The Vampire Slayer.

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Red X
Well, Im going to try my luck in the Fic's thread...


It was the time of darkness, when both the Elves, and the Humans were murdered dozens every day. That is if the Vampires aren't that hungry... Mostly, they'll kill about twenty of each race each day. What did the Elves and the Humans do? Nothing, they sat and waited for their death. They could not look into the cold eyes of the rotten Vampire. They were afraid... No one ever tried to kill a Vampire, and the rumors were that if someone did, they would fail for sure. However there are those men in black robes, ragged clothing, but who's faces were always covered by masks or hoods. They appear when a Vampire striked. They are the only ones who ever stood up to one. Nobody knows how to call these men, but they are known by two names. The Vampire Slayers, Or the Champions Of The Knight.

Chapter 1: Axithilli Lillian.

A figure in black robes which covered the figure from toe to head. It also had a hood covering the figures whole face. The black figure stepped over the branches will fell from the dark trees which blocked the sun. The figure walked until it saw a house. It was a tavern. The figure looked up at the name.

"The Pinky Pony??" said the figure to himself. It chuckeled. "Well atleast a better name then the last tavern I visited..." added the figure. The figure came into the Tavern and walked over to the table.

"Gellmore Ikckle" said the Figure. Suddenly a man came up and sat down next to the figure. "Name?" asked the man. "Axitthillian Lillian" answered the figure. "For short Ax." The man looked down on the ground. "Man Ax... Thats a man's name I think, where are all the ladies?" asked the man as he moved away. Pathetic... He came over here just to know if I'm a woman and if he can play with me... thought Ax. Ax patiantly waited for his drink to be served. The waiter came up and gave him the drink... At the same time suddenly a figure with a red cape and giant fangs smashed throu the window. Ax took out his blade. This one'll be easy thought Ax... For Ax was no ordinary man, he was a Vampire Slayer...

Ill post a chapter in an hour or two.

You've got a good stat, ut make sure you get into a plot pretty quick or reading fight after fight becomes a little repetitive.

Red X
The Vampire furiously dashed at a nearby human.
"No you don't!" shouted Ax before beating the vampire to the human and tripping him. Ax slashed his sword at the Vampire, who jumped to the side to dodge it.
The Vampire looked at Ax with red glowing eyes and hissed.
"Bring it on!" answered Ax smirking.
The Vampire rushed at Ax, raising his clawed hand, Before the Vampire could put down his claws on Ax's face, Ax hit the Vampire square in the stomach, sending him flying into a wall. The Vampire took out his blade and striked it down at Ax, who blocked it. Ax's hood slowly fell down... Revealing a no younger then a beatiful 21 year old woman with beatiful blonde hair.

~Post more later!~

Red X
Quic Pic of Ax

"A little girl?!" exclaimed the Vampire with a very disturbing hissing sound.
"No." answered Ax coldly before kicking the Vampire head on into the stomach. The Vampire was sent backwards onto the ground with his hand softening and his sword falling on the floor. Ax picked up the Vampire's sword. The Vampire shouted in panic and sent the claws on his left hand swiping at Ax's head. Ax ducked and stabbed one of her swords into his heart. Feeling none less but proud as she killed another vampire she stode up. The crowd in the pub stared at her like some monster. Ax brought up her hood before walking up to the door. A black cat quickly scurried in front of her.
"What a day. Seems good luck is coming for me" she muttered with a chuckle before kicking the door open and coming throu.

A few days later...

Ax was sitting on a chair, her legs resting on the large table in front of her. She was in some kind of cave, workers and other vampire hunters were everywhere, getting assignments, loading their weapons. The man sitting in front of her next to the large table was the one and only Ferheir. He was the one who created this mystic clan of Vampire Slayers.
"You are causing too much attention!" provoked Ferheir.

"But I am doing the job correctly aint I? I killed about fifty vampires since the last time I came here" answered Ax camly.

"I have to compliment you on that, but can't you do it a little quiter? You've left about thirty building in debris in your mad fights with the Vampires!!!!" said Fehreir.

"Fine. I'll try better next time." said Ax.

"Don't try. Do it!"

Ax nodded. "Can I go now?" she asked. Fehreir nodded. "But remember what we talked about."

Ax was still at the underground base of the Vampire Slayers. She looked over at the table and the walls. On them were different kinds of weapons, tools, equipments.

Ax looked over at one she seemed to like. It was a blade, with the hilt in the middle, there were two blades from each side.

"Is it holy?" asked Ax one of the inventors who seemed to be working at the same aisle.

"Sure is! How could a blade made for a Vampire Slayer be not holy?" he asked.

Ax nodded and reached out to the weapon. She striked with it, spinned it in her hand. She liked the ballance of it, how sharp it was and how effective it was.

"Nice weapon Doc. Made for some nice Vampire A$$ kicking" said Ax.

"I named it Girrius" answered the inventor. "And thank you for the complememnt, I am delighted you are happy with it.

Ax took the Girrius, a shead came with it. She placed the shead's strips across her shoulder so the shead itself was on her back. Ax then inserted the Girrius into the shead.

"Now... Out of the melee weapon department and onto my favorite." said Ax smirking and at the same time smirking. She entered a giant room with guns, bows, and even more all across the room. Some inventors were expirementing at the desk in the corner. Ax didn't mind them. She turned around and began pacing across the room, watching the weapons.

She picked out two handguns, both silver and polished. She also took a small grenade, witch she knew she would need.

After watching all the long ranges weapons in delight, she turned into the Vampire Slayer's outift department. With clothes whitch would make a Vampire Slayer look shabby, yet keep them alive from a good stab. She took a light dragon scale mail, a black long trench coat, a 'witch' hat.

She then picked out her favorite boots out of all. If you tap the boots together, a knive would come out of the tip of both boots. She took the boots and looked over at the belts. She picked the belts which was most comfortable, but had a grapple hook on it, and two holsters for both of her handguns. She smirked and went into the changing room.

To be contniued...

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