"Adult" Movies - Yes or No?

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I was curious, there seems to be a somewhat strong resurgence of "adult" films as of late, and no, I don't mean XXX or skin flicks.

"Door in the Floor", "The Human Stain", "Closer", "Dogville", "We Don't Live Here Anymore" and "Birth".

Can you guys, mostly people between the ages of 16-24, actually get into these, or do you do as I usually do and just glance them over at the rental store? I just don't care to see peoples marital infidelity, impotence, and other issues, played out in a film.

What say you?

I could get into them.

I can get into them - but im 25

but they always ask for my ID - and then the person at the ticket counter always says "you look young"

i think? that makes my day??

I agree Cory. I don't watch films to see people's problems. There are enough problems in real life for me not to have to go watch other people's that most of the time are fictional stories anyways. I'm very picky when it comes to Dramas.

Oh and Riley, I don't think that's what he was talking about. wink

i can get into em (i'm 21), in fact i just finished watching closer (but not in the cinema), it amazes me that people will watch these movies, if they can make these then that means anyone who'd had a shit life can write a screenplay and make millions...

I never saw anyof the films yet but I don't plan to see birth b/c I read about a scene were Nicole Kidman takes a bath with a kid

Poor kid. sad

laughing out loud

I actually saw Dogville and Door In The Floor, and they were horrible. But I'll look into Closer, I've heard it was good. Besides, I'm a Natalie Portman fan.

I'd give them a try. Though I didn't hear anything good about The Human Stain.

im 20 and i can for some.. i really enjoyed closer a lot.. it reflects relationships of any ages

the title on this threads misleading sad

i wasted my time and got my hopes up

You have to have the right mindset to watch them. Say, Wednesday nights with a lot of time on your hands. Then, you might be surprised that they're actually good (sometimes).

Jackie Malfoy
I say they are pointless and stupid.Beside watching that stuff there are other ways of enjoying one self.JM

Sometimes what you say really makes me shake my head Jackie. A well written, well acted, and well shot movie is a good movie no matter what the subject. That being said, perhaps you don't enjoy movies with more complex or mature story lines or themes because you have not matured to the point to which you can understand them.

These movies aren't just about "marital infidelity, impotence, and other issues", they are also about how people handle (or don't handle) these issues.

I'm in my 20's, I do like to watch the kind of films that are mentioned above that you call 'adult' films.

Dogville is worth the watch, taking back to Dogme inspired/experimental film feel, all shot on a stage. Interesting to watch at least once.

I watch anything I can get my hands on.

LOL! Sometimes the obvious is still funny when pointed out.

I thought that was obvious?

They are "adult" themed, that's why I referred to them as such, and it's a VERY acquired taste to enjoy 3 HOURS of "Dogville". I pointed out the irony once before in the fact that it's "art" with nothing to look at. It's commendable that its character driven, but the story is just so blaise, that I couldn't care less for anyone involved.

The "payoff", after 2 hours and 55 minutes of wondering what's going to happen was pathetic and insulting.

Yes I know why they are 'adult' films.

If you'd refer to them as the same, why quote it, is what I am getting at? They deal with adult themes and situations, I didn't think it was uncommon to refer to them as that, and we're obviously in agreement?

I dont like em.. I watch movies to have an hour or so of escape from reality.. not so I can listen to real-world problems

I dont any dramas

I just did it because it's obvious to me that they are adult themed, I don't call them adult films when talking to people about them.

thankyou often movies are still very well done and very good movies but that doesnt mean they are for everyone and not everyone will find them to be enjoyable but they can still be good quality movies

The ' ' is just a habit, trivial.

Some of them I can get into, but just like any type of film, if they're shitty then I won't get into them. If the film gets me into the characters enough to where I care about their marital problems, then I'll watch it.

I think a good adult drama is a great thing sometimes.

Understood, just thought it was in spite. No worries. happy

Porn films?

They show them at cinemas? Why bother when you can download them. Saves money, no age restrictions, and you can jack off without having to worry about being in the cinema.

I say hell yeah!

"Understood, just thought it was in spite. No worries."

Oh no no, not in spite lol, sorry if you thought that.

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Damn it Cinemaddiction! You peaked my interest with this thread! mad
stick out tongue roll eyes (sarcastic)

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