Batman Beyond 3:The resurrection of the joker

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In the depths of hell there stood a maniac inside his prison known as the joker,soon a portal openend and there stood plasmus,cinderblock,and mad mod carrying the dead body of slade..,then the joker and the villains went towards his new lab...the joker/slade hideout...then electrons and dozens of life support towers gave slade`s body enough juice to stand up and get into his destructive armor...slade was back and so was the joker...soon the teen titans reached the place...and cyborg was beaten to a pulp then tossed into beast boy...then raven and starfire blasted waves and balls of energy...but all of the badguys defeated them...then nightwing stared into the eyes of slade and the joker!!!

slade:well nightwing or should i say mr.grayson
it has been a long time but i have finally figured
out your identity...and now you and your pathetic
friends will be crushed and soon batman beyond,
batgirl beyond,robin beyond,and bruce wayne
won`t live to see the light of day...

then slade punched nightwing to the ground...
then the joker started to ram his foot into
nightwing...then they threw bombs at their bodies
in the dumpster and the dumpster sunk..but
soon nightwing,beast boy,and starfire carried
the fainted cyborg and raven then arrived
in the batcave..

nightwing:bruce!THE JOKER AND SLADE ARE BACK!!!!

and with that sentence bruce wayne fainted and all three of the beyond dark knights shook with fear...

this battle would have to end...
the joker would be defeated
and so would slade and all his minions!!!

to be continued...

(note:terry`s brother is robin beyond
and terry`s friend max is batgirl beyond)

In the batcave all of the superheroes were astonished...then they turned on the news and were extremely astonished...

Report james picklestein:hello this is james picklestein and it looks like batman has not completely defeated the worst criminial that was thought to have been killed...and four old enemies of the teen titans mad mod,plasmus,cinderblock,and the sinister slade have come back and teamed up with the joker to takeover gotham city!!!!

where are you batman,batgirl,robin,nightwing,cyborg,starfire,rav
en,and beast boy WE NEED YOU...AAAAHHH THE JOKER`S HERE!!!!

quickly the joker grabbed the microphone and said...

the joker:this time i`d like to tell the world
who these superheroes are...the man behind
this operation is none other then br..

suddenly bumblee,yin and yan,speedy,and aqualad showed up then beat the joker to a pulp...then punched him..but he took down yin and yan and also speedy...but soon speedy got up..but the joker got a laser gun and shot yin and speedy and both of them fell bleeding on the ground...then he threw their bodies from his joker glider and they both landed into dumpsters...then bumblebee and aqualad beat the joker,but soon plasmus and cinderblock fought them...then slade openend a portal and released the penguian,two-face,bane,mr.freeze,man-bat,clayface,the scarecrow,killer moth,blackfire,killer croc,and others...

soon batman,batgirl,and robin healed cyborg and raven...then all of the superheroes and superheroines flew out then punched the villains to the ground...then cyborg sonic boomed them,nightwing sliced their bodies with his wingarangs,starfire and raven shot blasts of energy at them...and batman,batgirl,and robin all used their suits to kung fu chop them...then nightwing attacked slade and removed his mask...he was the father of robin...then nightwing punched him...cyborg sonic boomed him,beast boy shot water at his robotic parts,starfire and raven shot energy blasts,and nightwing finished slade off with a nightwing bomb then the maniac blew up and his body burst into flames...soon plasmus and cinderblock were defeated and the rest of the teen titans and dark knights enemies were killed too...

soon batman punched the joker until he created a tower and openend his true form..he revealed a cybernetic body...then all the superheroes were defeated...but mecha batman showed up and finished the joker off with a bat bionic boom and it revealed bruce in the costume...then he said goodbye to all his friends,but batman jumped in and lifted bruce...then all the villains and the joker were sucked into hell...and slade`s portal creator was destroyed...

then the teams had a funeral for yin and speedy...
the death of two great teenage superheroes
was their sacrifices to defeat the ultimate
team of villains....

the end

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