My top 125 favorite movies with short commentaries by me!

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For those who want to know what are my favorite movies, well here is my top 105 favorite movies ever!:

1. Star Wars.
2. The Empire Strikes Back.
3. The Return of the Jedi.
4. Psycho ( Original).
5. Batman ( 1989).
6. Harry Potter Movies ( Azkaban is quite excellent, a must see!).
7. Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
8. The Last Unicorn ( A great 1982 animated fantasy).
9. Total Recall.
10. The Fifth Element.
11. The Matrix.
12. The Dark Crystal.
13. The Secret of NIMH.
14. Labyrinth.
15. The Princess Bride.
16. Howard The Duck.
17. Blade Runner.
18. The Crow.
19. Akira.
20. Ghost in The Shell.
21. The Wizard of Oz.
22. X-Men.
23. X2.
24. Blade.
25. Blade 2.
26. Spider-Man.
27. Spider-Man 2.
28. Mulan.
29. Aladdin.
30. Armageddon.
31. Con Air.
32. The Rock.
33. Jury Duty ( Pauly Shore's best movie!).
34. The Thing ( 1982).
35. Pulp Fiction.
36. The Shining.
37. Independence Day.
38. Stargate.
39. Dark City.
40. The Terminator.
41. Terminator 2 Judgment Day.
42. Aliens.
43. True Lies.
44. Beauty and The Beast.
45. Jurassic Park Trilogy.
46. Saving Private Ryan.
47. Titanic.
48. Dawn of the Dead ( Original 1978 movie).
49. Dawn of the Dead ( 2004 remake).
50. The Evil Dead.
51. Evil Dead II.
52. From Dusk Till Dawn.
53. Transformers: The Movie.
54. Starship Troopers.
55. The Running Man.
56. In The Army Now.
57. Encino Man.
58. Indiana Jones Trilogy.
59. Gettysburg.
60. Return to Oz ( Very underrated).
61. Lilo and Stitch.
62. Oliver and Company ( I still remembered seeing this movie twice in a theater when i was young back in the 80's).
63. Re-Animator ( A great cult gore horror sci-fi comedy).
64. Scanners.
65. Braveheart.
66. Vampire Hunter D.
67. Die Hard.
68. Die Hard 2.
69. Lethal Weapon.
70. Shrek ( Original, the sequel was good but not great).
71. Antz ( Highly underrated animated achivement).
72. Toy Story.
73. Toy Story 2.
74. 2001: A Space Odyssey.
75. Full Metal Jacket.
76. Dead Alive ( a.k.a. Braindead) ( Peter Jackson zombie splatter flick).
77. Scarface.
78. Friday The 13th ( parts 1, 3, Final Chapter, Jason Lives, New Blood, Jason Goes To Hell, Jason X).
79. A Nightmare on Elm Street ( parts 1, 3, 4, Freddy's Dead).
80. Freddy Vs. Jason.
81. Princess Mononoke.
82. Spirited Away.
83. Kiki's Delivery Service.
84. Halloween ( parts 1 & 2).
85. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.
86. Spaceballs.
87. The Green Mile.
88. Phantasm.
89. Final Destination.
90. Final Destination 2.
91. The Sixth Sense.
92. Fist of the North Star ( Animated version).
93. Star Trek Movies.
94. A Bug's Life.
95. Finding Nemo.
96. Monsters Inc. ( Pixar rules!).
97. Wizards.
98. One Hour Photo.
99. Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
100. Moulin Rouge.
101. Making Contact ( a.k.a. Joey) ( A very underrated but great 1985 German horror fantasy from Roland Emmerich).
102. Army of Darkness.
103. The Mummy ( 1999).
104. Black Hawk Down.
105. The Sword in The Stone.
106. Hellraiser ( 1 & 2).
107. The Hobbit.
108. The Flight of Dragons.

So there you have it, my top 108 personal favorite movies of all time and what i enjoy.

Good choices. Just playing Devil's advocate here...

why are some trilogies/series listed individually, while others are lumped together?

Mr Zero
I laughed until I realized this wasn't a joke.

Cool to see Howard the Duck in the top 20 tho, I have a soft sport for old howard.

well there is nothing wrong with likeing everything, now is there? this kid can be entertained by fly's fu*cking

Beyond Image
*in a COMIC-MAN voice*

"pfft, i have a list like that in bizzario world, oh, wait...sarcasm."

on a serious note, i enjoy the green mile. msn-wink

if i had a list that long that means i would have to like almost every movie i see, that means id have to like harry potter, or catwoman which i hated u cant like every movie u see only little kids do that you really should think about the movie u see and really think if it was good or not, unless ur a just a kid

yea but 100 movies isnt a lot i own close to 400 ive seen well over that

Boooo! How can you like Batman but not Batman: Returns? Batman: Returns was the only one of the sequels to maintain the same dark themes that really brought the comic book to life, thusly I command that you expand your list to 109 movies! Also, I must ask that you remove #56 - In the Army Now in favor of Biodome, which was truly Pauly Shore's finest hour and half.


