EB or Gamestop

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I perfer EB Games and EBX but I go to Ebx more.How bout you guys

In Canada, we only have EB and aside from non-franchised game stores, thats the only place you can get a decent selection of games.

arent these all owned by the same company?.. at least Ebx and electronics boutique is.. (aka eb-games)

Yea EB games and EBX are from the same Company but there still different stores.

I like Gamestop more than EB.

Usually have more games around where I live...

I usually go to gamestop if I can, seeing as there's one about 3 minutes from my house.

If that one doesn't have what I'm looking for that I'll just go to whatever store has the game I want. I don't have a favorite.

EBX? What's that stand for? Never heard of it messed

Gamestop is way closer to me than EB, but I don't see any difference in selection. Gamestop, however, has stopped carrying SNES games. Bah. Not sure about EB, haven't been there in awhile.

Well I dont have a choice.

don't have them here.... might have gamestop, actually confused

EB Games is pretty cool. You usually find them in malls. Gamestop is where I normaly go to reserve my games. I even have a Value Card. I like Gamestop a lot more.

Phoenix Aska
I prefer gamecrazy since I'm gonna go work there next year...

that and the fact that b games and gamestop put their crappy stickers on their games and give you crap for trade-ins...but then again I almost never trade stuff in...

i like eb games. no other game stores around here that has a lot of games except EB games...

it dont matter to me ... cause at the mall of america ... there is an Eb Games and a Gamespot .. well 2 gamespots ... ebx closed a long time ago ...

i would have to say eb games because where i live the eb employees really know what they're talking about and thats the one place where you can be a video game "geek" as some people would put it cause when i go to school and say hey did you guys hear about this game people are always saying that im geeky soo

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