Xmen Vs Marvel Earth

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okay, this is not the current xmen, the new xmen, or the xtreem xmen,
this is all of the xmen ever, that includes x factor, xforce, and all of those people that "where" xmen but arent anymore, and all that jazz

VS MU earth (ha, no cosmics)

do they have phoenix?

sure why not

on second thought, no, they can have jean grey with the pheonix, but not the pheonix force that can destroy the universe

ok... surfer in there?

nope, hes not realy on earth that mutch
but the avengers are there, except for the ones that where once/are xmen like beast, and thor is there and the ff4, and all that jazz, plus humans and things of that ilk

mu earth then... unless the proffessor can take down thor, hulk, namor and giant man. then maybe theres a fight... wait... whos nate grey with?

nate is with the xmen, and giant man wouldnt do mutch, colossus could prolly take him

but colossus would be busy with thor and namor... nate coudl swing it though, he's so powerfull...

ya, but there are also guys like strange, doom, and juggernaut, they would be hard

this is enemies as well? aw f*ck, mu earth would win... unless forge can develop a doomsday device that doesnt affect mutants...

not all the enimies, because alot of the xmens enimies are cosmic, extra dimentional, time traveling or where once xmen. like magneto, he would be with the xmen, and apocolypse wouldnt be in this.

and forge could probably do that...

and cable is also an xman, so this would be one hell of a war

are x-men enemies with the x-men or against them?

depends, like half of the enimies where cositerd xmen for a short time, like magneto and juggernaut, but guys like sauron, the sentinals, and omga red wouldnt be onh there team

and excalibur counts as xmen too

how many sentinels? (this is so complicated...)

ya, this is realy complicated

to make it less complicated no sentinals, no xmen villians, execpt for the ones that where in the xmen once (mags, juggy, deadpool etc)
Marvel earth heroes and villians (no extra demensionals like asgaurdians, execpt for thor)

ok... mags and juggy, along with nate and cable could swing it... but i think in the end the mu earth will take it...

uhhhh with nate grey, cable, magneto, xavier, jean grey,juggernaut, etc.
no one can win!!!!!!!!
unless ofcourse franklin richards tags along with the marvel earth

beat me to it, it would be franklin vs nate grey and cable really. and we know frank becomes equal to galactis.

Cosmo Kramer
First of all alot of the X-Men went on to become Avengers on the East Coast so none would really join you in your Marvel Universe domination schemes. Second of all alot of the students at the school didnt join the X-Men and third a ton of them all died or were tricked into joining the Brotherhood for leaving before graduation.

So we've got...

The Avengers entire roster sans X-related people. Do honorary Avengers count, like the Guardians of the Galaxy?
New Warriors
Fantastic Four
and the Defenders (sans Surfer I'm supposing)

Marvel Earth would take it, yes the X-Men have some heavy hitters with Cable and X-Man, but last I checked Genis-Vell had adopted Earth as his base of operations and had hunkered down with the T-bolts. He and the Sentry could put a large hole in the X group, IMO.

Yes he would. His strengths have never really been in physical confrontation, but he makes one hell of an addition to a think tank. The X-Men have Beast, Forge, Xavier, Magneto, Bishop and Cable (knowledge of future tech would put them into a think tank). While the other force has Reed Richards, Pym, Tony Stark, T'Challa, Fixer, Zemo, Black Knight, Vision, Lang (unless you want him dead), Red Raven, Thin Man. I'd go with Marvel Earth in regards to brain power.

Marvel Earth wins. It's list includes Dr. Strange, Dr. Doom, Ultron, Leader, Mandarin, Iron Man, Reed Richards, Invisible Woman, Hulk, Thing, Thor, Namor, Captain America, etc.