The first (earliest) movie in the original "Star Wars" Trilogy was not called "Star Wars", it was called "A New Hope"!


...sorry everyone.

But seriously, it's nice to see someone else appreciated Starship Troopers. Best satire ever! w00t!

haha i was thinking the same thing but i just left it alone.. its funny how many people dont know what the hell your talking about if you say A New Hope

i really dont think anyone who really pays close attention to films can like that many movies usually u run into duds like Jason X that was the worst piece of crap ever it made 0% of sense last time he was in hell now hes in space pff........... u really are to light on movies, as i said u really are light hearted or u are a child

Your list would be alot better if you didnt have the Star Wars series and the Harry potter series on it

It's not the amount of movie's, it's the movies that his list is amounted to. In dream land i would love to like everything to, but in reality most shit sucks

Take out Ghost in the Shell, Vampire Hunter D, And Fist of the Northern Star. These 3 animes are crap. See Evangelion the Movie, Metropolis, and Grave of the Fireflies. Way better than any of that crap. And take out Harry potter and replace it with The Seven Samurai or some praise worthy classic.

Oh yeah the Blades movies...they suck
and um uh...Armageddeon
and Stargate and Independence Day...Take em all out...cuz they suck

i wann a know how u put the Harry Potter movies ahead of the Lord of the Rings movies no and how did a bugs life beat finding nemo?

Look man, i can put whatever movie i want in order ok! it's none of your concern, besides i do love ' Howard The Duck", it's always been one of my favorites since i was 5 back in the 80's.

From the IMDb:

The episode number and subtitle "A New Hope" did not originally appear in the film's opening crawl. These were added to the April 10, 1981 re-release to be consistent with those seen in "Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back" (1980)

1. Star Wars: Greatest movie of all time! where would we be without this movie? there'd be no hope for sci-fi.

2. The Empire Strikes Back: Best sequel ever! no doubt about this movie being a golden rule that sequels don't suck, some may debate on weither it's better than the original or not but nevertheless it's an accomplishment for george Lucas and friends.

3. Return of the Jedi: Some consider this movie to be the least of the original trilogy, but screw them! i say it's an excellent finale to the classic trilogy, the climax with Luke against Darth Vader and The Emperor is pure classic!

4. The Wizard of Oz: Greatest fantasy movie put on film! A flawless cinematic masterpiece that is still loved for many generations, it's also a life-changing movie that makes it one of the best movies i've ever seen.

5. The Dark Crystal: Jim Henson's and Frank Oz's dazzling and brilliant fantasy masterpiece took five years in the making of hard work entirely performed by puppets and animatronics which makes it a very unique movie in these days of CGI, my favorite movie as a kid and i still love it today even with it's awesome music score.

6. Harry Potter Movies: Lavish and wonderful adaptations of the J.K. Rowling books, they offer plenty of adventure, great acting even by Alan Rickman ( one of his best roles since Hans Grueber), and the music with backgrounds are nothing but lush.

7. Lord of the Rings Trilogy: Peter Jackson took a major risk of 7 years of bringing to life J.R.R. Tolkein's beloved literally masterpiece to life, he succeeds and is the stuff that movies are made of today.

8. Batman ( 1989): Tim Burton's triumphth adaptation of the popular DC character is pure movie gold! Jack Nicholson is just perfect to play the joker, the settings with atmosphere are just awe-inspiring and it's soundtrack by both Prince & Danny Devito rocks.

9. Total Recall: Fantastic mind-bending Science Fiction adventure from Paul Verhoeven with Arnold Schwartzenger as a construction worker whom is in search for his lost identity on Mars and has to save that planet. Packed with loads of violence, gore, action, great pre-CGI special effects, awesome music score by the late Jerry Goldsmith and intriguing story makes it one of the best movies i've ever seen since i first saw it at the age of 8 back in the summer of 1990.

10. The Last Unicorn: Underappreciated and magical yet emotional 1982 animated fantasy drama that is another childhood favorite of mine, it has the voices of Christopher Lee, Jeff Bridges, Alan Arkin, Mia Farrow, and Angela Lansbury, it has beautiful artwork, a hot cartoon chick in it and it's a dark yet somewhat feel good movie that makes it a must watch movie, can't wait for the live-action remake next year.

11. Blade Runner: The second best sci-fi movie of all time next to " Star Wars" and " 2001: A Space Odyssey", Ridley Scott's original Sci-fi thriller is an incredible and intelligent view of the future with Harrison Ford in one of his most memorable roles ever.

