Clay Pigeons (Underappreciated Movies)

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BLOODY MALLORY- I keep recommending this movie to folks, but nobody checks it out. That's okay. It's not the easiest movie to find. It's a fun one and very colourful. Sometimes, things make no sense in it, and also about 3 scenes look like they've had something edited out for some reason, like they're unfinished. I normally can't stand transvestite characters, but the one in this movie was tolerable, no problem. Good soundtrack, too. The action scenes are well done and the movie is like a comic-book come to life. I like it a lot, but it's probably too campy for most folks. Check it out if you can find it, though.

RETROACTIVE- It's not a new movie, but it's a really cool one, and has become one of my top 30 favourite movies of all time. Doesn't have an explosive ending, but all that leads up to the ending is very entertaining. It keeps you interested until the end. It's never boring. If you like movies with the "What if I could go back and change things, hopefully for the better?" theme, and you want some great action with it, check this movie out, definitely.

NICK OF TIME- Again, not a new movie, but I just now saw it and loved it. If you like good thrillers that aren't boring, check it out. It only has one problem, which is a sequence about in the middle of the movie that makes no sense at all. The story/suspense starts within 5 minutes of the movie starting, so you don't have time to get bored.

DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND- If you like to watch documentaries once in a while, this one is a good one. It's about something I'd never heard about called "Rumspringa" a time in an Amish teens life (age 16) when they get to leave the Amish community and experience the outside world, and decide if they want to join it or return to Amish life for good. It's really interesting to watch, though they spend too much time on one kid named Faron instead of evenly distributing the interviews and adventures of all the kids in the documentary. It's really interesting, whether you have a curiosity about the Amish or whether you just want to see "sheltered" kids run wild. Obviously, someone saw this documentary and decided to pitch the t.v. show idea "Amish in the City".

VISITORS- Probably not a movie that horror fans will like, but it's really good if you like a drama once in a while. It does have mild horror elements to it, and it's also a setting that's not used too often in any movie. I think this is what would be classified as a pyschological horror, but I'm not sure. The acting is really good, especially the lead, played by Radha Mitchell, who has been super in the few movies I've seen her in. Anyway, "Visitors" is about a woman sailing around the globe and during the last days of it she's gotta deal with cabin fever, guilt and her fears such as her mom, a possibly cheating fiancee, a pirate barge in the area and arachniphobia, all of which visit her on the ship at different times. Reality and mentality are mingled and confused in this movie that never gets boring, for a movie with hardly any action. Check it out if you need to get away from the usual dose of pure horror everyday. Also you must check out another movie starring Radha, "WHEN STRANGERS APPEAR" which is more of a straightforward suspense tale.

"PROM NIGHT 3/PROM NIGHT 4" DVD double feature. I liked part 1 and 2 a lot (part 2 is my favourite), but 3 and 4 are hardly worth renting. The gal that plays Mary Lou in part 3 is pretty and all, but the movie is just so dumb. I had no idea they wanted to make the 3rd movie a comedy. There is one good brief scene of a football that turns into a giant screw after its been thrown to a guy, but that's the only decent scene in the movie. Really dumb. For some reason, it's been heavily edited, too, even though it's the DVD release (though one gore scene is left in, for some reason, despite all the other edits). It's like it's been edited down to a PG-13 rating for some reason. The violent scenes are so badly edited down, a scene doesn't even finish in a decent "television edit" way, plus the cussing in the movie has been dubbed. I don't know what's up with the folks that released it. Part 4 has nothing to do with Mary Lou (from parts 2 and 3) nor does it have anything to do with the first movie (except that when some teens are getting drunk, one asks who or what they should toast to, and one of 'em says "Jamie Lee Curtis". The movie is REALLY boring, until about the last 10 minutes and it gets pretty good at that point (well, between decent and pretty good), but it's just not worth it. Stay away!

