whos the most ****** up slasher?

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Im gonna go with leatherface hes a cannibalistic hillbilly that weres a mask of human skin and has gender issues

mhmm... leatherface is the most f***ed up in the head, pinhead or freddy like hurting people though...

Yeah but pinhead from hell so It kinda figures he be sadistic letherface is a human being that gets kick outta hanging people on meat hooks

Pinhead, he gets pleasure out of ripping people apart with hooks.

Yeah those deaths were pretty nasty

I'd say Pinhead. But it's expected of him.

Pinhead isn't a slasher. Besides, he never killed anyone as far as I know. People open the puzzlebox, let the cenobytes out, and their own greed and curiosity is what kills them.

true true! yeah the obvious desicion is Leatherface.

I would have to say Pinhead.

the most ****** up slasher is Jason, i mean, how ****** is it that he comes back to life after being killed, its just ****** up.

Okay, if Pinhead isn't considered a slasher, then I'll go with Leatherface.

Freddy definitley. His only flaw was staying in the dreams even has the children were awakening.

Id say norman bates in psycho, because people like him actually exisist and the whole mother complex is ace, you know keeping her in the basement, dressing up ,speaking in her voice brillaint. especially for the time it was made

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ok seriosuly the most ****** up would have to be leatherface...he kills people, scrapes the skin off them, and uses every body part whether its eating them, decorating his house with them, or simply wearing them to satisty his gender issues..and keep in mind that this really did happen which makes it even more ****** up than all the others...

There all pretty ****** up if you ask me.

The Jigsaw killer

Hmm...the Wal-Mart smilie! He just totally slashes all those prices like it's nothing and STILL has a smile on his face! scared


God, I wish I could take credit for that one!

yeah scared

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