The greatest show ever to get canceled after one season IS......

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Ok ok....have you ever heard of a show called Sledge Hammer....its like The Naked Gun if it was ever made into a T.V. show.....i got it on DVD for christmas...OH MY GOD....funniest thing i have ever the first line on the first episode made me laugh so much....... this guy wearing a ski mask broke in to this house and the security guard goes..."stop ski scum" hahahaha i laughed so much... i suggest you look more into this show and you will see its has Don Stark on the second episode....and if you dont know who Don Stark is...he plays Bob on That 70's Show..and he looks wierd and stuff....he doesn't have a i suggest you see this

Sledge Hammers' Catch Phrase:
"Trust me, I know what i'm doin"

and he carrys around his huge 44 magnum and he talks to it and everytime he talks to his gun theres someone asking "who you talking to" and he's always like "no one"


Do I have to?

do we need ANOTHER thread about cancelled tv shows?

when did the show run?

Like in the mid to late 80's

The Naked Gun movies came from the tv series "Police Squad".
That's why the first film was called "The Naked Gun:From the files of Police Squad".

It aired in 1982, four years before Sledge Hammer.

And Sledge Hammer isn't the greatest show to get cancelled after one was on for two seasons.

Fawlty Towers only made 12 episodes

so ill say that

Yes, but Fawlty Towers wasn't cancelled.
Cleese and Co. made 6 episodes in 1976, then 4 years later produced 6 more episodes.

OMG do you know how long i haven't heard about this show!?!?!?!?!

I don't know if it was one or two seasons....but

Capital Critters

A show about a bunch of vermin who live in the white house and live their lives while antagonizing the president's cat. it was funny as hell...

Tru Calling

this is pretty much another thread about cancelled shows. please post all further information here, in the already existing cancelled shows thread:

i'll try to get this closed

Tru Calling isn't Canceled yet!!! it might come back in March!!!!!


i really think im talking about sledge hammer.....and if it was on for two seasons that great, but we're talking about sledge hammer.....HAS ANYONE SEEN IT

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