Any here think the X-Men can beat Strange? Nate is powerful, but Strange's magic can match or exceed Nate's. The X-Men can attack, but the good doctor can counter most of them. Then pull out another Infinity Gauntlet let tactic by recruiting most of the Earth's powerhouses left to plan out an attack. The X-Men are sitting ducks after that. Most of the brains are on the Marvel Earth team. Doom not only neutralize the mutant powers, and most of the X-Men are out of the fight. Reed can make a device to block Xavier's telepathic powers; Magneto ain't no ultra genius, but he's already got a helmet doing such a thing. Colossus isn't matching Hulk in a fight. Thor is gonna go through most of them like a rat through garbage. Invisible Woman is superior to Jean. Namor would put a hurting on Rogue. She can absorb his powers and others, but that's if she can touch. Torch going nova would kill Storm.

So what X-Men is there left to fight Ultron, Mandarin, Iron Man, Thing, Captain America, Dr Doom, Wonder Man, Vision, Rhino, Shocker, Scorpion, Lizard, Green Goblin, Octavious, etc?

the only people the x men really have to worry about are THOR, SENTRY{if u consider him to be in marvel earth},franklin richards

muffin man

Right...because there's an X-Men that can handle Dr. Strange. embarrasment

What X-Men can handle Mandarin, Ultron, Iron Man, Thing, Hulk, & Invisible Woman?

well current colossus is no slouch, then u have nate grey and cable... the x-men have a few heavy hitters, storm, iceman, rogue. torch would be one of the first to go down, as powerful as he is he's way too cocky... i think mu will take it, just not as easily as people think...

beyonder, u think that nate grey, cable, xavier, rogue and storm cant take down mandarin, ultron, iron man, thing, julk and invisible woman?!?!?!?!?!

well thats just stupid really, but i admit that dr strange would be a STRONG foe.

It's not stupid. I put this list up 'cause I wasn't about to list what I wrote earlier, which was an even longer list.

Dr. Strange, mandarin, ultron, iron man, thing, julk and invisible woman

Here's the rest:
Leader, Reed Richards, Namor, Captain America, Captain America, Dr Doom, Wonder Man, Vision, Rhino, Shocker, Scorpion, Lizard, Green Goblin, Octavious, etc?

Furthermore, you think nate grey, cable, xavier, rogue and storm is gonna match Strange, Thor, Mandarin, Doom, and Ultron?

Here's the X-Men Vs MU:

Nate Vs. Strange
Cable Vs. Thor
Rogue Vs. Wonder Man
Colossus Vs. Thing
Xavier Vs. Leader
Cyclops Vs. Captain America
Magneto Vs. Mandarin
Wolverine Vs. Spiderman
Juggernaut Vs. Hulk
Havok Vs. Iron Man
Banshee Vs. Black Bolt
Jean Grey Vs. Invisble Woman
Storm Vs. Human Torch
Beast Vs. Mr. Fantastic
Gambit Vs. Dare Devil
Sabretooth Vs. Venom

Then you have Doom, Wasp, Vision, Hercules, Giant Man, etc.

wooaa....so0o maany ppl messed .....i think the telepaths in x-team would do alot of damage, making it very close....and i guess it also depends on wat stage each character is on.....cos ther's been alot of ups and downs in power levels etc......but yeeh i think MU would eventually take it.....but it would be pretty close...down to the last handful i rekon

I think the Xmen would win.

Victor Von Doom
This is truly becoming laughable.

The X-Men and affiliates, against...everyone else Marvel-related on Earth?

Alpha Centauri
Hahahaha X-Man. Frankie Richards will go nuts and wipe out everyone.

The constant felching of X-Men and their counterparts is slightly disconcerting.

X-Men, X-Force, X-Factor, X-Statix blah blah blah.


Thor, Hulk, Abomination, Juggernaut, Fantastic 4, Magneto, Dr.Doom, Dr.Strange, Spider-Man, Venom, Carnage, Apocalypse, Captain America, Iron-Man, Black Panther.....

Do I really have to go on?


muffin man
this seems like every X-men storyline like its always them against the world

Alpha Centauri

It's never X-Men against the world. That's why I don't get the comparisons between them and the F4.

When Galactus or Annihilus or some other nasty galactic entity threatens Earth, they shack up in their mansion. They fight Magneto and Juggernaut and get whooped alot of the time.

They aren't taking out the F4 alone, much less the entire Marvel Universe. It's an impossibility.


muffin man
well the odds are always against them

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