The 'Help' Thread

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This thread is simply for anyone that needs help in a game zorro

Firstly, I recommend that you check or for the game you're looking for.

If not, then post it here... chances are that there'll be discussion here, so I recommend all questions be highlighted like this:

Question Here

the coding being:

lor=red]ize=5]b]Question Here/b]ize]lor]

and we'll try to get you an answer ASAP big grin

This is just to stop getting too many un-noticed threads that clog up the forum.... makes things more organised happy

yeah.. and it helps so u dont have to go to the official thread, cause u might ask for help in Halo 2, and then the next person that replys totally ignores or didnt see ur post and says something that would spoil it

Ya, good idea. Especially in this kind of forum.

well, i might as well start the ball rolling:

On Silent Hill 3, i am in the subway station just after the nightmare mall, and have picked up some NUT CRACKERS, where do i use this item?

discussions begin!

Hey, a torture shop! What do you get for the pervert who has everything?
Mind numbing pain, of course! There is a save point on the north wall, and if
you use it, Heather once again mentions that the symbol makes her brain hurt.
There is a bloody gurney to the left of the symbol. There is another gurney
towards the right side of the room, but in the middle of this one is some sort
of Vice; where else but in a torture shop (someone's toes or... more sensitive
parts probably once went in the Vice, but it is best not to think about that).
The Vice will make a lovely Walnut cracker, so "Use" the Walnut from the
Jewelry Shop at the Vice. If you were hoping for a tasty and nutritious treat,
you are out of luck, because inside is a jewel called a Moonstone, which would
fit nicely in the hollow spot on the door marked with a crescent moon

Phoenix Aska
I would suggest that if you need help you just stop and think for a while about why you are stuck and what you did last and back track before you go to those sites for help...You're cheating!

Or get the strategy book. Helps for HL2 smile

mmm HL2... I love beefed up gravity gunsbig grin

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.