Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Movie?

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i'm a great fan of buffy the vampire slayer, does anyone know anything of a new movie coming out????? confused
i only hear rumors here and there


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haven't heard anything about that though, but perhaps others can help you out smile

I doubt that there will be a Buffy movie since the show is over

Am I correct that Buffy died?

yeah but she revived right?? confused she has dies like a million times lol laughing out loud

will 'dawn' and 'willow' b in the movie?? they were the kewlest characters!!

Wow, here's a blast from the past! I carried that nickname for a whole year! I have to admit, I loved it! But another Buffy movie? I stopped watching the show after they left High School, since it just went haywire after that!

Personally, I think they should leave it the way it is!

Wasnt that like several years ago

What, when they went to college? Yep! Sunnydale High was left behind, and so I left it behind!

I haven't heard anything about a Buffy movie.

The Buffy movie was done before the TV series in 1992 but it has Kirsty Swanson as Buffy and it was not very good, especially compared to the series.

We know that! Yeah, I didn't really like it! They're talking about a NEW Buffy movie, with SMG probably! Haven't heard anything, but these people say so!

Yeah I knew about the original Buffy movie, I was on about the one they wanted to do from the series.

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oh god. If that happens... oh god.
Neah, they should leave it in peace. But if it happens and David Boreanaz is in it. I won't be complaining.

they should make an Angel movie yes

I can't see that they could do another film of buffy, they've pretty much covered everything in all the series, what could they do differently? Kill her, no wait they did that already! Resurrect her, hmmmm again done already! How about Kill Angel or Spike? Make Willow are dark witch?

You get my drift - How could they effectively move it on to make another movie.

I guess they could do an Angel or Spike movie from the early years but I cannot see a Buffy one being done.

I have not heard anything of it, it's likeyl far-off in the future, else I'd know

There should be a buffy movie because angel has finished aswell so to finish it all of by a movie i think big grin

ermm...but there was a movie already blink i'm sure about it..
from early 90's...

*goes to check*
it was before the series was made.

the original movie sucked but i loved the tv show and the angel series and my only idea for a good movie would be a continuation from the finale of angel where they reunite the casts for one final battle against the senior partners

Ummm... there was already a Buffy movie.... It came before the show.

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