Million Dollar Baby

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Has anyone seen this movie yet?

Im very curious about it? I guess it is already getting all these rave reviews as being the best pic with Hilary Swank as best actress.. blah blah blah

does anyone know when it comes out or if it is already out??

if there is already a thread on this... sorry... didn't see it in the search

it came out in december however not in a lot of places (it had to be out in 04 to contend for the oscars) but no i havnt seen it hopefully it will come out somewhere nere me its not within an hour right now..

hopefully it will come out soon.... was trying to look around to see when it is coming out for the rest of us that dont live NY or Chicago or LA ...etc... but I havent found anything yet

eastwood speaks irish, ill watch it just for that...

does anyone know when this movie comes out nation wide??

Just saw this movie today- it was really good!

I know I am talking to myself... o well

I cannot wait to see that movie. That movie looks really good.

i really liked it - it was better than I thought it would be... good ending

Ou Be Low hoo
Who wants to see a movie about a chick who boxes? Not'll probably suck the big one.

naw it didnt suckno expression

Ou Be Low hoo
If it didn't suck, then I bet it blowed.

get out of my thread

Ou Be Low hoo
Aww...I'm only trying to get you alone so we can 'Turn the lights off'...wink, wink.

this just came out by me so ill prolly go check it out soon

good yes its well worth it!

good to know thumb up

yep go see it and tell me what you think box

i guess I like posting in this thread

we can tell

I'll rent this movie when it coems out on dvd i cant be stuffed to go to see it yet.

NOOOO go see it in the theater boxing
go see it in Central London!

or at the theater in Fulham Broadway !!! GO.. right now!

i dont know if it is even out in the UK??yet ??confused

I think it is I keep seeing the commercials for it all the time

take the Picadilly tube to the northern central line.. blah blah

go see it!

okie dokie eat

do you even live in London? I dont remember the tube map very wellpaperbag3

no I dont but my sister does.I get confused about the tubes my self my ticket thing always messes up when you have to go through the metal barrier thing i hate it mad

P.M., guys. yes

ok sorry cry

Saw "Million Dollar Baby" this afernoon and thought it was fantastic. My only gripe is that the transition from spunky drama to melodrama was a little too fast, but, being a boxing related movie, perhaps that's how quick someones life can change.

Had it featured a character like Michelle Rodriguez's in "Girlfight", it would have been stellar. But Swank's character looking to live her dream at age 31 was a nice touch. The backstory was all too familiar. Rich characters and great performances all around, and a very, very sad ending which was totally out of the norm for these types of movies.

I almost thought Clint Eastwood was trying to give a "dirt harry" performance sometimes ... was waiting for him to put the cowboy hat on and say " Make my day!"

but I thought he was doing a "dirty harry" performance in 'Bridges of Madison County' at times erm

the more I think about Million Dollar Baby- the more I think- it is way over hyped!

He was just a sourpuss. Look at him like Burgess Meredith in "Rocky". It will change your whole perspective. Besides, Clint's always had the gravely voice.

yea... true...

but I still think the movie is a little over hyped-- after seeing Hilary Swank in Boys Dont Cry - which was an amazing performance...- it just doesnt compare at all to Million Dollar Baby

Didnt you think the ending was predictable?.. I mean I knew she was going to die.or something tragic was going to happen??....

actually I was watching the Today show - before I saw this movie- and Katie Couric called the ending Million Dollar Bummer (sigh!) dont ask me why I was watching anyways she sort of gave it away...

Predictable ending? No way. I figured one of two things would happen. Maggie would just end up getting her ass kicked, proving it was too much too soon, or Frankie was going to die along the way, leaving her all alone. Neither happened, and the ending was totally out of left field, IMO. It can't be "feel good" all the time.

