Queen of the Damned - Carry On #1

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Author's Commentary/Important Notice

Hey Everyone,

This thread is the first Queen of the Damned Carry On Story that I've posted at KMC and I would like fellow writers and The Vampire Chronicles fans to join me in getting this project off the ground. If you are interested in joining, please feel free to pm me and once I get enough members, we can figure out the order of turns and so forth. As for any other rules, I'm not quite sure. If anyone can think of some, that would be great because I can't come up with any at the moment.

Also, to let everyone know, that this story takes place sometime after Queen of the Damned, movie or book, whatever your perference is or whatever we may decide to take it. Louis Pointe du Lac will be a major character in the story, so in a way, it's a post-sequel/crossover from Interview with the Vampire as well. I guess. I always wanted to do another VC Carry On story and have Louis and Lestat meet up again in the present time. For the time being, I would perfer to tell the story from third person limited or omniscent. I was going to start it off from Louis' point of view and then when we get to Lestat, we can flop the perspective to his. Maybe, later, but that can't be for sure. So, well, let me know what you guys think and pm me! Enjoy!

See You Around & Please Join,

Sodapop Allerdyce

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Queen of the Damned ~ Carry On Story #1

A fairly young man of a pale complexion, with long golden blonde hair that cascaded past his shoulders, sat at ease upon the couch in front of the television in this small local coffee shop. There was a small, ivory mug perched upon the low table before him, untouched and going unnoticed by the vampire. His golden-emerald eyes were more interested in what was being shown upon the big plasma screen, than something warm that would give him a sugar rush. He held a small frown upon his fair features for a familiar face that he hadn't seen in decades, had appeared upon the screen.

There was harsh, loud waves of gothic styled rock music blaring from the nearby speakers. A rough, scratchy voice could be heard over the noise singing his immortal soul out about pain and lonliness that he once knew all too well. The images flashing across the screen were in black and white, fitting indeed, considering who was singing this dark ballad. He was most obviously the frontman of The Vampire Lestat. Louis could easily recognize those long, wavy, brown locks and sharp features that just screamed of his arrogant nature. Although his frown was still a constant at this somewhat disgusting sight, the younger vampire found it amusing that his maker had become this infamous rockstar. Louis did have prior knowledge that Lestat had a thing for the music world and desiring other's attention, but never, in centuries, would he have suspected this profession for him.

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