Jp...come Back

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I don't know how long this will last be here it goes.

I know she has gotten a lot of grief from some of you all, and I have to put myself in there as well. I was pretty harsh with her my first few days. But I have found her to be really cool. She is the kind that will scratch your back if you scratch hers. Send a shout out to JP and tell her to come back. Happy Dance

The Ones

what happened?

i luv u jp

I didn't know she left. confused

blink huh

The Ones
yes. left no expression

I'd be surprised if she doesn't come back.

lil bitchiness
I got teleported to the OTF happy

Atomic Rico
whos JP?

Jedi-Knight 8k2 gone?

Atomic Rico
who really cares?
Ive only been here a month so I couldnt develop a friendship or anything

yeah well thats just it, you didnt know her... shes reported me for no reasona number of times, but she is still pretty cool... supposedl a milf, and whatever but who cares. i loved this chick for what she brought to the table of the ROTS forums and for that i will truly miss her.. she will come back.. and yeha ush i would be totally surprised if she doesnt... oh well though

JP = Jedi Priestess ?

Is this about her leeching stuff of swsaga...?

she'll come back, is her destiny

maybe she went out to get a hotdog.

Atomic Rico
Shes at my house right now, she wants to say "HI" to you guys, and shell be back real soon-her PCs not working right now

r u joking

Atomic Rico
No, im dead serious. She showed me this forum about a month ago and recommended I should start posting-she lives about 7 miles from my house

riiight.. okay tahts just sad that you would have to make up a story like that... oh well.... i guess yaoi fans are like that (eewww)

Atomic Rico
I didnt make it up

and whats wrong with yaoi?

Silver Stardust
She says she doesn't plan on coming back, at least not for a long time.

Atomic Rico
Oh, you know her personally too?

Silver Stardust
...dude, you do not know her off the internet. Don't pretend that you do. I, however, DO talk to her outside of KMC, and she is a very good friend of mine.

she has many friends here.

Atomic Rico
Im serious that I know her, shes my wife

man, im gonna have to bug her about this...
I hope this doesn't mean she drops the SW game...

she's MY WIFE you dork no expression

Atomic Rico
no mine

i smell SITCOM!!!!!! eek!

JP left, why?

lil bitchiness
Stop this nonesnse Atomic Rico!

shes at forums....

traitor! do i know this...

really, it was mildly funny once.

Wait, why did she leave?

are you kidding?
check her post history there. she's always been there, and here, and other forums. wtf?

Yep Plenty.

altough i havent got a clue what happened in that Pablo thread (but i can Assume) I remember her saying that she would be leaving KMC for a while until episode 3 comes out was expected.

i expect her back by May 20 - Who wanna bet ?

Not especially...

Jeez, you guys sure do like a good drama.

"Like sands through the hourglass, these are the days of KMC."

When people REALLY leave (especially due to negative stuff), they don't post a goodbye message unless theyre massive attention whores. JP may well be a control freak, but I dont think she's out for attention. I think she just wanted to let people know she was sick of all the ridiculousness around here, and wasn't going to put up with it. Apparently her tactics worked somewhat, as we are all still talking about her if not the actual problem.

I can't really say whether she'll be back though. Theres less petty forums around that she is a part of so I don't know why she would come back.

I never saw this coming, sad

I dont have anything against JP its just the way certain dudes sucked up to her.....not for the fact she posted loads of spoilers which im thankful for but because she was the only female on this forum.Sure she had her long time forum freinds but some of the ass kissing ive had to read whilst looking for pics of Palpy etc is sad in the extreme...and this thread has exceeded this.
This sad devotion is cringeworthy.I ended up on this forum by chance after a google search and i use this for spoilers......i choose to be here because its a little more left field and has quite a few "characters" unlike other forums not for exclusives as for the most part they are all from other sites.
This aint like Lennon getting shot...this aint the end of the world as we know it...this aint the cancelation of Angel just as it was truly great....this is a STAR WARS forum NOT a JP forum.
I will not mention her name no more as shes gone.....just a shame 50% of this forum wont...whats goin on in there is embarrassing.
The car has truly been removed from Ryan Dunnes ass!

the guy from is a dork.
he complains that people dont mention his name when they copy text from his news page...but look at his page. he himself dont give credits for every information he ripped from the he is no better than JP and should shut up.

