The Best Silent Moment in the Trilogy

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In my opinion, the best silent moment is Neo doing that kung fu arm flex after being knocked down by Smith...

What do you think is the best silent scene? raver

Right after Neo and Smith Clash and create that Sonic Boom in the sky...

Silver Stardust
That one's probably my favorite as well....

My favorite silent moment is after the Burly Brawl when all the Smiths are standing around, one of them cracks his neck, and they walk away.

Trinity's "Dodge this" sequence, taking out the agent on the rooftop. While it's not exactly *silent*, the resonance of the gunclap, watching the agent fly back, was insanely fun to watch.

The Trinity-dodge moment was very very good and so was the burlybrawl moment with all the clone smiths walking away. Though I thought the scene in matrix 1 was good when smith and neo stand opposite of eachother and there is this bit of flying paper. It's like an old skool western. That is quite funny.

i agree with that flying paper moment.

i also like the end of the lobby scene in the first movie where they r getting on the elevator and it shows the aftermath of their big gunfight in the lobby, and that piece of tiling falls. i love it, even though it is innaccurate because really their woulda been bodies of guards lieing around the lobby, but whatever, still a great silent moment

In the SuperBrawl when Neo is knocked against the wall in that building and he get up and does the hand thing. I LOVE IT!!!!!

rajah kalantiaw
i don't wanna take away from the subject but... there are bodies. they're just hard to see since all the action was along both sides of the hall. if you look hard enough on the right and left lower corners, you will see. but the moment the elevator explodes... the mess is gone. dontknow

thats because its a different floor probably smile

rajah kalantiaw

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dunno there all cool but maby when the twins go into ghost form for the first time it just blew me away

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