True Lies 2-but Cameron just producing

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James Cameron's on-again off-again sequel to "True Lies" is still very much alive, Moviehole has learnt today.

Cameron is currently planning to produce it under his Lightstorm Entertainment and reimagine it more as 'a James Bond type film and not a pre terrorist action film', which after the events of September 11, Cameron decided he definitely didn't want to make.

There's no start date for the film - which will probably feature either Russians or a German Neo Nazi group as villains - but we're told that it may be Arnold Schwarzenegger's first film out of office.

James Cameron won't be directing the film, he'll only produce. No word on whether Tom Arnold or Jamie Lee Curtis are involved, but Arnold Schwarzenegger has already expressed interest apparently.

Schwarzenegger originally said he wouldn't do a Cameron-less "True Lies 2". But he also said he wouldn't do "Terminator 3" without James Cameron either and at the end of the day -money talked and the cyborg rose again.

In "True Lies", Schwarzenegger played Harry Tasker, a super-spy who hides his real job from his wife (Jamie Lee Curtis). The film made quite a nice penny worldwide and was one of the biggest flicks for Schwarzenegger in quite some time. The sequel has been on-again off-again for the best part of five years.

NO. NO GOD DAMMIT. The first true lies was good . But i suppose with the budget Cameron had for true lies. ANYONE could have made that movie into a decent film. Shit, i could have made a film about rotten apples into a masterpiece with that budget. True lies was fun and witty. It wasnt that great of a film. IT was just fun, nothing more and nothing less. No reason to elaborate ona story and point that was already expressed thoroughly

I seriously doubt this film will ever take flight. wink

yeah, but stranger and worse movies have.

The first true lies was awsome I hope they dont ruin it with bad directing.

And whats so bad about arab terrorist in movies now?

if it doesnt have jamie lee and arnold.. I dont think it'll really be true lies messed

Yes, but James has expressed his disinterest in another True Lies film in the past and Arnold is obviously too busy and couldn't do it even if he wanted to.

The first one was so funny so the new one will be well funny, well pretty much every film with Arnie in is hilarious! Except Jingle All The Way coz he could speak English quite well by this point.

Arnold told the "The Best Damn Sports Show Period" that "the script is 100% finished and in James Cameron's possession and that all he needs is James to say ok, let's do this". (Thanks to Dark Horizons)

How many sequels and prequels can they spew out? For ****'s sake get an original movie idea.

Amen. They keep bringing back classics and making sequels for them. What was the last GOOD original idea? (Apart from British gangster movies.)

Original idea's are few and far between. They always have been and always will be. this goes for literature music and all other forms of art. This doesnt mean we can not have inspiring or great movies in between original ones though, and just because somthing is original doesnt make it good.

TL2 would suck

i have a lot to say about this movie, because i loved the first one a lot. first off, i LOVE cameron, he is like seriously one of my heroes, i think he is a genius. i loved the first movie because of three main reasons..story line, cast, and directing. and as much as i want to see them all get back and do it again with cameron, it will not be the same. they are all older now, and beleive me it will make a difference on screen.....and its like it will make the first one less special if it does in fact get made, whether it sux or not! u know, and so i dont think it should be made!

Bad sequels make people think less of the originals. The problem is, when Hollywood realizes they have a good movie, they must make a sequel. As if the more money they throw into it, the better it will be.

I'm a little skeptic about this. It is possible to make a decent sequel. If Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Arnold, and Jamie Lee Curtis aren't in this, they should just forget about it.

Sequels and remakes. That is what the movie industry has turned to.

I loved true lies, even though most of the time i agree with the 'the sequels always suck' theory i have some hopes... will there b the same actors??

And it will forever be this way unless franchises like Harry Potter, Spider-Man, and Star Wars suddenly all flop and prove unsuccessful.

True Lies 2: Will never happen. wink

The best news is the original star Arnie wants to return to the role of the moonlighting super-agent Harry Tasker. It'd be Schwarzenegger's first film role since sitting in the Governor's chair.

Tom Arnold, Jamie Lee Curtis and Bill Paxton are rumoured to be returning too.
Director James Cameron said previously that he would only produce the film, but according to the trade, he's considering wearing the director's cap again. The project will be handled by Lightstorm Entertainment and is being described as "a James Bond type film and not a pre-terrorist action film."


Yeah The more I notice the more I find there are shit loads of sequels. Until today I didn't realise there was a Home alone 4.

Jackie Malfoy
I sort of liked the first one it was not one of the best movie I ever seened.AND itd does not make sence that they are making a second one but ok whatever.JM

I loved true lies. Great movie. If they make a sequel it will go straight down the steaming piehole.

not true. if cameron happens to direct again it could be fantastic. lok at what he has done with sequals, T-2 and Aliens

Is it true that there gonna make true lies 2 ?? I would be so happy to see arnie back on the big screen !! Happy Dance

James Cameron said it depended on whether Arnie was re-elected as to when the film would be made and dince he was re-elected it's doubtful that a sequel will be made.

Mr Parker
There was talk about it for a long time that there was going to be another true lies sequal but they never got around to it.If they did make another one,Arnie would have to hit the training room again because unlike stallone he has stopped training and it shows in his body now.

Your forgetting they are both over 50 years old

Sly is actually into the 60's (he is 60) arny is 1 year behind.

Quiero Mota
Originally posted by coolmovies
Is it true that there gonna make true lies 2 ?? I would be so happy to see arnie back on the big screen !! Happy Dance

That would be cool. True Lies was one of the better Action flicks of the 90's.

It was a nice mixture of 80's Hard Action and 90's Covert Ops movies.

Cameron needs to direct it. He hasn't directed a movie for ages.

Already a thread like this.

Go here.

The movie True Lies 1 ( 1994) was a remake from French movie "la Totale" (1991) a production of Claude Zidi. That was a very bad movie!
Thank you Mr James Cameron for this marvellous version!
You are best one!

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