MANIACTS- Except for a sort of disappointing ending, this was a nice surprise. Not violent or harrowing, but great acting and sporadic insanity make this film shine bright. Kellie Waymire is absolutely irresistible in her unstable role (I was sad to find out that she died last year) and Jeff Fahey underplays his role well, which is a very good contrast to Kellie's. This movie has that strange, in-between-low-budget-and-medium-budget look to it that few movies have nowadays and a goofy atmosphere that is dark at the same time, kind of like the weird feel that the "Freeway" movies have. There's not much violence in the movie, but when there is, it's over-the-top, though brief: a woman gets her head split open by a super high-pressure firehose and a warden gets impaled with an 8 foot flagpole through a window just to name a couple of moments. If you like "Bonnie & Clyde" or "Natural Born Killer" type of movies, perhaps you'll like this one.

THE GIRL WITH THE HUNGRY EYES- I couldn't understand the story of this movie well at all and it is quite sluggish in places, but it does have a gorgeous yet eerie lady to gawk at in the main character of Louise, a vampire who is possessed by some guy who is obsessed with her finding a key and some legal papers to a building, for some reason. The opening sequence shows that something that occured in the 1930's have something to do with it, but, as I said, I couldn't figure out this movie's storyline. Gorgeous, yet at times unalluring, Kristina Fulton does a decent job of delivering her lines, but she's the kind of actress that probably would have excelled in the silent era of films, because she's much more convincing and creepy and believable when she's using her eyes, facial expressions and body language to convey her character's intentions. The movie has a couple of good cinematic angles and perspectives, but overall it's only decent. It is moody and has a nice foreign look to it, though, if you're looking for that in a movie.

LEARNING CURVE- a really great cult flick that's not considered a cult flick yet. I'd never heard of this movie anywhere; I only found out about it because I saw a trailer for it when I rented "Maniacts". The adult characters are well-portrayed and some of the students are, too, but not all of them. I guess this would be considered a suspense movie, though nobody is being chased or sought after, really, but I was always, constantly wanting to know what would happen next and I was never bored, even though the movie doesn't move very fast; it didn't matter though.
The movie does have 3 problems, though:
1) the reason for not being allowed to use the schoolbooks to teach the students was unbelievable and stupid (what school in the U.S. would ever consider anything a church group had to say?),
2) some bad casting/acting problems. The girl who was the "tease"/ "hot chick" just wasn't convincing and didn't have the looks to back up her character. The "bullies" and the "ultimate rebel" just weren't convincing enough at all times, plus the school looked too clean for a place that had been denied so much and was supposed to be in total despair.
3) For some reason, the first third of the movie was made to be comedic here and there; it just didn't work.
I loved the movie, despite those problems though.

THE HIGHWAYMEN- I was happy to see this movie, finally, but sad that it never got a theatrical release. Oh well. I first heard about the movie because I've been a Rhona Mitra fan ever since her early days as the very first Lara Croft model back in 1995. She's been gradually forming an acting career since then and she's very good and always improving. Anyway, I recommend the movie to pretty much anyone. The guy that directed "The Hitcher" directed this movie and they both have the same lonely, victim-esque atmosphere, except that the male and female leads are together for a short while and therefore have someone to be comforted by. Acting is super. Stunts are well done. Suspense very well done. You're lead to believe the villain is almost a type of superbeing or a robot for a while, which was a nice surprise since there's never any hint of that in the trailer (well, in the trailer I saw last year for the movie anyway). I went into this movie with high hopes and I wasn't disappointed. I think that anyone expecting some sort of "Fast & the Furious", "Deathrace 2000" and "Friday the 13th" hybrid movie might be disappointed, though. Oh, it has a really good/appropriate soundtrack, too.

DARK ASYLUM- This was a really nice surprise. I didn't expect to like it much, but rented it anyway, because the description did sound
promising. I wasn't disappointed at all. It's simply about a killer called "The Trasher" getting caught, sent to a hospital and then trying to escape the place, which has just been locked down electronically. A psychologist/profiler and a likeable custodian are also trying to escape without getting killed by the killer. This movie has very good pacing, good acting, appropriate lighting, a few good "survival skill"/"trap-making" scenes, and a menacing ambience amongst its 90+ minutes. With the exception of the opening scene, which is well-done and has a cool "under the sewer" lair sequence, the rest of the movie is pretty much a long chase inside the hospital, but it's not tedious. A good rent if you'd like a suspense movie that's a wee bit more violent than the usual humdrum straight-to-video suspense films that are usually just filled with vocal suspense.

