Rush Hour 3

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So whatda we know?

its gonna be filmed in France where both the main characters will be "fish out of water"

When is it going to come out?

Hopefully later this year

Great! I can't wait! These are some of my favorite movies ever! eek!

It should take place in New York because at the end of Rush Hour 2, Jackie says "I always wanted to go to Madison Square Gardens" so therefore, it should be set, or starting in New York, just like the second one started in China when they said they were going to China at the end of part one.

love these movies.... cant wait...

me either! anybody got a link to some info?

I hope a plane crashes on everyone involved with this film during shooting.

When is it going to come out?

sry my net was being funky

I like the 2nd one better than the 1 st Rush hour

awesome...the 2nd one was the funny

yay for rush hour~.. I love em both big grin

Awesome! Chris Tucker is so funny. Jackie is the man!!

These are some of my forever favorites. Pure classics. big grin

Cinemaddiction Tucker..must..find..more work!


lol.Chris usually annoys me but I actually liked him in these films.

I doubt the second will be out this year though.

IMDB says 2006.

its the 3rd and they have only announced a filming location so it wont be out this year

heres the article about it

Lol Chris was da bomb in money talks

The movie is scheduled to start filming in June of this year for an official summer of '06 release. All of the three major players associated with this series, Ratner, Chan, and Tucker are all confirmed to be returning for this film. It was supposed to have started filming in January but got postponed due to some rumored injury suffered by Tucker. There were also some previous contractual obligations that needed to be cleared up with Jackie.

Personally, I can't wait until it's released. I loved the first two, they were both equally funny to me and I'm hoping this film will rock and continue the strong legacy.

New Line has actually authorized two more releases and there considering filming part 3 and 4 back to back this time, maybe that's why the budget this time around is so huge as compared to the other two previous ones.

Could be great, but have a fealing it's going to suck.

Atomic Rico
Me too, I just have this weird feeling this is gonna be one of the worst films of all time


Anybody got some new news on this, I think I heard Tucker finally officially signed and they're scheduled to start shooting in the fall for a summer of '07 release. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

Either Chris Tucker is retarded or he's a genius. What was the last film he did RUSH HOUR 2?

See what I mean?

.:Space Opera:.
i think that its about time for 'balls to the wall" to start happening with this since brett ratner is done directing xmen 3. its funny how he goes from such a high budget block buster to a sequel to a franchise that barely hung on at all.

good thing its about time they made another one is Brett Ratner coming back or is he going to do X4 if its made i really hope he does this and lets Bryan Singer do X4 because Singer is the god of X men

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