Doom3 Vs. Half Life2

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This is probobly the most comon discussion me and my frinds have when we discuss videogames, witch of the two has better grapichs, witch will have better gameplay, better sound and all, I my self think Doom3 is going to be better hers why

1.It looks sooo scary, the dark lighting and shadow effects, and the monsters looks so "realistic" hehe they looks frightning, I can just imagin how scary it'l be.wondering down a dark hall while some very frigthing music is playin(remember Doom64? that kind of music) and suddently you hear something comin from the left and it's a bloodthirsty zombie, you shoot it and walk on, then at the end of the dark hall you see a demon eating a doktor and his intestence are spild alll over the floor, and you can just see the blood dripping from the demons teeth(John Carmack said that you would be able to see such detail in the game big grin )
anyway so you start fireing away but the demon is very tought, but mange to kill it, after that you hear something from behinde(Doom3 will also use 5,1 sound too it's fullest read artical( ), it's the same zombie that attacked you earlyer only with his stumach blown up, and blood dripping from his wound, now thats a game that I can't wait too get my hands on, But what do you think? what are your expcetations? witch will have better grapichs and gameplay?

Here are a few pictures that show Doom3's graphics



I have to disagree, if anything I think Doom 3 will be very very disapointing. Granted the graphics are far FAR supperior to those in HL2, but from what I have heard, it's extremely simple and repetitive. Just kill kill kill kill and kill everythi8ng you see.

This technique may have worked with the original doom games, but there are very complex games out there right now, and I just don't think that doom will be able to compete with them when it comes to the quality of the gameplay. In short, I think Doom 3 will rely soley on it's graphics to be good, and I think that will only last a few days before you get used to them and tired of the repetitive game. Plus the A.I. is terrible.

Half life 2 on the other hand features top notch A.I., graphics that are nearly as good as Doom 3's, plus many unique aspects and a sure to be great storyline.

My vote goes to Half Life 2

I am looking forward to doom 3 more than HL2, but think that HL2 will end up being less of a dissapointment and more of a good game than doom 3.

The above 2 might be the best for single player action, but for multiplayer this year, it has got to be UT2004

HL2 I don't think really has as much to live to...

I don't know about the game becoming disappointing. I need to play both games to tell you whether I like them or not. To be honest I think both Doom III and HL2 will be susceful FPS! What I really can't wait to find out is how Doom III and HL2 will be for the Xbox!

I know the PC version will be wicked, but the console looks promising too. big grin

Half Life 2 has alot to look up too. Arguably the best game ever made. One of the most popular games. And this is Valve's second game, so they need to make sure its not a one hit wonder.

Doom 3 graphics are going to be killer. The presentation is going to be killer also. But Half-Life 2 gameplay will probalby be the best. Just look at the orginal compared to any FPS shooter around when it came out. FPS shooters these days are still looking up to Half Life. Also nonbody is mentioning the physics engine that is coming with Half-Life 2. Its suppose to be insane. I think both are going to be good, but i feel personally that Half-life 2 is going to be better.
And i could care less about little detail in the graphics, i rather have fun gameplay instead of seeing a pink demon bloody teeth.

and while Doom 3 will take up so much computer power that you will need to pay alot of money for upgrades. I think Halflife 2 will be able to run on systems from 3 or 4 years ago.

I have to agree about half-life.. half life 2 will have far better gameplay, where sound and strategy must be combined to find a workable plan to go in for the kill. Whereas doom 3 its all about slutting down the rocket launcher or shotgun.. or the next silly powerful weapon. Doom 3 will be very nice.. but I have the feeling Half Life 2 will have MUUUCH more playability in the years to come

And map design for Half-LIfe 2 is going to be out of this world. I grew up on Doom and Doom 2 but, the map design was good back in the early nineties but now its a joke. Half Life though, I actually felt i was in this huge facility underground and i needed to get out. It made you feel that your Gordon Freeman and those soldiers were trying to kill you.

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