The Complete Lord of the Rings Saga

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In my opinion Peter Jackson should have made LOTR a six film saga.
Something like the following.

The Complete Lord of the Rings Saga:

1. The Silmarillion-This tells the story of the first age of MiddleEarth.

2. (Some made up name)- This tells the story of the second age of
MiddleEarth. Story of the battle at the start of
The fellowship of the ring.

3. The Hobbit

4. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

5. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

6. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

This would make a complete story start to finish.

What do you think?

first off that wouldn't make sense, maybe if it was an "Arda" saga or something - keep in mind this was the LORD OF THE RINGS saga which contains THREE books.

anyways I think it would have been a terrible idea. Silmarillion alone would be a 7-series saga laughing

The Hobbit shall soon be made after the fat-cats decide who gets ownership rights.

Discos - heard the same story before.

They already have rights and it's waiting to be made, but i pray to god it isn't.

To make this "saga" would take about oh i don't know 15 years no expression

Jackson already stated that his next project after King Kong is not the Hobbit

Lotr alone took 10 years stick out tongue

The Inkeeper
yeah but not filming wise no2
Planning and casting and making big fiery demons and then teaching them to walk on bridges....that took most of the time

But after that it is roll eyes (sarcastic)

LoTR was technically 6 books...The Sim. is a little too choppy to be a good flowing movie.

The Hobbit would be intersting, but it's completly different from the LoTR trilogy

In other threads, we already takled about this.

ha, your one to talk stick out tongue

Well said

i dont think so as it wud be like try to get the same suscess as Lotr trilogy ...where they'll get is failure from people being bored of it.

bored of it?..I dont bloody think so.

it would give us book-readers something more to talk about (and to ***** about.....*looks at Chris shifty )

Its bad enough making a Hobbit movie, its a childs book and will most likely be a childs movie. Please PLEASE do not go one step further and make the Silmaril,

Discos - luckily I dont have to we have Christopher Tolkien on our side wink

i didnt mean like that i meant people who arent fans ... will be bored of 'hollywood' trying to make money out of a great collection tolikens work

you did huh huh, well in that case.....nah it wouldnt be that bad. most non-book readers would know what a Silmarillion is laughing

There's not another choice than Hollywood making the movie. Unless you have the equipment to do it yourself, I don't know who could do it.

One day, maybe The Sillmarillon movie will be on the tablets.

I would enjoy seeing a new section of the sil every december i must admit i missed no new LoTR last year sad

I thought three was enought. If they want to make new movies out of what Tolkien has written, they should wait a little bit. Like somebody already said, maybe some people will lose interest in it.
( Actors are tired that LotR wins 30 oscars every year) Maybe not that much... big grin

I want to talk about this topic a bit more.

The silmarillion being a movie + hobbit turning into a movie (soonish)

Silmarillion would be a huge achievement to turn into a movie - however, alot of fans would be pissed off at this (I know I would be, a little).

Silmarillion is locked up and stored away in my mind, no images or actors will change my mind stick out tongue

also, Silmarillion has ALOT of chapters which only focus on the desciption of a certain land/place
take chapter 14 for instance "of Beleriand and it's realm" - I seriously had no patience for this chapter, it pissed me off so much and to finish the damn chapter was a huge achievement for the Disc-man

Discos - REVIVE!

actually it(silmarillion) could be done...if they concentrate on what the book is actually about...

a book and movie are pretty much the same...a beginning a middle and an end...the sil is sort of the exception - a compilation of stories relating to the beginning days of Arda.

but the title suggests first and foremost that basically and stripped down to it's most initial idea is that it is about the making of the silmarillion by *ehem* none other...MOI stick out tongue

and the theft of said jewels by Morgoth and the killing of *ehem*'s father... and the dire and tragic efforts by those willing to retake the silmarillion....

if they were to concentrate on that germ of a seed for a movie...most die hard fans of the book would probably overlook the fact that some of the story might not make it in the film...

a short synopses of the beginnings of the valar and arda at the start of the movie as a narrative might serve some well but not for those unfamiliar with the story...

but the gist, and this might not such a great idea or story, would center around Feanor and his son's tragic oath to retake the sils... and the dire consequences of those who come across them...

but that's my opinion and my opinions are not sponsored or solely responsible by the channel airing this program...huh

UM, Silmarillion would take over 20-30 hrs straight of severely edited film to show.

ITs inpossible to show the whole ME thing in 6 movies, HECK they couldn't even show a year in 3 movies.

If they do make a film of Silmarillion they shouldn't get Jackson to do it. I really like jackson's trilogy but I know the hardcore fans of the book were angry at the changes he made. Since Silmarillion is only really read by the really hardcore fans, jackson would have to stay much more faithful to it, otherwise he'd get battered.

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