

I can see Tony's drunk ass cussing out Bats and Mags, all four of them, lol, then stumbling off and coming back swerving around in his armor. Comedy ensues, lol.

Seriously, I agree with KillAll. I'm sure Tony (much like Doom) would've made his suit impervious to Magneto's power by now, knowing the threat that Magneto is.

Well, then I am ignorant to IM's powers here regarding his suit. Sorry Kill-All. Care to educated me on his metal tuxedo?

He have almost any technology you can think of...

umm first of all IM would own these 2 in 1 second.

he suit isnt acualy made out of iron, and it is not magnetic.

IM is class 100, and 1 punch from him both batman and magneto would be dead, plus IM is faster, has powerful energy blasts, and can fly, there is not contest here

IM would be immune to Magneto's powers because his armor is magnetically polarized.

Magnetism is no stranger to Iron Man's armor. Even IM's very first armor had magnetic powers and capabilities (of course not at the level of Magneto's).

Also, I highly doubt that Tony would leave himself so vulnerable to an obvious weakness like being subject to a magnetic attack.

Quick Freeze
if magneto throws a car at batman and it hits IM's bushes, why would IM want to fight Batman at all, sounds like a handicap macth to me. but its not like bats would make much of difference in helping tony

wait wait iron man is really iron? blink k...but it does make sense for him to have some sort of magnetic protection or else a villain would just have to make a really big magnet..or sumtin..i dunno.....but first i thought magneto would take it out easy...but after hearing this news about iron man...i would give it to iron man..

Lord Ryugen

o0o kaay....that was....umm...long

Mark VII. My favorite armor.

Lord Ryugen
It's the most recent one on the website so I posted that. Has he made a more advanced one yet?

Mark VII is the Silver Centurion armor.

Currently, Tony Stark is using Mark XXI.

how many suits does he have??

Lord Ryugen
Someone's been a busy boy. laughing out loud

guess Magneto would win... but whatever...

Lord Ryugen
I'm sure Iron Man did something to prevent magnetisim working on him but yeah, Mags should be able to take this.

LOL... Magneto haven't one chance vs IM.
He can't control IM armor so he look like an ordinary man who throw big metal crap.
We are talking about Ironman here one of the strongest and resourceful marvel hero vs a mutant! If Ironman desire to build a magnet power to is armor, than that will be 100 time more powerful to Magus one.

I can name over thirteen mutants that would hand Ironman his ass.

Not magneto.

Isn't Ironman vulnerable to EM pulses?

Completely forgot about Magneto's EMP powers.

If that's the case, then Tony goes down. It'll take 6 minutes for the armor to reboot itself. 6 minutes is plenty of time for Magneto to finish off Iron Man.

Magneto wins.

I'm curious. Name the 13 (other than Magneto of course).

IM aren't protect to electro magnetic pulse? I thick its to predictable to attack a electronic armor with EMP so IM would have something to counter this no?

Jean Grey
White Queen
Franklin Richards
Wolverine (Because he is the best in what he does and what he does is fighting. So automatically he beats everbody. eek! Lol, just joking.)
Gambit (With New Son powers)
Rachel Summers

Wow I didnt know all that about his suit

lol Mark VII are the silver centurion armor!
Now stark wear Mark XXI, look 13 post higher.

DarkCrawler try to do a thread with Iron man vs iceman or White Queen
or storm. I thick you will be a bit disappointed.

i'm sick of people saying things like this

IM aren't protect to electro magnetic pulse? I thick its to predictable to attack a electronic armor with EMP so IM would have something to counter this no?

I mean if you go by that all the time IM would be invincible


Iron Man is vulnerable to EMP's.

Yes, his own suit gives off EMP charges as a weapon of last resort, but it knocks out his suit for 6 whole minutes in order to reboot itself.

I'll give you the telepaths and the other mutants with psionic powers, but you're reaching with alot of the others . wink

Yes almost... and its for what he is called "The invincible Ironman"
A simple military equipment can do EMP. Don't make me laugh, IM are protect to this kind of attack.

Actually a man called the Champion took IM outwith an EMP. Red Skull did the same thing.

So magneto would win.


