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Malevolence Website

Just curious if you guys have heard anything about it? I was reading some reviews, saw some production stills and a trailer on the site, and it actually looks pretty spooky.

I found a place near me that's screening it, so I figured I'll give it a gander.

I'm sure most know about this movie by now. Any1 get a chance to check out the dvd? What did u think? I liked the extra features: can't get those in the movies. I heard it's part of a trilogy. More movies should keep the entire new cast theme going.

how was the movie oevrall???

Originally posted by FrankWhite69
how was the movie oevrall???

i rented it a few days ago. i thought it was quite good, it had alot of suspense and surprises. i also liked how it was similar to older slashers like tcm and halloween...if ur a horror fan frank...you should watch itwink

haven't checked it out yet.

I saw it today and thought it was miserable. Firstly, the title of the film makes no sense, just used because it sounds Horror-ish. "Malevolence", for those of you that don't know, just means to wish people were dead.

The movie itself was pretty well paced, the dialogue was pretty tight, and not hokey like so many low budget Horrors. However, the actual storyline was way out of whack.The introduction of the characters and their subsequent intermingling ties in real nicely, thing is, then it evolves into TCM all over again. The director, in the extras, said it was supposed to be a character study of weirther we're born serial killers, or can we be made such by society. It didn't hit on that premise at all, until the very end, which I might add was tied up very sloppily, to intersect with the opening of the film.

"Malevolence" could best be described as Michael Myers stealing Jason's sack mask, taking up a home in the outskirts of Texas (Chainsaw Massacre), and slashing away, while his victims try to escape.

Just another deriviative, B Horror movie that tried to get back to its roots, and be socially aware at the same time, just failing.

Darth Vicious
I was just reading about this movie and its supposed to be the 2nd one in a trilogy. I read a few reviews and some were good and some were real bad.My local video store doesnt carry it, so I guess Ill probably download it. Were the other 2 parts ever made?

I just watched every clip and the trailer...looks interesting enough...'cept for the sack over the head.

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