Morgan Freeman has sure gotten old

i loved his voice over - it reminded me of Shawshank Redemption- LOVE that movie!!

when Maggie and Frankie were driving back from her mother's - she was talkiing about her dog she had when she was little.. at first I thought it was all random but I liked how they tied that in at the end not sure if this needed to be in a spoiler but did it anyways...erm

room #99
i just saw the movie and it was GREAT

any one that just seen this good movie,I did, where do you think He went at the end, and did he ever say anything about his daughter?,or was that her in the dinner at the end talking with clints black friend?
and do you think the dirty fighter was banned forever? embarrasment

clint eastwood milliondollar baby
any one that just seen this good movie,I did, where do you think He went at the end, and did he ever say anything about his daughter?,or was that her in the dinner at the end talking with clints black friend?
and do you think the dirty fighter was banned forever?

he went to open a cafe... remember... he said he wanted to..when they stop that one time at that cafe to eat lemon pie...

and the whole movie... Morgan Freeman ... was basically writing a letter to Clint Eastwood's daughter...

i dont think the dirty fighter was banned... she didnt do anything wrong...

didnt she hit Swank after the bell?

She did everything wrong, including hitting her after the bell on several occassions. But, her character was nothing more than a plot device. She was the "scabby kraut" notorious for pulling stuff like that before, probably was never repremanded, and it doesn't matter, because like I said, it was to push the movie along.

If you remember clint also said he wanted a log cabin,and at the end it looked like Morgan Freeman was in the cafe or dinner talking to clints daughter, or could it be like morning glory said his words out loud were The movie also showed how a family and lowlife such as hers went to Disney first and didnt even care about seeing her.Also was clint very wrong to give the injection to her ?

There's been some controversy over Clint pulling the plug on Swank's character at the end. Of course, it's from the Christian right.

That said, Clint said, and I quote. "What do these people want? I made the Welfare abusers the bad guys!?"

laughing out loud

didnt think it was wrong that Clint gave Swank that injection- she asked for it - if she didnt ask for the injection then it would be wrong- but after she became parallysed it was so predictable how it was going to end... erm


Sadako of Girth
"Didn't do anything wrong..?"

Crimes in the ring that the"Dirty Fighter" would've been pulled up on were:

Punching after the bell....

Punching the opponent while down....

Using elbows.....

And Holding while hitting.

Went with my GF and some friends from work last night and what a bloody marvellous film....
From the point of view of a boxing fan/officianado, the technical stuff was spot on, the story-superb, brilliant heartwarming and wrenching performances really great directing.....And the combination of Eastwood and Freeman proves magic once again... Go see it....(But don't read spoilers..!) wink

Excellent 9/10.


I bought it yesturday but haven't watched it yet! Hope its good?! wink

Great post! That's why Oscar is losing credibility.

I finally saw this tonight and thought it was great. I really loved how the story-line continued to progress. A movie can only go so deep when its boxing but this really worked. I hope it kicks the Aviators ass at the Oscars.

Sadako of Girth
An interesting opinion, and I'll have to check out the movies you recommended there, but rest assured that at least the first half of the movie WAS very accurate to the tech and practical sides of Boxing...
Where as Rocky (Which you compared MDB to) perhaps ironically is the most unrealistic portayal of a Boxing match or fight that i've seen.. They were great movies though from pure entertainment.

Having never been "Sheeple" (Love that word by the way) I can't offer insight into what goes through their minds but I can see what you mean about some other oscar contenders but this film IS a good "Boxing Movie" and as for "Predictable" the sudden change in direction of the movie 3/4 of the way through certainly wasn't a predictable angle to be hit from IMHO, the from the way that the first 3/4 shaped up..... smile