Lord ryugen right The end all to this discussiion is simple.
Ironman has been emp sheilded for like the past seven armors he's had
He isn't able to be magnetized because he can reverse and control the suits polarity at a whim. if all three fought, ironman would be unaffected by anything short of magneto crushing him with a skyscraper which he has surved intact before in weaker armor than the one he has now and batmans not even a competitor maybe he'll slow ironman down by dodging the blasts which will last only seconds since the armor auto tracts and compensates for movement. and nothing magneto can do would affect ironman at all. Magneto would just end up with a repulsor in the face and thats the end of his reign...

So it was I thinking...

Iron Man's armour is primed against weak EMP blasts. Magneto once unleashed an EMP that knocked out all electronics all over the world. From :

Magneto is a mutant with the superhuman power to control magnetism. He can shape and manipulate magnetic fields that exist naturally or artificially. It is unclear, however, whether he must draw magnetic force from outside himself (if so, then he can do so over vast distances), or whether he can also generate magnetic force from within himself. Nor is it clear whether Magneto's power is psionic or purely physiological in nature.

Although Magneto's power is not on the level of the Silver Surfer in his prime, it is for all practical purposes limitless. Even before his rejuvenation, Magneto once liEed a cargo freighter weighing 30,000 tons 50 feet into the air from a distance of 300 feet away. Moreover, Magneto can use his magnetic powers in more than one way simultaneously. He can completely assemble a complicated machine within seconds through his powers. He can erec! magnetic force fields with a high degree of impenetrability around himself for protection. Although Magneto often gestures when using his magnetic powers, he can utilize them fully even when standing totally still merely by concentrating.

Although Magneto's primary power is magnetism, he seems to have some ability to project or manipulate any form of energy that is related to magnetism. In the past he has fired a bolt of electricity, he has also created enough intense heat to destroy a metal door. Heat, or infrared radiation, is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which also includes visible light, radio waves, ultraviolet light, gamma-rays, and x-rays. Magneto may be able to project any of these. He has also been shown creating an anti-gravity field, and presumably does so whenever he levitates a non-magnetic object. Hence, Magneto may be living proof of the longsought Unified Field Theory that all forms of energy are related. However, Magneto almost always uses only magnetism, so perhaps it is more difficult for him to manipulate other forms of energy.

In previous years Magneto has apparently exhibited powers of astral projection and telepathy, and has claimed to be able to control the minds of others. His abilities along these lines are minimal, however-enough, perhaps, to protect himself against mightier telepaths, but not of great use otherwise.

Magneto's ability to wield his superhuman powers effectively is dependent upon his physical condition. When severely injured, his body is unable to withstand the strain of manipulating groat amounts of magnetic forces.

Iron Man is out of his league. Anything he Iron Man throws his way would be deflected or absorbed. If Maggie's shields can buffer the Hulk and Thor and a direct nuclear blast then he can certainly buffer Iron Man's repulsor blasts.

Batman is easy to beat I mean spiderman can easily beat by leading him up a building and them throwing him off and disabling his grapple and watch him fall .why not magneto and Iron man aint going to win Magneto wins this one.

The ones that think Batman will go down easily, might not read a whole lot of Batman comics. Oh I guarentee Bats now matter how underpowered he is is no slouch.

Now if these guys just popped into a arena and were told to fight it out, Magneto should be able to take out Ironman after a long battle (with batman falling early on)
But If Batman had time time to plan the fight, he WOULD find a way to defeat them both.
So power for power Bats is weak. But using your noodle, even though Stark is a genius, Batman is a master strategist

yea your right. but then Magneto would win because who says magneto wouldn't take out batman early on?

use that attack were magneto completely surrounds him with metal crushes him or throws him out of the fight. And Battles Iron man

Magneto would own both of them.

IM does have magnetic shielding that he modeled after Doom's shielding. He used it in a fight against Magneto, and was able to do pretty well for awhile. But eventually, Magneto started shifting frequencies so fast that IM was unable to keep up and it overwhelmed his armor and caused a system lockup.

Your pics are awesome. wink

From which game is this image from?

Thanks, I like to go through these "vs" threads with my game just to see what kind of outcome there is with that (usually pretty close to what people think).
Then while im there I grab a screenshoot

It's from Freedom force, I think.