Loser! big grin

Jackie Malfoy
Jp is a girl?I thought she was a boy?Anyway I wonder why she did not post anything about leaving.This is very strange indeed.JM


you not gonan leave coz of stupid spoilers, don't you? cry

your either a sarcastic genius
or very strange indeed


you are so full of shit cyclob.
should i remind you of your little "ding dong the witch is dead" post?
why dont you just go peddle your bullshit somewhere else, as we all read the ep3 forum and do NOT suffer from alzheimer's.

but let me guess, you just did it to get a rise out of her "asskissers" a.k.a. friends, right? just so you know, friends stick up for friends. i guess you wouldnt know that though.


*sigh* its a long stupid boring story, nitro.
i assure you that you dont want to read it.

The DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD comment was tongue in cheek
I didnt have anything against Lady Di..i mean JP...its just the irritation of having to read all that fawning crap whilst looking for what im here me she was just a name with a pic of some brunette character from some graph novel who copy and pasted stuff from other sites,forums and BOY did she make sure everyone knew about it.
Its just pitiful that because shes the token woman some dudes go and open threads like this one......its.....embarrassing.
And i pointed out a differention that she had freinds AND ass kissers.

Yes i am full of shit
this week i have irratable bowel syndrome
though i suddenly feel the urge to take a crap after reading the "TRIBUTE" thread in the EP3 section.
by the way its never been my intention to get threads closed
though i kind of wish this one was.......its like David Brent in The Office.....embarrassing but you find yourself looking anyway.

whoa...ok people i think its time to get a grip.

see u thursday
ta ta for now!


i like how you claim to have nothing against her and yet insult the same paragraph no less.

and thank you for sharing the condition of your bowels with us.
good luck with that roll eyes (sarcastic)


Darth Subjekt
Um....did anyone happen to notice that Atomic Rico is another sock of our good friend Green? Every sock he's had, has had "restricted" below his name. And now he's using this situation to be a nuisance again. I am sorry JP felt she had to leave and i hope she comes back soon. And for everyone that has a problem with can lick a dick-up till you hiccup, bitches.

And maybe you wouldn't have IBS if you took less shots in the asspipe from your boyfriends and fellow gimps.

Jedi Priestess

and which category do i fall under? confused

stick out tongue

I officially regret coming back here now.

*sighs* this thread shpuld be closed now .

ill miss you JP , good luck with whatever life bestows upon you .

damn, why is everyone so sad.
if you are her frfiend then there are so many ways to get in touch with her.
PM's, msn, every other forum she visits.

she's not abandoning the internet, but rather abandoning annoyance.
i for one am relieved that she chose to leave here since i have grown quite
tired of seeing a-holes stalk and troll her. this is supposed to be fun, but certain people on this forum just got off on annoying her, and it became like some pathetic sport.

so yeah, good for you JP!

Silver Stardust
You dork bang stick out tongue

When I was 6 years old, I ran away from a bully that wanted my lunch money. The next day 2 different bullies tried to take my lunch money. 2 weeks laters there was 3 of them....

The day I stood up to one bully, the rest of his moron brigade stopped messing with me. Running away from conflict solves nothing.

*pokes and prods JP stick out tongue *

link, that works in REAL LIFE.
but the internet is filled with a-holes who take full advantage of
its anonymity. they have no consequences to face (like a punch in the bully's face) so they keep at it.

and JP has slammed them many times, so dont accuse her of tucking her tail between her legs. that chick is quite the firecracker in fact.

Silver Stardust
Oooooh yeah. PVS has been on the receiving end of her temper before so he'd know stick out tongue

And like PVS said, she's not leaving the internet, just KMC. She's still be reachable. If she wants you to be able to keep in touch with her, you'll be able to.