Sadako of Girth
Realistic...? Never said that just referred to the training aspects of the
1st half or so as being technically accurate... As for the turning of the plot taking me by surprise,
I figured the telegraphing of the 'dog story'etc... (Especially paired with as you rightly note- The`protect yourself' and the 'Dirty fighter's build up') would be something like Swank rises through the ranks and then gets some form of massively unjust treatment at the gloved hands of the champion letting in big shots not protecting herself and just fails at her dream and and is beaten throroughly, Clint pulls her out like he wanted to in Morgan Freeman's 60's fight and they fall out or something y'know...? Just didn't expect the way it turned out to be as severe as that..... Still. My mistake. smile
Yeah I agree about the ref thing, should've gotten Eddie Cotton in huh...?
Besides i've seen enough dirty fighters get away with more in title fights with rabbit punches,kidneys,elbows...etc (And thats without mentioning Mr.Tyson...!!) unfortunate bad/puzzling reffing does happen.
And yeah. If the commision hadn't jumped all over the champ's ass before the fight, they certainly would have after it.
The Knockouts... A good sense of timing/good technique and the natural explosiveness that some fighters can bring to the table against perhaps a weak division or something and sure....Why not....Look at Naseem Hamed...!!! (And What happened once he met Barrera,a real fighter who wasn't over the hill or not-at-the-hill-yet.. wink )
About "if clint's character was supposed to be a good enough trainer to turn a 31-yr old journeyman woman boxer into a female Ivan Drago then how come he couldn't get her to keep her eyes..."etc
Well...Her inexperience 'cause of starting late and fighting a champ who had been fighting for years let her down there I reckon...
And NO trainer out there make you infailible.
Plus you remember MF going on that monologue about her cheeky/obstinate side:"No fighter who would have their inner stubborn streak/determination to have it their way on some level wiped out easily would be a winner"? (Or something) Well Clint could've been fighting a battle on two fronts there... Man your totally right in your assessment of her family though..! What clear and total assholes.....


Sadako of Girth
Well actually Naseem Hamed was a fairly good example also too of a "WWF moment haver"(With the amount of Judo flips and back-handers and tussling on the floor he did over his career....)

Missed Ruiz/Jones... What occured there then....?

Its nice to see that someone with authority in pro sports can agree with me that this movie has more holes in it than a whiffle ball.

Go to and look up Skip Bayless' latest article:
Lets KO "Million Problem Baby" lol

Oh and During the Ruiz fight the Ref was very very quick to seperate Ruiz and jones. never letting Ruiz get any inside work done and just giving Jones the opportunity to run and jab the whole fight.

Sadako of Girth
Ahhhhh.... That makes me sick....
Yeah by that description I'd definitley have to say then that that was rankly biased to Jones then...
Shame. Just goes to show then that bent reffing does transpire in favour of both the "Murderer" and the "I-don't-wanna-take-any-chances-fighter".
Sure but on the Tech side of the training and ethos side, their was some accuracy.
Cheers for the tip Mike, I'll be sure to check that out...!
Nice one mate.....

Sadako of Girth
Yep. Nose thing. Clint must've been the cuts man version of Jesus and I accepted that at the time for the movies sake (Suspension of disbelief.
'Rocky's' series had WAY worse inaccuraces... So sod it. The popcorn won out for me there...

But the biggest problem in that guys review that I really WOULD concede 2 whole points out of my out of ten score for it would have to be bad script, no screw that...! Continuity and character development..!
The bit im now reminded of (of Swank supposedly having won that undercard fight BEFORE training at the level we see her train on from then on.....) WAS bullshit.
Y'know when I saw it chat was still occurring with MY GF and my buds,
and following that part as best I could (Admittedly skipping half the dialogue, I assumed we were seeing a "Forward flash part of the movie or something.... But having now had that confirmed as the chronology of that.... Then I can't buy that. THATS the part that loses the 2 points from me in it's self. More than any other discussed point we've been through here....!!!
While not clearly being the greastest boxing movie ever,....
This was still more accurate than Rocky and The Gladiator (Not the Russell Crowe one)combined though despite that.... Not counting the tech accuracy of Rocky 3 regarding training/movement though.... stick out tongue

Sadako of Girth
I've never exactly seen members of ESPN as being the last word on anything really regarding perceptiveness ... Listen to the 'in depth commentary' offered with in their coverage of fights....
But this guy's points were good....