KING OF THE ANTS- What a strange movie. This film really stays in your mind long after watching it. The good guy is hard to root for since he's also a killer who doesn't seem remorseful. While it's not the kind of movie I was expecting to see (the director Stuart Gordon usually makes monster movies) I still enjoyed it though I feel guilty saying so due to it's nasty and gruesome atmosphere. I liked seeing George Wendt playing a bad guy; he's good at it. Almost the whole film was shot hand-held. The acting is superb, except for the main actor's line deliveries at the end of the movie. Although it's not a horror movie, lots of horrific stuff occurs, and the hallucination scenes are very wicked. Also, it's one of those few movies where things don't happen that I expect to happen. While watching this movie, I was reminded of another movie, but now I can't think of which one, which really bugs me, because I remember that I had a lot to say about the comparisons. I should have written this review last night before I fell asleep. The main thing about this film is just how strange it is: the way the story's written and the way events occur. Although some aspects have been changed from the original story (it was a novel first), the changes were not overdone in order to make it ridiculous or typical Hollywood formula. It's just an odd story about a guy who made a mistake and paid dearly for it, and from then on it's a revenge tale. Not an epic story, but it has that composition to it that makes you think it could have actually been based on a true story. Check it out, but be prepared to be grossed out at least three times in ways you've probably never been before.VISITORS

THE LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA- if you are a fan of badly-written sci-fi b-movies of the late 50'/early 60's and want to see an homage and a dedicated imitation at the same time, check it out. This is so well-done, but you MUST be a fan of such films to really appreciate it; otherwise, it may seem idiotic. Despite how it may seem to some folks, it's a very clever script and portrayal. I'm gonna buy it soon for myself.

Innocent Blood - One of the best and funniest vampire movies no one remembers. Directed by John Landis (American Werewolf in London) and starring the chick from Le Femme Nikita.

Spies Like Us - Another Landis gem that's been lost in the backlash against Chevy Chase. The speed of the film and timing of the jokes is reminiscent of Trading Places and at times just as funny, if not funnier.

Check out cameos by Frank Oz (Yoda) in both these flicks. wink

Mr Zero
was almost called "A French Vampire in New York"

I used to be a huge fan of "Spies Like Us" back when it came out and about 4 years afterward, too. I bought the soundtrack. I went to see the movie in the theatre about 7 times, and I also got interested in learning Russian language, too. I still don't know why I like that silly movie so much. The one thing I never could find or get my hands on was the song "Spies Like Us" that plays at the end of the movie. I loved that song, too.

Garfield sucks

Mr Zero
your just not getting the tone of the thread are you?

poor lamb.

STUFF STEPHANIE IN THE INCINERATOR- I don't know what to say about this movie, because the story/idea was pretty good, but the bad acting, weird cinematography (not in a good way, either), and outdated-looking characters (even for 1989, when it was made) made it a chore to sit through. The reviews I'd read of it made it sound really cool and clever, but it didn't quite live up to those reviews;however, at times, it was very smart. I can't say it doesn't have its surprises, because it has many. I guess I just have mixed reviews about it. No nudity, cussing or gore, but it does get a little violent toward the end. If it had a more experienced director or cinematographer working on it, it would have turned out to be an awesome cult classic, but it's only mildly worth mentioning, and not really worth recommending. It's got one of the best titles I've ever seen though.

RETURN TO NORMALCY-Brad Carrigton and Elizabeth Cromley Set against the sprawling countryside of Ipwich, Count Hadrach suffers from nightmarish dreams in which he acts out his aggression against his failed political career. Enter Molly O'Dowdy , who is the films counter-balance as the upwadly moble goat cheese sales woman who beomes Hadrach's lover and partner in crime. Very grisly, and dark. Interesting film in a Kerkovian sort of way. It was released by Independence Rabbit Studios, who has since been taken over by the Hilderbrandt Swiss Cheese Concern in Bonn.

mc pee pants
nick of time was good.

