My Top Favorite Shows of 2004

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My first thread her and lets make it a good one smile


The best show on network television was back this year with a killer virus threatening to be unleashed on L.A. and more twist and turns than a Sherlock Holmes movie."24's" smart diolage,story,and characters make this show the most entertaining and edge-of-you-seat show on televison.Keifer Sutherland deserves and emmy for best actor in a drama series but since those are usually reserved for cable shows a nice Golden Globe will do him just fine.


One of my favorite shows on television is also the most watch television show which is a real shame for "24" whch doesnt even make it on the top 200 in the ratings.But anyways this show is so creative aside from alot of other cop and mystery dramas that used to be on tv.It has a great cast and Grissom is one of my favorite characters on tv because he so quiet and mysterious but yet so smart and likeable.Its bloody it pushes the rating and its great fun and thats why I enjoy it so much.


When im not watching CSI: on Thursday im tuneing into CSI:MIAMI which is just as much fun and the Thursday hit.A group of younge actors and there boss Hirashio set out to conquer and solve the crimes in Miami and take in bad guys one episode at a time.The show is also taking risk with its two most daring episodes of the season.One is the season premiere when they killed off one of there mian cast members.Two is where a giant sunami seceeded Miami which was very nicely done.These great additions to the otherwise great crime scene drama are irresistable.

4.Without A Trace

I really liked this show when I first bought the first season on dvd.It was smart,interesting,and had a wonderful cast.Next to Keifer Sutherland I think Anthony Lapuglia is one of the best actors on televison.I have been tuneing in anxiously this season and its suprisingly gripping I have to keep coming back for more."Without a Trace's"' great script and diolage and escpecially Lapuglia make it a must see.

5..Desperate Housewives

In my opinion Desperate Housewives is the best new show on television.I was very suprised when I tuned in to the series premeire and fouundn myself liking it a whole lot more than I thought I would.I like how you think you know everything about the housewives but about 10 episodes into the season you still really dont know what to expect.The actors and characters are great,michievious,and likeable.They all have there own dilemas and we cant wait to see if they'll ever find the solution.Americas new guilty pleasure is definetly worth checking out.


I was so sad to see this show go last year.I really did like this show it was warm,sweet,and sometimes hilarious and outrageous.The story focused around a group of 6 adult friends and there encounters in life.Some of the most memorable times I had staring and the tube where of Chandler and Joey hijinks and watching them play pinball or watching Joey care for a duck.The show left on a happy not where after years Ross and Racheal got together.It was really sad and I wish it didnt have to go but it did.Good thing we still have seasons on dvd to keep us satisfied forever.


I was fortunate to see two season of Surivor last year.The first where all-stars from previous seasons come together for a reunion and one where a group of newcomers come in to tackle the islands of Vanuatu.They where both really good shows and story between the characters and all the backstabbing and lying was almost too much to handle.I tuned in and saw Rob and Amber in of tv guides top ten most of 2004 propose on the finale and I got to see Chris beat Twila on Vanuatu.The show offers many good twist,a nice and innteresting cast,and some beautiful scenery.If you missed All-Stars or Vanuatu be sure to check out Surivor Paloi later this year.


Since a few weeks after it premeried its ratings have been dropping I say is like CSI: and CSI:MIAMI why not tune in to CSI:NY.Gary Sinise is a great actor and he brings a sense of quietness and observation to the role that you might think Grissim could only do.It has some good creative storys and the fact that the story is set in New York make it even more interesting.Although it doesnt have the same emotional effects CSI: does like Grissims hearing problem or relationshio with Sarah Sidle I have a feeling thats coming later.It has some good storys it has the attractive cast it has the look what more reason do you need to tune in?

9.The Simpson

I am a die-hard fan of the Simpsons and feel more people should be watching them on Sundays.It's a shame there ratings have stooped so low.I think they have one of the best cast in television history.Homer is just a gem and he can always make me laugh hysterically and he's one of the funniest characters on televison.They always have great new ideas for the show and with funny characters and new wacky episodes why not tune in for a good half hour of laughter.

10.Fear Factor

Its gross is chilling and wildly entertaining.I started watching this show this year and found out how fun it is.3 men + 3 Women +3 stunts=one winner=$50,000.The stunts are really cool and fun to watch but the gross/mind stunt is the best and whats great is they mix it up a little.They wont also have to eat something sometimes they'll be in a room with tear gas,they'll get injections with a needle,they'll walk across broken glass,or they'll go to a nude photo shoot.Its also not the same old 3 men plus 3 women thing.Sometimes they'll have twin fear factor,couples fear factor or child and parent fear factor wich was my favorite of the last season.So much fun,excitement,and grossness in one hour that its worth a look.

1.) Simpsons

2.) CSI

3.) Deadwood

4.) Carnivale

(thats all I watch...)

Viva La Bam
The Simpsons
Battle for Ozzfest
Headbangers Ball
Fear Factor

This wasnt a thread for everyone else to post there top ten but what the heck?

Atomic Rico
Well, too bad lol

Arrested Development pwnz

Jackie Malfoy
Ok wrong thing let me write them down again sorry!

The Simspons


Fear Factor

Family Guy


then what was the point of yours? if theres no discussion to be had do this sort of thing in the off topic forum

I wanted to tell everyone my top ten.Discussion could've started from my list.

In no order:

That 70's Show

Family Guy

South Park


Viva La Bam


Fear Factor

1 Alias
2 With Out a Trace
3 Tru Calling
4 Real Worls/ Road Rules
5 Drawn Together
6 Ashlee Simpson Show
9 Big Brother
10 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Did Ashley even speak in her show? stick out tongue

1. The 4400
2. Carnivale
3. CSI


top 3

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