Batman vs Thanos with THOTU.

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David Duchovony
Since everyone including writers seem intent on making Batman superhuman (his capicity for learning all languages, martial arts, electronics, detective work, computers, electronic repairs, 100 foot falls) let him fight Thanos. Of course Batman is given 2 months and a half of preptime, any and all weapons, suits and vehicles he has. He can even have Robin and Nightwings assistance. Now Batman is one of my most favorite superheros but I think he is often given too much credit, I mean God look at his performance in Hush. This is gonna get punky all riled up but what the hell. And I reiterate I love Batman almost as much as punky.

Batman's good. But not that good. Thanos wins.

Interesting battle.

Batman gets his utility belt I assume.

David Duchovony
Yup, read my edit.

well this is gonna get things started but when has Batman not ben able to defeat and opponent when he has 2 1/2 months to prepare even if it is Thanos. But for the sake of disaster Thanos wins.

The Flash
Batman gets prep time, but not Thanos? Oh well Thanose still wins. He can probably outsmart Batman.

The Bat will win, He ask Wonder Woman, for help, Than Wonder Woman, will ask Athna for help. And the Goddess will ask for thsos "Other Gods for help"

Thanos will face Batman, Wonder Woman, and all 12 of the Greek Gods lol.

Uh..okay? I guess that would happen. Although Thanos once destroyed the entire Greek Pantheon. But Diana's could be stronger.

Batman would also call on the JL if things dont look to good lol.

The Flash
The whole JL is nothing to Thanos. He has whooped Silver Surfer's ass and only Superman and Green Lantern are about the same power as Surfer.

But he also be faceing the 12 Greek Gods, AND the JL. lol I think Thanos would fall.

See the mind of the Bat working yet?? He also look for any other SUPER SURPEM BEING for help to. Maybe call for Darkside.(But that would be risky.)

What is this?Thanos with the Heart Of The Universe is unbeatable.
He's the universe ebsence on his own.He can just blink an eye and make Batman, WW, and the Greek Gods, that are equal to those of the MU in terms of power, becoming a jazz band with no real power if not that of play good music.

Ummm, I thought the whole "lets put Batman against unbeatable odds to prove a point to the fanboys" fad had played out a while expression

apparently not. i think i seen batman beating up on the avengers just the other day. stupid crossovers...

j/k heh, i dont like dc. i think the new batman movie is going to suck to.

Batma is a small man...but he has big firends.

How true, He is a small man with BIG freinds to help him. lol

The Flash
Big friends. Thanos has the heart. The heart owns all.

Batman would never call the JLA, well maybe. But that is hardly a fair Battle.
Thanos goes down in no time (if a DC writer would write it)
in 2 seconds if a Marvel writer would.


batman (with prep time).

But with no prep time, thanos.

If batman had enough prep time, he could use his intelligence and resources to manage to enlist the help of the entire JLA, JSA, Teen Titans, Green Lantern Corps and all of their allies to fight for him, so he could actually stand a good chance of beating thanos

are you guys kidding around?

can anyone read duchovony's first post, nightwing and robin for assistance.....did anyone read the most out of his element batman/superman comic where he takes a punch from darkseid, and the only reason batman lived (i guess extremely amazing luck is is a human trait) is because he had leverage....darkseid is an ant compared to thanos with HOTU imo, and thanos has nothing batman can use leverage on

batman -"thanos, i have your..........favorite bottle cap, wanna trade it for your life?"

thanos -"" *quick flash*

batmans in heaven -"O...are you there O?....yeah, im in heaven but luckily......its the type of heaven people come back on operating tables...beam me up O"

oracle -"give me two seconds, ill make a teleporter.......oh wait, im dead too i see you a floor below me.....good luck"

batman -"JASON.....OH GOD......JASONNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


if he had enough prep time, he could either get the help of someone more powerful than thanos, or he could banish thanos to another dimention, or he could go back in time and get hold of the HOTU before thanos does.

......its thanos

you know who he is?

yeah. i know exactly who he is, but there are deities in the DCU who are more powerful than thanos, even with the HOTU

and has batman beat them?

no, but he could get them to fight thanos for him

Time to come back from the dreamland fanboys.
Anyone that possess THOTU is God on his own.He can blink an eye and wipe out an universe just because he want.He can make Batman, JSA, JLA, and TITANS, becoming a group of carrots with spandex costumes.
You don't understand that he's not a cosmic being with great powers but that with THOTU he's GOD, i mean GOD.You can prepare for 200 million years for a fight like that but the result would be anyway the same.Only if a supreme being of DC Comics, i mean the God of that dimension or Michael challenge Thanos with THOTU could probably stop him.