Jackie Malfoy
I like these movies too but they got bombed big time!They are "SuperMario Brothers" and "Mortal Komet"
It seens to me that any movie base on a video game gets bombed! when they should not because they are good most of the time!
Anyway I thought Cage in "Moral Komet" was not only funny but good looking and they have great fight scenes too!So why would it get bombed?JM confused Happy Dance mad

i liked mortal kombat despite its flaws, as for mario, i won't comment.

one movie i love that no-one ever talks about is devils advocate, i love that movie.

oh, and liberty stands still, the movie they ripped off to make phone booth.

mc pee pants
i liked mortal kombat. it was cool seeing sub-zero and scorpion and raiden. the rest were lame.

anybody ever see "they live"? i absolutely love the premise of this movie and thoroughly enjoyed it in the theatres. any comments?

"i have come to kick ass and chew bubblegum...and i'm all out of bubblegum."

Yup, it's on my top 30 favourite films of all time (They Live). I have the Canadian DVD release of it, which includes a behind the scenes feature as well as a commentary track by John Carpenter and Roddy Piper, which the U.S. release doesn't have. Awesome movie with the amazing Keith David, a very underrated actor, and Roddy Piper did a great job for his first movie, plus it has probably the longest fight scene ever in a U.S. movie.

Roddy Piper's first movie was actually "Body Slam". Well, he had a bit/walk on role in "Highwaymen", too.

I think maybe these movies are not popular for a reason...usually a good movie is liked by someone else...whether it be movie buff to just your average movie watcher. I heard the Lost Skeleton of Cadavara was just plain dumb...Even though it was making fun of the old crappy 50's movies and whetnot...but just because its making fun of older bad movies, doesn't mean its a good movie necesairly.

I think maybe these movies are not popular for a reason...usually a good movie is liked by someone else...whether it be movie buff to just your average movie watcher. I heard the Lost Skeleton of Cadavara was just plain dumb...Even though it was making fun of the old crappy 50's movies and whetnot...but just because its making fun of older bad movies, doesn't mean its a good movie necessairly. And oops, it wouldn't let me delete my other post which was the same.

Super Mario Bros movie had to be one of the worst movies I've ever seen. That one has a reason for bombing.

That's true, but keep two things in mind.

1) The 1940's and 1950's were extremely important decades for Sci Fi. (i.e. Forbidden Planet, The Day the Earth Stood Still,The Time Machine, War of the Worlds). Of course, there was plenty of cheese to fill in between.

2) Good is always subjective.

"Lost Skeleton" is a personal favorite, rented it, watched it 3 times, bought it, watched it once. Fantastic spoof, IMO, and that's coming from a major spoof connoisseur. It did fantastic in it's super minimal theatrical release, and is already a cult classic.

Amen Solo...Mario Brothers is horrible...horrible...horrible...and so is Mortal Kombat...when a movie bombs for any reason usually, there is a reason...unless it was something underliked...but for those two movies-they was a major reason they bombed.

Funny...for such a cult classic...I haven't heard of anyone talk about it or anyone that's seen it...and I know lots of people who watch a lot of movies...our video store never got it here and neither did our theater...but the trailer did enough for me...but hey, its your personal opinion and this is mine right?

"Lost Skeleton" is a personal favorite, rented it, watched it 3 times, bought it, watched it once. Fantastic spoof, IMO, and that's coming from a major spoof connoisseur. It did fantastic in it's super minimal theatrical release, and is already a cult classic.

great movie. but it gets boring if u watch it more than twice.

Well, it was only released in 34 theatres nationwide. Buried treasure doesn't find you, you find it, and if I based my opinion soley on trailers, I probably wouldn't have seen 1/2 the 1,000,000 movies that I have. I'm a huge Sci Fi fan,and this movie is only going to appeal to fans of spoofs, indies, and cheesy Sci Fi.

"Mortal Kombat" made $122 Million dollars worldwide, brother, not to mention it's a cult classic, and easily the most popular video game movie to date.

Anyone see this movie , it is really good, very funny. It is a smallindependent film, starring vince vaughn, joaquin phoenix and janine garofeloe. dark comedy. Will appeal to fans of the coen bros and woody allen i think.

If you get the chance you should Check it out!

If you know of any good films that are not on the mainstream raider, post them here ?

I saw Clay Pigeons eek!

with Joaquin Phoenix (sp?) and Vince Vaughn and Jeane Gerhsadfks(sp?)

i liked it a lot .. it was interesting smile

Clay Pigeons is a really good movie, I own it! Joaquin did a really good job in this film and Vince Vaughn was hysterical. "Shoo, Clay'd you cut one?"

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