Epics or cult classics?

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Which on do you prefere?

Cult is good, impressive.Cult is "attractive" cos it being different, in a positive or a negative way.It may not be necessarily meaningful or fruitful.

Epics on the other hand, are sometimes cliches.But they are definitely positive & human. They give a positive message of courage, love & compassion.
Epics also have classic actors & stars.
Epics are timeless.
I personally enjoy watching both , but if someone asks me to choose only one of em I'd go for epics.

Love them both, but I'm a cult cinema fanatic.

I like both.. I think I like the cult classics more though erm

Cult films

Cult Classics, Hands Down.

Cult filmes? what do you mean when you say cult films? like what kinda of movies, classifie as cult filme?

Tarantino films, indies, movies that bombed in theatres but gained a following on home video. You know, that sort of thing.

ah ok, well epic movies, you just basicly mean, movies like Fall of the Roman Empire, or Lawrence of Arabia, and such? well if thats the case I'm all for the Epics, they have the best of ALL!

I like real cult films

Cult - still waiting for some to hit the DVD racks though

Both. Take the Last Samurai an epic film but became a cult because LOTR was more popular

cults do it best for most of us

Cult movies don't exactly have $100 million dollar budgets and a huge name actor...

You can get epics that are cult films, Lawrence of Arabia is a cult film.

Cult classics are awfully neato.

Atomic Rico
Of course I love cults, but some epics are pretty good too-like braveheart, gladiator, heck, even the old campy ones like Clash of the Titans

Well, "Ice Pirates" drops in February! eek!

(Please tell me you've seen it, so I'm not dating myself, here...)

Epics suck my balls. Cults all the way.

It depends of the movie. Even there are movies that could be considered cult classics and epics at the same time.

I prefer cult classics.

I can enjoy only a few epics, namely any of the Star Wars films.

Some epics suckh as lard of the rings are great, but lots of cult like Donnie Darko are just fantastic.

They're both great, but you feel special when you know you're one of as few as 500 ppl who simply love one movie. You can't get that feeling from a film with a following of millions

Yeah i suppose but some cult classics have loads of followers but not until it comes out on dvd of course.

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