By the end of this year....

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By the end of this year, I will own every movie in all of the top horror movie series of all-time.

During this year, I am going to buy all of the movies in the following series:

Nightmare on Elm Street (1-7)
Friday the 13th (1-10)
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1-4)
Alien (1-4)
Blair Witch Project (1-2)
Psycho (1-4)
Romero's Dead Series (1-3)
Jaws (1-4)
Evil Dead (1-3)
Child's Play (1-5)
Scream (1-3)
Halloween (1-8)
Silence of the Lambs (1-3)
The Exorcist (1-3)
The Omen (1-4)
Hellraiser (1-6)
Candyman (1-3)
Leprechaun (1-6)
I Know What You Did Last Summer (1-2)
Jeepers Creepers (1-2)

I am going to buy all of these movies.

There are 86 movies in total. And I am going to buy every single one of them.

This is my goal before the end of 2005.

Tarantino Boxset
Texas Chainsaw
Boondock Saints
Jack Frost (horror)
puppet master
bride of chucky
driller killer
camp blood
bad taste
nightmare before christmas
seven (2disk)
tremors 2
tremors 3

This is my to buy list this year, a few of them arent horror but most are.

Final Destination 2
Texas Chainsaw sequels
Hellraiser 4-6

Can't think of any others right now.

Urban Legends 1 and 2
Ginger Snaps Trilogy?

Looks like you're forgetting a few.

If you don't owned might want to add Cannibal Holocaust 2 disc Especial Edition. Is suppose to come out this year. Is a must have for any Horror collection.

Is this ACTUALLY coming out finally? It's been in "production" for the longest time, almost longer then the Star Wars films.

If I where you C dic I would save my money, dont buy the Urban.L they are not worth your time, they are even worse then I know what you did series and screams eries

I can see why you would want the first Urban Legend, it was okay, but the second one was terrible.

I don't plan on buying them, I was just mentioning other franchises that were forgotten.

Dont get me started on the Ginger Snaps series.

Discuss away, but in the Ginger Snaps thread. Let's keep this thread on topic.

Do you own any of them so far?

This has been the best source so far:

Well that is good news. Thanks for the link, WD. Can't wait for that dvd.

Will it be sold at places like Best Buy?

So much blood and violence cant be good for the mind.This is where columbine starts.

no expression your joking right?

Glad to help BF.

I really don't know if it will. Most likely it will available online or amazon.

there i cut out the ones you dont need and that really arn't "top horror movie series"

thumb up Thats more like it.

and dont bother with the rest of the psycho movies, actually, Psycho is average too

There are four Exorcist movies. Just thought I'd remind the series collector about the prequel that was released last year. It's coming to DVD on March 1.

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