The Last Horror Movie

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Oh man, I don't know how to start reviewing this. I don't think I can tell you anything about the plot, just that you absolutely have to see this. Better yet, rent it--on VHS. I've already given too much away. Let me just say, from now on when people ask me why I'm a horror fan, I'm going to tell them to see this movie. If you're a horror fan and you're constantly being asked why, see this movie. If you're not a horror fan, but you know one and you're constantly asking why, see this movie

Has anybody seen the RATED and UNRATED versions of THE LAST HORROR MOVIE.

If so, what's the difference?

The LAst Horror Movie.This sounds very much like the plot of a film called Man bites Dog made in about 1992 which is classic.

Will check it out though


hmm I don't know it looks kind of lame, but I'm open to lots of stuff so I'll have a look

It's painfully obvious what section this belongs in, lol. I was actually going to rent this last night, but passed. Guess I'll give it a whirl, b/c mainstream "horror" has been riddled with failures as of late.

Not that Fangoria is a purveyor of incredible horror flicks, either. messed

I saw it at a horror film festival here in 2003, it's worth the watch indeed, but it's not up there with my favourites. Might have to rent it to see it again.

It's a British film as well smile

Hmm... maybe I'll check this out.

Did you really need to create two threads on the same movie?

It is similar to MAN BITS DOG, but it also shares similarities with HENRY:Portrait Of A Serial Killer, THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and THE RING.

Fangoria's BLOODLINE sucked, but this time I think they have struck gold. THE LAST HORROR MOVIE is not your average horror film, in fact it turns the genre completely on it's head. It's more a character study, masquerading as a horror movie, and it really does dig deep into the mind of a serial killer.

I have been passing on this flick fora while now, Looked to risky(i rented Curse of the Komodo instead smile ) anyhow i suppose I will rent it in the morning.

Why? Because it involves a video tape and a psycho? Likening it to "BWP" is doing it a HUGE favor.

Pass on it. It's basically a horror version of "Man Bites Dog", but with more psychoanalysis and browbeating, with some dork spitting out philosophical nonsense about the human psyche to make you think he was a deep thinker.

Boring kills, too slow paced, and although it was only 70 minutes, it ran over by 69.

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i almost rented it but passed..whats it about?

Basically a guy who makes a snuff film under the premise that he wants to explore the voyeuristic side of people, test their limits, and give people a "real" horror film. As an aside, nobody ever submits the film to the authorities, which I believe he acknowledges in the movie, thus proving his suspicions right.

It wasn't very effective.

i have seen so many threads on this movie on other forums. great flick!


Lol,geussing from the title I can already see what kind of movie it will be like.I'll pass.

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