Darth Maul vs. Darth Vader

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I just had to do this. so cmon guys, who do you think wins between the two darths.

there are already 500 hundred threads on this exact topic!!

i dont really care that you make another thread-- but the moderators will be closing this soon

really? funny how my search didn't bring up any results...

norrin radd
maul is cool but vader is the one

I have the comic where this fight takes place and Vader wins.

Vader has a better control of the force due to the ungodly high number of mediclorines in his body, killed mauls killer, and is all around more badass.

Jaster Fett
But never the less Darth Maul would win and ill tell you exactly why, first qui-gon lost to Maul, and he was a jedi master. Now Obi beat Maul which is true, but the truth is obi beat him because obviously the movie wouldn't make sense if he died and he beat him because he could Maul off guard when he jumped up and cut him in half which took about a half second to do and he wasn't expecting it at all, but we know already that Obi beats Anakin when he was at the TOP of his game, young and having more mitiglorians then even Yoda which was about 19,000 with his cut off hand, now mitiglorians are inside the cells in your body, and Darth Vader is mostly robot so he doesn't have half as many that he did when he was at the top of his game. Not to mention if you consider that Maul would have learn to use the lightning by time they would have fought and have just as much skill with the force as vader. Not to mention vader would shortout if he tried to use lightning. Not to mention Maul has great force powers the movie never showed that he did because more then anything he did need to use it against Qui-Gon and Obi SO MAUL WOULD WIN

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