there's something im not liking

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if this people are calling "Bond 21" because its the twenty first movie, then we have a big problem.

Reborn Again
Why do we have a problem? It will be the official 21st Bond movie. Unless you're counting Never Say Never Again... which isn't an official Bond movie but does star Sean Connery (and for which has the same plot as Thunderball).

I don't get what the problem is ... it's the working title as much as for DaD the work title was Bond XX messed

yeah, but 21 is just too bad because its unimaginative, its not a charming bond title like "The Spy Who Loved Me" or "From Rusia With Love", now i am not saying that im a fan of romantic movies, but that title says "here you go, for the 21st time, another bond movie, zzzzzzz......", i hope its only a publishing title, i really have hope in the bond series after "Die another die" was actually good!!!!

blink you DO know what a working title is right? they just call the movie Bond 21 to give the kid a name! it's not the definitive one and will of course change messed

yea i think he thinks its gonna be called Bond 21 when it hits theaters.. it will likely be something that Bond can say or do at some point in the movie

it is mostly something he says or does smile

"So you chose to Die another day" (Bond to Gustav)
"The world is not enough!" (Bond to Elektra, followed by: "Foolish sentiment" and "Family Motto"wink
"Tomorrow Never Dies", the exception since the title was normally Tomorrow Never Lies but got misheared (and why get that line in if they misheard the title?)
"Goldeneye", the weapon of choice, said a few times
"Licence to Kill" (M: "Your licence to kill has been revoked"wink
"The Living Daylights" (Bond: Who ever she was, you must have scaread the living daylights out of her!"wink

The Redeemer
Why is it that every Bond you enthusiastically mention is post TLD??? eek!

And a very happy new year to you too, old boy!!! smile

cause I didn't wanna bother to post them all stick out tongue

thanks mate... and for you too if I haven't mentioned it yet smile

Yo vatos, how is ya'll, im good none of you guys know more about James Bond a.k.a. double-0 7

as the sherrif of Rottingham said in the parody of Robin Hood:

"I have absolutly NO idea what you're talking about blink"

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