How do movies influence people?

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in what ways do you think movies influence peoples lives today?

lil bitchiness
I think that people influence movies, rather than other way around.

It can go both ways.

all i know is after i saw hook. i dressed like Rufio for like a month rock

Movies influence others to become filmmakers, naturally. Conversely, people, human nature generally speaking, influence movies. If they didn't, we'd never get great movies that delve into the psyche of serial killers and the like, which I always find fascinating.

It's my observation in the Star Wars realm that the films didn't necessarily *influence* anyone, but it's "the movies we grew up with" debate for so many people, which explains their loyalty to the brand through thick and thin. However, there are a lot of great messages that could be taken from "Star Wars", aside from incest.

It can influence imagination, make it grow

and can put silly ideas into peoples heads ..

how many vampire realated deaths in the news i have lost count...
and after finding nemo little kids shudnt be allowed them due to the the increase of goldfish being flushed down theloo

Poeple get influenced by films, because films often have a hidden message that the film maker wanted to put in the film. A great film maker can put in a message that isnt obvious but still makes the audience feel what they intended to feel.

Movies (and music) are unfairly used as scapegoats when crimes occur along similar lines to the content.

I wont talk about the negative influence of films , guess we all know them.
However, If movies have some meaning & message(not just entertainment), I think it definitely gets through.
When we see some character fighting against all odds & who is a positive, compassionate human being, people do remember such heroes in their own difficult times.
I've personally felt motivated to do more positive things after I saw a movie character do so.

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Well I think that they make people creative,Because movies are creative and it gives you thoughts and ideas and makes you want to tell people about a certain movie.JM

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