'Million Dollar Baby' won Best Picture at the Oscars tonight, as well as Clint Eastwood for Best Director, Morgan Freeman for Best Supporting Actor and Hillary Swank for Best Actress.

Can hardly wait to see it !!!

cant believe it won two oscars

It won 4 total.

Sadako of Girth
Whether or not it was technically perfect, It was a good movie....
Hmmmmm. Im gonna have to watch "The Aviator now to see if winning over that was justified as I heard a fair few MS fans saying "Unfair"...

i dont kno bout this .. things like this movie always seem to get advantage at awards

can anybody tell me anything about this movie?

It is now one of my favorite movies of all time. I am so releaved that Hilary got the Oscar. What a performance. Did anyone see her in Boys Don't Cry? Holy $&!^ that was great.

"Boys Don't Cry" I hope I never have to see again, because it was a fantastic movie, but lingers with you forever, like "Monster".

Originally posted by WillKempsgirl
can anybody tell me anything about this movie?

watch a trailer its pretty self explanitory.. theres a girl boxer who wants to get trained by an old guy who doesnt like training girls

Now that the Oscar hype and all the publicity has tone down I finally got to see it. And is a very good movie indeed! yes

All the characters were well writen and very well performed by the actors. Clint and Hilary defenetly have very good chemistry together on film. I felt for that father and daughter story and it was emotional. Not that it brought tears to my eyes, but it did make my cold stone heart a little softer.

I like how the characters display determination and willing to fight despite their odds. Also the ending was very unexpected for me. Is not your typical "underdog triumphs" ending, but rather more a desolate and dramatic conclusion. The performances also gave the ending a very satisfied finally.

Both Morgan and Clint always bring that effective charm and old tough guy sympathy to the screen. It remind me so much of Unforgiven and when you think it for a minute you kinda feel a connection between the ending of Unforgiven and MDB.

But even the performance of the two veteran actors could not top the charming and energetic performance of Hilary Swank. God she was so wonderful in this film. That fighting spirit really captivated me. She trully deserve that oscar (mind you I personally don't care much for awards) But this time I do agree....she was sensational. Her performance was so good that during the last fight I keep shouting inside of my mind....KNOCK HER OUT!.

Great film...fantastic characters..Emotional moments...Superb Acting...One great film. No question about it! This film is must see and it defenetly deserves a....

5 out of 5 thumb up

Just a note, "Million Dollar Baby" was released on DVD today. There's a 2 Disc set, as well as a 3 Disc set which includes the OST.

I was sure I posted here before blink
Originally posted by WindDancer
..., but rather more a desolate and dramatic conclusion
that's one of the things I absolutely loved about the movie... it gave it more backbone in the end to survive

I didnt like it .. the more I think about it the more I think it was way overrated

The film was written by Paul Haggis (who wrote and directed Crash).

In case you may have forgotten, Haggis (and producer) Albert S Ruddy created one of the worst shows on TV:


I liked Crash

but Texas ranger was complete crap

hell, yeah!

It was a good movie and for 2004 it was deserving of Best Picture. In 90% of the other years, no way.

I like Hillary Swank alot, though, and love anything she's in. She was a perfect Maggie.

I saw MDB in the theatres with my dad...I actually really liked it. I figured it was gonna be a really boring, stupid boxing movie, and I guess it was mostly just boxing...but I liked it for some reason. The ending was a little predictable, but still good. I like hilary swank alot too, so that helped. Am I the only one who liked boys don't cry? It's one of my favorites... embarrasment

I liked "Boys Don't Cry", and I feel bad for doing so, lol. It's not something you're supposed to "enjoy" necessarily, but it was a very intense and moving film, that's for sure.

well...I cried, lol. And the whole time I was watching it, I wasn't sure if I was supposed to be sympathetic towards her/him or completely weirded out by the whole thing...I guess it helps the weirdness factor a little that it was a true story

I bought the film and it was worth the buy. It is a good movie. It's well deserving of it's Oscars.


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