Queen mom

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Although I'm quite sure, people from the Uk already knew this, and also a few others...

The Queen Mom has passed away at age 101

The Queen Mother? As in the mother of Prince Charles? If not then it must be the mother of someone else. I'm not that good with leaders of other countries.

yes, it's the Queen Mother

The Mother of Prince Charles?

I have no idea about that to be honest, I believe she's his grandmother, actually

Oh, because if it was his mother than he'd be the King right now.

well, then she's not his mother

She is his grandmother than.

Kiwi Leia
The Queen Mother is the Mother of the late Princess Margaret and Queen Elizabeth the 2nd who is the mother of Prince Charles(future King of England), Andrew, Edward and Ann.

The Queen Mother got her name 50 years ago. WHen her husband the king died the title of Queen of England went to Elizabeth, so instead of having two Queens, she became the Queen Mother.

I think this is all right, sure the Brits on here will correct me.

Queen Mother was an awesome lady who will be greatly missed through out the world. smile

Oh, that's horrible!
I dont know anything really about the Royal family, but I do know that I liked the Queen Mom!
She was always smiling and walking around greeting people on her birthday!
That's tooo bad! sad

Yes, it's very sad, especially as she always seemed so remarkably healthy for her age.

Princess Margaret only recently died, which was very sad in itself; they say this may have fatally dis-spirited the Queen Mum.

Very harsh on the Queen, of course; losing Sister and Mother so close together.

The Queen is the last of the old guard now; there will not be a royal of her sort ever again.

She lived a long and healthy life and died peacefully in her sleep..sounds like a good way to end if you ask me...still it's sad though.

well, they showed us a small scene with her, where she was talking to the senate, I think, and all of a sudden she stopped, looked at her neighbour and said "that's my glass you're drinking off"

Now THAT is a spicey grandmother!

Also, I like the parade for her birthday (again not sure) where she refused to sit down smile

she's so tiny, she wanted everyone to see her and to know she was well. She's been everyone's grandmum, and a survivor.

Sorry, yerss, which senate?

pay that one no attention, I thought it was there, but they didn't said it on the news

I think I must say that I'm not a fan of the royal family but the Queen Mother was actually 102 years old and not 101, YERSS!
We had I one minute silence at school on tuseday but it should have been 2. The poxy bloody school cant get anything right.!

i was at home ill in bed! my mum made me wact the first bit of the funeral though!

I got it from the news

King Jedi
I'm not being rude but she looked more and more like Yoda everytime I saw her.

She was 101 Lara, her birthday is in Summer sometime.

Anyway, I think we should let this topic RIP.

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