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No "Casablanca" thread before now? For shame, people! No appreciation for the greats, I suppose.

Anyway, I took this one in this evening and I must say that I enjoyed it. I never find myself being too critical of the classics because when compared to today's fare, they are, for the most part, so flawless in their execution and delivery that there's little room for error. Especially starring screen legends like Humphrey Bogart, whom I am developing an appreciation for.

For those not familiar with the movie, "Casablanca" is a desert like place, home to many an American refugee. Among them is Rick Blaine, a loose cannon who runs a popular cafe/night spot in town. He just so happens to be in posession of two highly sought after letters of transit. Two tickets from perilous exile to sweet freedom. Rick's old flame, Isla, shows up in Casablanca with her love, Czech underground leader, Lazslo. As hard an egg to crack as Richard may be, will he crumble under Isla's spell, knowing he's holding the cards, or will he dash on her as she did to him one rainy night in Paris.

I haven't seen many movies that have portrayed the real meaning of intrigue and suspense as "Casablanca" did. Bogart's character was stone faced, never budging, except around Isla. He know he could help Isla, and the man whom he admired, but knowing Rick and his demeanor, the guesswork was neverending, and so effective. In the meantime, there was a harrowing love story interwoven, which was not so much sappy as it was "what could have been", testing the limits of a man whos loved and lost.

The ending was superb, totally unpredictable, and so out of the ordinary for the cliche romantic film. But, for those who have seen it, we all know that Bogie did the right thing.

Dr. Strangelove
Great movie. It is pretty amazing how many quotes have been taken from Casablanca.

Havent seen it embarrasment

Jackie Malfoy
"Play it again sam!"I seened parts of it but not the whole thing I like it through it was pretty good!JM

Which was never spoken in the film. The lines were as follows:

"Play it, Sam. Play "As Time Goes By" - Isla

"Play it Sam. You play it for her and now you'll play it for me. If she can stand it I can." - Rick

it is one of the most sad movies i've ever seen cry

Ou Be Low hoo
"Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine."

^ Booger says it best...

A movie that is so rich in quotable dialogue, that the actual achievments of the film itself are occasionally forgotten...

Classic stuff.

Ou Be Low hoo
I bet you were just waiting for someone to say that!

It was inevitable. My loins were moist with anticipation.

Well I saw when I was a little kid because my step-father is a huge Bogart fan. Hasnt Bogart been labelled as one of the best actor's of 1900's ? Because I remember the African Queen which I felt was a great movie.

Great film with the delectable Ingrid Bergman, and Bogart is definately one of the coolest cookies in the cookie Jar

God I have seen Casablanca about a MILLION ZILLION times, and I love it more every time. It's great when you get to the point where you know all the lines, every camera angle, every outfit Ingrid wears, etc...

Also, try anothe Bogart Bacall classic, "To Have and Have Not", that's just as great, and they fell in love during the film!!!

Very good movie. I actually just watched it a couple of years ago for my first time. It was amazing how many lines I knew from 'Casablanca' without having seen it before.

This movie is good a little overrated just like Gone with the Wind. But is worth watching.

Ou Be Low hoo
Both Gone with the Wind and Casablanca need to be appreciated in the context of when they were made. Both of them were unique for their time and many subsequent films have drawn hugely from their influence.

From a historic film industry perspective I say yes is a great influence. Storyline and characters maybe not.

Ou Be Low hoo
I guess there's no accounting for taste.

If you like the characters and the storyline then that's your taste. If you don't then I guess you just don't and move onto something else.

Casablanca and gone with the wind overrated??? Please, both are two of the best movies in cinema story, the script the direction and the acting are unbeatable. And about characters, could be better characters than Scarlett O'Hara, Reth Butler, Rick or Ilsa? Please, give me a break.

I think that they could have spent a little more money on the special effects area. Not enough explosions.

stick out tongue Just Kidding!!

I saw it for the first time just a couple of years ago, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The classics are refreshing for having to actually rely on Story and Dialogue and Acting, as opposed to Eye Candy and Noise.

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