The 2004 Razzies

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Here are the nominees (listed by movies) for the worst in cinema for 2004, and I think they're pretty good choices, especially Catwoman:


CATWOMAN = 7 (Picture, Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Couple, Director, Screenplay)

ALEXANDER = 6 (Picture, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, Director, Screenplay)

WHITE CHICKS = 5 (Picture, Actress, Director, Couple, Screenplay)

FAHRENHEIT 9/11 = 5 (Actor, Couple, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress 2x)

SUPERBABIES = 4 (Picture, Supporting Actor, Director, Screenplay)

SURVIVING CHRISTMAS = 3 (Picture, Actor, Screenplay)

JERSEY GIRL = 3 (Actor, Supporting Actress, Couple)

AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAZE = 2 (Supporting Actor, Remake or Sequel)

EXORCIST 4: THE BEGNINNING = 2 (Director, Remake or Sequel)

NEW YORK MINUTE = 2 (Actress, Couple)

STARSKY & HUTCH = 2 (Actor, Supporting Actress)

Catwoman has my nomination in every subject. Seriously, I was dragged along to see that piece of ****.

White Chicks and Catwoman deserve everything.

I thought exorcist deserved more razzies.. but thats cuz I havent seen catwoman lol

Dr. Strangelove
Don't count out Superbabies, it's my sleeper pick.

I was pushing pretty hard for Hildago, but apparantly the Association didn't listen to me. I'll take Alexander, though.

I'm suprised STARSKY & HUTCH got on the list, it was mildly entertaining, and it's kinda odd to nominate actors when they were supposed to be acting "campy".

Other than that Catwoman and Alexander should walk away with this competition.

Jackie Malfoy
Catwoman deserves an award for being the worst movie ever.Then "White Chicks"JM

Mr Parker
spider-man two gives it a run for its money.I know you agree with me on that.

Nobody respond to the last post, if you do, the thread's getting shut down. Call it preventitive maintenance, lol.

No Van Helsing? I lost my faith on the Razzies.

Van Helsing maybe have been a stupid movie, but it wasn't horrible

lol, Nice call. I was about to start an argument.

Van Helsing was very stupid, but not on the level of Catwoman. And Spider-Man 2, with all it's faults, is lightyears ahead of those other movies.

Yeah, I think Van Helsing has been bash enought already. That atrocitie of Catwoman with Halle Berry shall forever be comdemn.

catwoman thnk godthats on there

Personally I hate the spiderman movies too, but I ve heard catwoman is really bad, most superheor movies are bad except for Hellboy and maybe daredevil, x-men , the hulk and all that crowd reek of shi#te ninja

Van Helsing did get 1:
Kate Beckinsale (Van Helsing)

The Whole Ten Yards better get worse sequel.

i wouldnt dream of seeing White Chicks

I actually liked Jersey Girl in_love

I heard the first half is pretty good but then it gets mushy (kind of like Chasing Amy).

The accent sucked, but other than that, she was good...

Spider-Man 2 is a good film. I guess people are entitled to there own opinion. I also love these superhero movies Hellboy, Daredevil: Directors Cut, X-men 1 & 2,Superman 1 & 2,Batman 1-3,The Shadow, Constantine looks pretty damn good, Blade 1 & 2,Batman:The Movie (1966),Men In Black 1 & 2,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1),& Barbarella.

There could've been more but I can't remember the rest I saw.

You're literally one of the few people that has mentioned MIB as being a comic book movie. Thank you VERY much.

You're Welcome.

Now I want to see Van Helsing just to see how bad it is!!!

Worse accent is a separate category. I'm glad Brad Pitt got nominated for his bad accent in Troy.

wht bout angelina jolie's accent in alexander.. tht alone didnt make me wanna c the movie

Van Helsing is awful. I can't imagine anything being worse than that. Such a pity too cuz i loved the Mummy films.

someone should be murdered for super babies. Bruckhiemer should be banned from filmaking for national treasure. Out of those two, i would say the entire razzie catagory should go to both as a tie. Catwoman was bad, but it was a comic adaptation about a character that never even had an independant comic, atleast not very long. what did everyone expect? White chiks was terrible, but not as bad as the other comedies in the 99 cent barrel of failed comedies. the premise was one that was bound to be done to. there is no exscuse for superbabies and national treasure though, none what so ever.

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