The Grudge 2

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Raimi & Tapert Making 'The Grudge 2'

The Grudge producers Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert say they are working with director Takashi Shimizu to make the sequel The Grudge 2. "We just came from a big story conference this whole last week," Raimi told Now Playing Magazine. " came to America, to Los Angeles, and we met with him in a little room on the Columbia Pictures lot and hammered out an outline for the first draft of part two. And he's planning, I think, on working in the same subtle, elegant way that he made the first film in."

Tapert says that the sequel won't be based on the Japanese version. "The second one is much more of a standalone movie than was," Tapert said. "In fact, there are very few elements in the second one, at least where it is right now, that are derivative of previous works. kind of borrowed from all of the previous movies that have gone before. and that's one of the reasons that the director is interested. He's kind of told the story so many times that he didn't want to go back and revisit what he's done, and it was only that the writer had some new ideas that they wanted to explore in terms of The Grudge ."

You Suck
I hope not.

I enjoyed the original film version of Grudge 2, be looking forwards to see what he can do with a remake.


Cool happy

Really liked the first one.

A new direction? I doubt they're leaving behind the ghosts. In Japan, if your movie doesn't feature a ghost with long black hair, you're ousted from society. no expression

lol,thats actually weird how thats true.

I think they mean a different grudge, but same ghost. Something like that erm

A new ghost that has a different grudge? no expression

They should have the girl come out of a handheld PDA just for originality and comedic purposes. If The Ring 2 doesn't jump all over that idea, The Grudge 2 should.

The "Grudge 2" is already going to laughable.

I didn't find anything wrong with 'The Grudge.'

Yeah,other than its confusing time changing plot,it's cheap jump scares and the weird japanese girl and boy it was great smile

laughing laughing laughing laughing

It's a lot easier to understand if you are older then 13 smile

And I am older than 13 so I would understand and I understand that this was a crappy movie.

You know, "The Grudge" is one of the few movies that requires any comprehension to "get" what's going on. IMO, it's a piss poor ghost story , with nothing to really understand.

What it does have over the original is a coherent sense of continuity.

I found it confusing.It had that side plot about the detective from years ago and it kept switching without telling the audience.Then at the end when the detective and Gellar meet up in the how I didnt even know what was going on or what it was suppose to mean.

I didnt know what that little part where a hand came out of Gellars head meant because it was suppose to be the highlight but it stopped so abruptly you could barely digest what just happened.

It had one of the poorest "twist endings" ive ever seen.The whole thing about the dad murdering the mom looked like it would fit an episode of CSI: not horror movie.

I didn't find it confusing either.

I merely found it stupid.

Yeah that too smile

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