Justice League Vs Teen Titans Go

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Max Spidey 24
Jlu unlimited Vs teen titans go( little ones in the comic)

Also and most important witch cartoon do you guys like best justice league/Unlimited cartoon or Teen Titans cartoon

you realize the JLU has like 200 members and the titans has only 10 (I'm counting the Titans east long with the other 5 regular titans) Teen Titans has gotten better over the last few episodes..but JLU still is far superior.

I think you could pick just one or two of any of the characters on JLU and beat the Teen Titans.

Max Spidey 24
You do have a good point . I forgot they had 5000 members well only count the Originals including aqua man

The only member of the Teen Titans the JLU has to worry about is Raven.

Robin was trained by Batman. Batman is his superior. Batman wins
Starfire is pretty powerful but not nearly as strong as WW. Any blast thrown WW's way is instantly deflected.

Beast Boy can turn into animals. He's the weakest link. A T-Rex isn't going to scare J'onn

Cyborg vs. Superman. Superman wins.

Raven is very iffy. If she loses control of her powers, she turns uber powerful. However Green Lantern can handle her.

Max Spidey 24
Terra stopped raven when she was out of control with some mud. robin should have some kryptonite since he knows batman , but then again Batman would reserch and so will robin . They will warn the others

Max Spidey 24
Or Batman beats them all by him self since robin could beat all the titans(he did allready)

You should think a little before you post these match-ups max.

David Duchovony
This thread is quite retarded.

Max Spidey 24

let's be nice...I'd love to see this fight...for the whole 8 seconds it would last...poor Titans.

First Max Spidey 24 what were you thinking making such a pointless thread there is no way for the TT's to win because like Mainstream said the JLU has like 200 members secondly if Robin could beat the crap outta them there is no way Batman can't
mad miffed

so true...any two or three member of the JLU could beat the Titans and titans east and Terra.

Come on THe JL is made of 200 members none of the titans could stand up to them

The Teen Titans could give some of the lesser powerful and less trained some trouble..members like Hawk, Dove, Supergirl, Elongated Man,but The JLU would crush the Teen and their T shaped tower.

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