Matrix Trilogy Commentaries(Watch them NOW)

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Yesterday at about 3:00 AM, i had a Matrix enlightenment. I recieved the ultimate matrix collection on Christmas and only watched the extra stuff on all the revisited DVDs and most of the Roots of the Matrix. I was pleased, and yet, there was still more to learn. I still kinda had questions about Neo's conversation with the Oracle in Reloaded and all of Neo's convos with Smith. I then went to watch the movies and i noticed that there were commentaries. The commentaries not only gave me a better perspective of the movies, but also gave me a better perspective of Critics. My perscpective of critics is that they all want Sci-Fi action movies that are "loud, dumb and obvious". If u watch the matrix, u better not be expecting it to be dumb and obvious. The Critics had a commentaries on all three movies, pretty much saying the first was a breaking point and film history, while the other two were just proof that u need more than 276 days to complete a trilogy with two movies.

On the other hand, there was another set of commentaries. They were by to phylosiphers. These guys were obviously pro-matrix. After watching bits and pieces of all the movies with their commentary, i finally understood wut the entire film was trying to say. When it seems that 3 races are at each others throats, if united together, peace will conquer all. Although that might have been obvious to others, i have a relaxed brain and i really had to watch all the films maybe 10 times each to even get an idea about wut was actually transpiring, but still not getting it. Pretty much the reason for this topic is for anyone who still doesnt get it to ask questions, and if i cant answer, i know there are less intuitive minds out there that will. This topic is also for me to tell everyone to watch the commentaries. I havnt had so much fun in my life listening to critics that dont get phylosophy and love and then listening to phylosophers that explain it to me. After last night, i can again say this is the best film(s) i have ever seen in my entire life.

I tried listening to the critics commentary but stopped after about 20 minutes because I couldn't stand it any longer. I mean how ignorant and pathetic can these guys be? During the scene of the Oracle and Neo in the park one of them commented, " this scene is just awful," and another complains that the Oracle is wearing a leather coat, which she didn't do in the first one despite the fact she was never outside in the first Matrix. Add that to one of the critics being a horrible stutterer(sp?) who takes 5 minutes to spit out a word, they get annoying very fast.

ya, my point exactly. I thought the Wachowskis were smart, but they take it to an entirely different level. I think they got wut they wanted out of these 3 idiots. Seriously, it was like 3 40 year olds that never took an english class and know nothing about phylosophical meanings.


Who the hell would put commentaries on their movies that just bash the movie. I don't think I could stand watching and listening to what some old fukker thinks. Oh god if they had that on star wars I could only imagine how bad that would get ripped on

not the originals, but yeah it would be bad on the prequels

stick out tongue

The Matrix is about the unity of opposites. The acceptance of the cosmic construct. And finding peace through realising your oneness with all that is.

Or something...

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