Scariest Badguy/Monster

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Now their are many in many different films. But don't you think the main baddy in Roger Rabbit was well scary! I almost had a heart attack after seeing it recently! evil face

The original Nosferatu is proberly the best bad guy ever

Darth Vader

Mouth of Saurons teeth

freddy krueger originally because a lot of people are scared to sleep after a horror movie so a bad guy who haunts your sleep was ultimate

Lol he was much more 'loveable' in Back to the Future for sure stick out tongue - it was his eyes I think that made him 'scary' in anyway.

Hmm... most scary characters... I really can't think of anyone right now messed. I can imagine characters who make me think 'euw' just because they're dripping slime or have too many mouths and teeth or something but scary.... *still thinking*

I'll have to get back to you on that one smile although Freddy did cross my mind too (^post above).

Red Superfly
Agreed, when I was 6 or 7 and watching Roger Rabbit for the first time, the bad guy was really disturbing lol. When he got up after being run over and then his eyes popped out, and then turned his arm into a saw - WTF? That was some scary stuff for a kid lol.

Then there's Darth Vader.

The spiders from Arachnophobia scared the living crap outta me, especially the Queen. I saw it when I was like 10 or something and everytime I'd go to bed I'd be paranoid. If my leg itched or anything I'd jump. It was mainly because it was based on a real-life thing rather than a monster that made it more scary.

freddy krugar
michael myers (he freaked me out as a kid)
nemisis outa RE2 (he never died !)

I don't remember his name but he was the bad guy in "Little Monsters".He looked kind of creepy and a little bit gay

IT clown scares the sh** out of me embarrasment

1.Leatherface - TCM

2.Michael Myers
4.Jason Voorhees

wanna see IT

i bet the clown will freak me out, i dont like clowns eek!

Jackie Malfoy
I find Chunky to be pretty scary myself.JM

Red Superfly
lol 'Chunky' :P

IT the clown was also a really scary villain. Clowns always are. They should NEVER be part of kids entertainment - no kid likes them, they aren't funny and they scare the living daylights outta kids.

"Pennywise"? Hell, yes. My vote goes to The Chatterer, from Hellraiser.

Scariest "Monster?"

Charlize Theron. That was pretty scary in itself. Woof!

The Childcatcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang scared the shit outta me as a kid. Still does... embarrasment

the tall man from the phanstam movie
he was very scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The joker! from friggin batman! The purple tux and green eye makeup !! AHHHHHHHHH!


Pennywise, any of the Cenobites, Tall Man from Phantasm, Leatherface

ghostbusters II, Viggo, the dude in the painting.
the dude with six fingers in 2the prncess bride."
The dude in "pinnochio", about the time he turns into a donkey. laughed a lot, he did, evil git.

Michael Jackson


Is 'IT' a film or was it just a one-off showing thingy?

The satyr from the movie gothic was pretty creepy (saw it when I was like 7)

and that creepy monkey from "The Crate" in creepshow was sick lookin lol

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