Best Jean Claude Van Damme movies

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hi! I am a huge fan of van Damme and i was wondering if u guys would like to talk about his movies on my forum, u are free to talk, about anything that considers his films. And u can make a list of his best movies, include only 5.
1) Kickboxer
2)double impact
3) Lion Heart
4)Death warrant

Double Impact
Universal Soldier

Red Superfly
Street Fighter! laughing

Jean Claude van Dame more like.

No, no heres one better for you ( knock off) smile lol laughing out loud Happy Dance

Ou Be Low hoo
I think the title of this thread is oxymoronic.

I grew up on BloodSport. In the 80s it was on Showtime all the time!

Spike TV airs it every week or so. Just today they had, Death Warrent. My favourite is Bloodsport and Universal Soldier which i feel is actually a good movie.

Bloodsport and Kickboxer are the only good JCVD movies.

rajah kalantiaw
i personally liked universal soldier. i watched it all the time when i was a kid. i think jean's number was gr44. that's beside the point... universal soldier gets my vote.

thoug i agree with that one dude with a funky name that this thread IS oxymoronic.

Bloodsport easily. Kickboxer is good if you like kickboxing but you might aswell just watch bloodsport

He only had three good movies. Cyborg, Bloodsport, and Kickboxer. After that he went down the hill with his other films.

I liked Universal Soldier and Street Fighter!

AWOL whats wrong with u people...

joke don't hurt me

AWOL is still the best film of Van Damme though IMO

but Bloodsport is good

Lord Shadow Z
Universal soldier is his best, no doubt. Then I would say Timecop, because it's still an enjoyable movie to watch and then Hard Target. The rest, or most of the rest are just plain crap.

i dont know that there is a "best" i guess id say bloodsport

there is a best? blink

Hard Target

I prefer Hong Action Movies, and the old classic Kung Fu Flicks

Ahnold is much better. Even though he isn't a martial artist. But he could still whip Van Damme, Chuck Norris, Steven Segal, and Sylvester Stallone. evillaugh

Please do not use the word 'Best' in any thread referring to JCVD, unless it is 'Best way to stop JCVD being in films'

doesnt he attempt to show his bare ass in at least every one of his films? (streetfighter excluded.. but that was a terrible movie anyway)

1. Bloodsport
2. Kickboxer
3. Universal Soldier

Mr Parker
Double Impact is definetely my favorite.

There all bad blink

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