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I hear there's a way to get limewire pro for free. I was talking to someone about limewire and he asked me if i had pro. I told him no and told him i didn't want to pay for it. He tells me that he got it without paying. He said "just download it". I don't understand how. By the way, just incase it matters, I do have a mac computer. Any help please?

if it requires you to pay it would require illegeal measures to get it free and youd need to get a crack for the serial

my friend has limewire pro - and it only cost about $18 for a one year membership

i mean $18 for 1 yr isnt bad at all

I should find a Pro crack, since it asks me every single flippin' time if I want an upgrade, then switches the options around, in hopes they'll trick you into clicking "yes".

I wonder If you could DL limewire pro off of regualr Limewire...
That would be funny

Silver Stardust
...haha, that would be great....

EDIT: Just for kicks, I searched LimeWire for LimeWire Pro...and results for it came up!!! laughing


Just goto My mate got kazaa gold from that for free.

thumbdown Limewire and pro suck so does kazaa, full of spyware, virus and god knows what else!

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ive got limewire and i scanned it and its not full of bugs or anything. i downloaded it fully and so far ive downloaded: 100 tv episodes (mostly simpsons), 2 full movies, 24 pieces of music (full),25 images, 20 programs and 25 serial numbers for programs so i can get them full for free!!!


1) Pro doesn't REALLY have any advantages over normal, it's definitely not worth paying for. stick out tongue
2) Don't talk about downloading illegal stuff on the boards, it could get someone (maybe even Raz...) in trouble erm
3) Scamming companies is bad.... and a topic for PM's wink

Just remember this, and we're all sweet happy

Personally i've tried most P2P applications, all i have mange to find from limewire are fakes, virus's, and trojans, maybe the odd real working file. I would NOT recommend it at all.
Im not going to list all the stuff i've download. All i will say is i have many folders of "real" copies wink

2)I cant see the harm in talking about the software, as long as there are NO links to the software. (Correct me if im wrong) ninja

3) Comapnies should learn to lower prices! Instead they over price there rubbish, and expect me to buy it. (Another place for that rant!)

Hey, I'm just saying I don't recommend members say "Oh yeah, I downloaded this game off LimeWire..." it's advertising illegalness, but I'll discuss it with Raz to make sure happy

Of course you can get Pro for free but not legally.

dave123 i can see what your saying maybe it should be locked.

At the moment, I think it's fine happy

But like... just warning everyone to keep it legal wink

whats the diff between regular and pro?

Not much difference:
-Better search results
-Turbo-charged download speeds
-Connect to more sources
-Guaranteed no ads or nagware
-Special PRO only skin
-Personalized support via email

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