Top ten games of all time (PC)

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Here you can post your top 10 games of all time, as long as they're for the pc.

1. Command and Conquer - because without this little piece of gaming goodness, there would be zero popular RTS's. Dune II may ahve spawned it, but CNC sparked it.
2. Starcraft - This game raised the bar on a good RTS fairly high, adding storyline, triggers, and many other components to the RTS genre, as well as a kick-ass compaign editor.
3. Doom - Without this game, Serious Sam would have no blood at all.
4. Fallout II - This game showed that RPG's could lose the swords, fairies, and spells and break away from the standard format and still be a good game.
5. Deus Ex - This game succesfully blended RPG elements and FPS elements into a single game.
6. Baldur's Gate - This re-sparked the RPG genre when it hit a lull in late 90's. Not to mention it kicked ass.
7. Homeworld - One of the best RTS i've ever played, but with a twist: full 3d... in space!
8. Grand Theft Auto III - Sequel to a fairly good game, this brought the crime-sprees into full 3d, with a large number of missions, cars, and general things to do.
9. Age of Empires - This game proved games based in the past weren't lame. This game was good because it offered great avenues of single and multiplayer, many races each with unique statistics, and many units and upgrades.
10. Planescape: Torment - This game was good because it didnt focus so much on combat as it did on the storyline of your character, as well as an extreme amount of dialogue options, each extermely detailed and well-written.

dunno i can get 10 but here is goes...
1.City of Heros
2.World of Warcraft
5.Counter Strike
*dope*im all out of idea...oh well sry

It's ok...

1. Half Life - Took existing FPS structure and re-worked it. Best game for the pc
2. Doom - Started the whole FPS
3. Starcraft - Best rts and the most balanced and unique
4. Everquest - Most popular MMORPG
5. The Sims - the highest selling game ever
6. Counter-Strike - most popular onlie game
7. Half Life 2 - best techinical breakthrough in the past 5 years (and a wicked game also)
8. Sid Meirs Civilization- most addictive game ever
9. Tie Fighter series - come on, you know
10. Warcraft 2

The Game!!! (link coming soon)

2.Bhaalspawn saga (baldurs gate, tales of the sword coast, shadows of amn, throne of bhaal)
3.Sims 2
4.40k Dawn of War
5.Rollercoaster Tycoon 3
7.NWN trillogy
9.Age of empires/kings/mythology
10. Morrowwind

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