Batman wins (with some help from his friends)

batman could find a way to make the gods of the DCu help him

this was set up to show batman cant win, because he cant he can have robin and nightwing big help theyd be in this fight.

Everybody is forgetting the Heart of the Universe. Plus, Thanos has an intellect that rivals Reed Richards if not surpasses it. Now I like Batman too, but and this is a Big BUT, you are talking about the world's best detective going against the universe's biggest threat. There is no contest, Thanos will win utterly.

puhllleaase tell me you guys realize this is a joke you sic

uh umm, cough, HOTU means you are a god, you know everything that has happened, is happening and is gonna happen and can possiably happen. Please take the hotu off of him, no one in the DC uni can top him because he will see it comin, does dc even have someone as powerful as the living tribunal?

It is true that using others help is part of bats intelligence if he had prep time, sun tzu and machivilli both say get a army to fight your battle dont try and hoe the road yourself.

What the hell? Anyone who says Batman wins with or without help must be joking. THANOS HAS THE HEART OF THE UNIVERSE! No one is stronger than him. Draco I think your overestimating Wonder Woman, again. Thanos would kick Hulk's ass, or make him into a big green lollipop; and Wonder Woman isn't even as strong as Superman! She doesn't stand a chance here. Thanos with the heart of the universe has Superspeed, Super Strength, and every power any DC character has. HE CAN'T DIE! Death herself has barred him from her dimension! Thanos could defeat the entire Justice League while he possesses the the Heart of the Universe. He's unbeatable.

All of DC's gods would become piles of refuse if Thanos wished it. None of them are as powerful. The Source is the only fair match for Thanos. Batman would be another sacrific to Thanos' lover, Death. Plain old Thanos without the Heart of the Universe would snap Batman in two.

thanos with the heart is not more powerful then all of dc gods.yes thanos with the heat is one with the universe and can control it to what ever he wants it. supessucks you cant say all the dc gods would go down no problem. because VERTIGO,WILDSTORM comics are a part of dc. thanos with the heat IMO cant defeat gods like the great best,the source,dc version god(who makes Lucifer,Archangels Michael look like kids) Dc has many gods that can creat and destroy a multiverse with with no problem. Dont get me wrong thanos with the heart is powerful but he has never shown power on a multiversel level.

thanos with the hotu makes him a god, but the DC deities are already gods without artifacts, so it doesnt make thanos any more powerful than them

This wasnt a debate whether thanos could beat everyone in the DC universe, it was if Batman could beat thanos with 2 months prep time, not with the help of every character in DC comics, thanos, with or without any articfacts would stop batman in his tracks, in a second. I like batman just as much as the rest, but saying he can beat someone like thanos is being retarded. Batman should stick to fighting guys like the joker.

People this is prep time and with it batman wins. He is going to know that with the HOTU with Thanos there is no way that he is going to win. So asking for help or manipulate people or power gods to fight for him. NOT ACCUALLY MANIPULATE A god.

And people need I remind you that the real god the one upstairs, the one who created the Heaven and the Earth in SEVEN DAYS is said to reside in DCU. I thought of this when Angel Micheal was speaking with superman prime. The god told superman to slow down because he was flying to fast because the way he was flying could destroy the universe or galaxy or world.

I say batman wins since as the god is in DCU.

The Flash
And why would God do a favor for Batman? Has God done favors for anyone in some comics?

No. The DC god is shown in vertigo comics to be a complete B*[email protected]

actually, the dc GOD is not the supreme being in the dc universe that goes to the PRESENCE and the DARK BEAST.
ANY WAY MARVEL HAS ITS OWN GOD and the marvel universe is not connected with the dc universe.

Ming Tea!
Just had to bump this controversial thread.

With or with out THOTU Thanos would win He is freaking Thanos people He made Lobo not wanna fight Him anymore give me a break Batman cant beat EVERYONE neither can Captain America.

I actually cannot believe some people think Batman could actually win! With THOTU he is God. There was nothing LT or anyone could do in the marvel universe to stop him when he destroyed it in "The End". How could u even start to minutely believe that Batman could win against normal Thanos, nvm with THOTU.

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