12. Con Air: Hands down, the best action movie i've ever seen! saw it twice in a theater in the summer of 1997.

13. Gangs of New York: Powerful and brutal epic from Martin Scorceses with a good cast, production values, and a story of gang warfare in the streets of New York somewhere in the 1800's.

14. The Rock: Jerry Bruckheimer's and Jerry Bruckheimer's last movie together before Simpson died of heroine overdose. Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage works great together as a duo to save San Francisco from manical terrorists.

15. The Fifth Element: Luc Besson's wild and imaginative Science Fiction/fantasy/comedy action adventure is a visual tale of Bruce Willis with a orange-haired alien beauty whom must save the world from the end of the world. Has lots of comedy, special effects, decent storyline and Gary Oldman is just funny as Zorg.

16. Armageddon: Love-it or hate it, it's nevertheless a fantastic thrill
with great special effects, fine acting by the cast even by Affeleck and Willis, a great music score by Hans Zimmer and heart.

17. Leon: The Professional: Luc Besson's stylish and heartfelt action drama is a brilliant story of a young girl befriends an Italian hitman for a chance to get revenge.

18. Jury Duty: Pauly Shore's finest comedy! a courtroom satire that turns the justice system on it's ear.

19. The Matrix: The one modern Sci-fi classic that spawned two alright sequels and a whole lot of rip-offs after it's release, it still has the power to dazzle the audience with it's philopshy, action sequences and classic visual effects.

20. Mulan: Best Disney movie i've ever seen! such a lovely and adventure ridden animated movie with great artwork, Eddie Murphy is just hilarious as Mushuu and a good meaning makes this a modern disney classic.

21. Aliens: James Cameron's superb sequel to "Alien" is probably superior to the original! it has great memorable quotes, good special effects by Stan Winston and hard-hitting action by Sigorney Weaver.

22. The Terminator: James Cameron's debut movie is a masterful and original Sci-fi movie that made Arnold Schwartzenger a big shot and gave a new catch phrase " I'll Be Back".

23. Terminator 2: Judgment Day: Excellent sequel by the same filmmakers and with Arnold back as the oil-blooded steel killer in human flesh now turned to bad guy. Groundbreaking visual effects by ILM, flawless acting, believable characters and emotion makes it one of the best movies ever.

24. Black Hawk Down: Gripping and highly accurate account on an event that happened in 1993 in Somalia, a little hard to watch at times but it's a rewarding experience.

25. Indiana Jones Trilogy: The mother of all adventure trilogies! Harrison Ford's second best character next to " Han Solo" and " Ric Deckard", all three movies are just pure magic.

26. Psycho ( 1960): The one and only classic by Alfred Hitchcock that influenced the slasher genre and is still king of all horror thrillers.

27. Schindler's List: Spielburg's masterpiece, 'nuff said.

28. Saving Private Ryan: Steven Spielburg's WWII saga is a rich and detailed account on D-Day, Spielburg definitely deserved to win best director and Tom Hanks gives an unforgettable performance.

29. Akira: The one that introduced audiences around the globe to anime when it hit theaters everywhere even here in the U.S.A, a violent and marvelous Japanese animated sci-fi thriller set in the future of Tokyo after WWIII where it's now an urban jungle of bikers, politicians, scientists, experiments involving ESP abilities and a mysterious power called "Akira".

30. Ghost in The Shell: Another Japanese animated classic from the makers of "Akira" that also hit theaters around the world just like it's cousin "Akira". A spellbinding and smart thriller about a cyborg cop with her partner going after the net's most deadliest hacker.

31. Jury Duty: Pauly Shore's finest comedy! A fun courtroom satire that turns the justice on it's ear.

32. 2001: A Space Odyssey: Third best sci-fi movie ever made with "Star Wars" being number one and "Blade Runner" being second, it's a brilliant and intellectual film that is probably Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece.

Will continue later, gotta go to work then i'll continue.

"11. Blade Runner: The second best sci-fi movie of all time next to "

Have you not seen Lang's Metropolis? Can't believe you didn't mention it if you like Blade Runner. Fabulous film.

Star wars is your favourite film considering you dont know the rest of the title?

Star Wars: A New Hope

no well, I guess he means the whole lot, he hasn't finished yet...

If he liked the original, and not the Special Edition, he's correct in the title. "A New Hope" was only adopted when the "Episode" moniker was designated.

Also, Hans Zimmer didn't score Armageddon, Trevor Rabin did. Unless there are two seperate scores.

I am very sorry to inform every one, but john Williams is the greatest film composer of our time.

I mean jesus, are we still creating sites where we can go and bicker about what movies we like the best. Of course my fovarite movie isnt going to be your favorite movie. Whomever likes every movie in the world is just, well a dummy.

(Watch the insults, RR)

What do you mean by that?

EDIT: Closing out of fairness to Agent 69.

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