Post your Top 20 Bond films here!!

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I thought it would be interesting to see what everyone's favorite Bond films are in order.
Besides listing them, please put what decade you were born in. I have a feeling most people's favorites will reflect the decade they grew up in.
Example: I was born in the early 70's so Roger Moore was James Bond to me. My favorite Bond movie ever is "The Spy Who Loved Me".
I'm curious to see if anyone's list is close to mine.

1. The Spy Who Loved Me (has everything. PERFECT)
2. Goldfinger (the blueprint of Bond films)
3. Octopussy (VERY underrated Bond movie)
4. From Russia With Love (Classic spy movie)
5. The Man With The Golden Gun (You gotta love a film w/ Tattoo in it)
6. License To Kill (I'm a sucker for revenge movies)
7. Diamonds Are Forever ( Vegas rat pack feel to it)
8. Moonraker (laser guns are cheesy, but it's the first Bond film I saw)
9. You Only Live Twice (Great pre-credit sequence)
10. Goldeneye (the only GREAT Bronson film)
11. A View To A Kill (can't ignore Moore's age)
12. For Your Eyes Only (Moore trying to do a Connery-like film)
13. Thunderball (Seeing Never Say Never first, ruined this one for me)
14. The Living Daylights (I like Dalton)
15. Live and Let Die (weakest of the Moore's)
16. Dr. No (Didn't like it at first, but grew on me)
17. Die Another Day (made up for the last two)
18. On Her Majesty's Secret Service (Saw once, I'll give it another try)
19. Tomorrow Never Dies (First hour, GREAT, Second hour, BAD)
20. The World Is Not Enough (Denise Richards is the worst Bond girl)

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what do you mean TR?

i was born in 84 and I always liked moores films but you gotta love connery too and pierce has grown on me.. i think its just i like the older storys better

Thunderball, the man with the golden gun, license to kill, and the spy who loved me are some of my favorites

that's I think cause they have a really classic storyline

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