But it's the screen of a videogame?

It's actually City of Heroes. Freedom Force is very similar though. And Euripides has it in a nutshell. Ironman and Bats don't stand a chance.

No its Freedom force.
You cannot create (mainstream)comic characters with City of Heroes, they made sure of that when they developed the game. They were scared that certain companies would sue or something.
With city of heroes you can try and get as close to your favorite characters as you can with their limited character editors.

But with Freedom Force You are able to download virtually any comic character from any company out there because all the characters are FAN made and most are made absolutly perfect to a tee to their comic book versions. (I currently have over 1,500 different Marvel characters alone for that game) From Antman to Galactus, and from the lowest obscure villain to the Celesitals.

But back to this battle, Doesnt anyone think that if Batman had the proper time to plan his strategy he could think of a way to defeat them before the battle started? (I know he keeps a extra dose of kryptonite with him if Supes gets out of line)

Oh. I get the two confused. They're so alike.

Batman has no preptime. He goes down. If DID have preptime then he could find a way to defeat them both.

The only way batman would win was if he had prep time and the other two didn't.

If you give Batman prep-time, you have to give IM prep-time to. So batman will be no match anyway.

I like Magneto in this fight. Magnetism can do other things besides affect metals, such as influencing the carbon atoms of both IM and Bats bodies within their respective suits.

Damn IM will blow Magneto with one blast, event with all possibility magneto have, one blast is enough to finish the fight.

You're kidding right? Magneto's shield has withstood direct nuclear strikes, the Hulk's blows and the combined Avengers assaults, including Thor AND Iron Man. No weapon Iron Man has can stop him.

Magneto easily.

Also, people tend to forget that Magneto isn't exactly a super powered idiot. Tony and Bruce aren't the only geniuses in this fight, and on top of that, Magneto's more cut throat.

Even if everyone had equal prep time, I still give it to batman.
Batman and Ironman are both brilliant individuals, where Ironman is a brilliant scientist and engineer, Batman is a brilliant stratigist.

I imagine Ironman (with prep time) would construct armor that would be able to withstand Magneto's onslaught, But Batman would still be one step ahead of him.

No one has preptime. Magneto takes it. And Magneto is not dumb. He's a genius on Stark's level. (Marvel Handbook 2004)

Yeah, in fact, I'd say Magneto is a step or two higher than Stark. His knowledge is both broad and deep. Stark's knowledge is just deep.

No prep time, Magneto annihilates.

WITH prep time, Magneto annihilates.

Magneto shield are a marvel error, magnetism can't block laser or any orther form of energy, punch, wood, or anything who have not polarized atom. Its totally unrealistic, Magneto control magnetism and not telekinetic power.

Magneto's shields were explained back in 1992 during a one shot. It said that it identifies the polarity of an object and generates an equal polarity that repels the object. If it's neutral, it removes an electron from the object to give it a positive charge (similar to how static cling works) then generates a positive charge that repels the object. Remember, Magnetism works on everything, not just metals. That's how static cling works.

Yeah and so is an Asgardian god with a magic hammer.

Face it. Magneto wins. Iron Man can live to fight another day.

Hehe ok ok... I'm a bit surclass here, then go for Magneto but I will always think IM can do it. Damn IM his a freaking destruction machine, a incredible sharp mind and one of the best marvel hero, I put him at the lvl of Hulk or Thor at the difference he is not using the same way to win.

We can't polarize energy like light or laser. They don't have atom so don't have electron than can't be affect by magnetism, light are just a wave.

a laser is a form of energy Magneto can manipulate, and light is too.
Magneto's powers are sufficients to kill Batman with ease and at the same time defeat IM.He can manipulate gravity on a decent level, and use that power to block IM and stop him from flying, then hold him down and proceed into destroying the armor piece by piece.

magneto could just make iron mans armor collapse into itself killing him and he would waste batman

Um I think we've been through this a number of times Fieldy, Iron man's armor cant be controlled by Magneto, its been demagnitized

As of Magneto Rex, which was the last time IM and Magneto fought, last winter, Magneto had NO trouble controlling IM's armor.

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