JP's never been anything but a complete sweetie to thankfully i've never incurred her wrath.

But I'm giving 2 to 1 odds that she'll be back. big grin

ill bet she'll be back after may19 when all the hyperspaced00d glory hounds
have nothing left to peddle.

OK, JP has said her piece, can we all move on now?

I swear, if this thread doesn't get closed soon, I will spam it with racial slurs and politically incorrect would be no less insulting than this drivel.

I think JP would want it that way.

can Jedi Pristess please contact me ASAP with e-mail ; NOT PM.

yup yup

I'm not too worried about it since I still have my own way of talking to her, we will just have to try and fill the gap she left behind in the SW forums which is HUGE.

ARC Trooper 117
*Is sad*

thats a letter all right 10/10 eek!

ARC Trooper 117

Darth Subjekt
Jesus H Christ act like we're all sitting around at her wake or something....she's not dead, and while she was a good provider of alot of cool info, we will not be in the dark with her not here. If you know her outside of here, you WILL talk to her, im sure. We all know it sucks why she left, but why dwell on it? Shes not comming back, at least for awhile, so lets please just continue conversing about SW. But we all will miss her creative and individual, yet selective wrath...but wait, ...we still got our girl Bilb!!!!! YEEAAAHHHH BABY!!!!!

Ummmm, Subkekt is that a compliment or a slam? confused


Darth Subjekt
negative ghost rider, thats a big "HELL YEAH!" for you. We may have lost her, but we still have you.

"Lick a dick"
"shots in the ass-pipe"
" the Pink Power ranger suit"
-Welcome to the mind of Darth Subjekt

Cyclob, you're a moron fu

JP, honey, I really do feel for you erm Some people can be complete and utter assh0les roll eyes (sarcastic)

Syren you rate Chrisitina Agullera and Pearl Habour
how am i supposed to take your critisism seriously
just be a good girl,be quiet,listen to Xtina and carry on day dreaming about Bennifer.

I rate Pearl Harbour? dontgetit

Also, my personal preferences shouldn't be a feature here, they are absolutely nothing to do with you. Actually.

As does your oppinions on the state of my noggin
e.g the MORON quote
now if i wanted to piss off a teenage girl id hang round my local school and shout "Timberlake is a ***!" and seein as i DONT want to do

U put Pearl Harbour on your profile thats how i knew,
u also put............this is hard to type as much as it was to watch...

True... I put those as my fave movies? Time for an update I think.

And anyway, bash away at Mr Timberlake, I couldn't give a stuff. I'm not a teenage girl roll eyes (sarcastic)

And moron? That's just a word I use on a regular basis, don't feel too put out. As they say, don't flatter yourself tongue

Ok i wont
thats just a word i use on a regular basis
usually one i give to RnB diva loving Ben Affleck fans
dont feel too put out

A bunch of asterisks? blink Golly, I'm painfully emotional over that one no expression

cyclob, you are just being a dick so that this thread gets closed.
why dont you just drop your creepy obsession with JP and get back to
the ep3 forum. this cant be healthy.

later dick


As funny as that so obviously was, I'm enjoying the anticipation of Cy-nob's next post eek!

u know i forgot what the topic of this thread was
lets see......wheres the evidence of this obsession
a couple of posts sayin how embarassing the level of ass kissery leveled at the SW threads only female contributor is and now i have a "creepy obsession"........take a look at the last days of the TEMPLE thread for "creepy"
for your "creepy obsession" i should look closer to home PVS and your online tongueing of your.. i quote.."imaginary girlfreind"
the best way to rub peoples backs up on this forum is to mention she who should not be nameds name in vain
i have along with a few others and look what happens
PVS you are just an argumentative cock smoker

She already proved she's not the SW forum's only female poster.

You're also amazingly irritating in the way that you write, did you know that?

A severe lack of punctuation makes it increasingly difficult to understand what you are on about, therefore rendering this conversation almost entirely one sided.

To put it simply, go spend a few years at school, then come back and entertain me in a more sophisticated manner wink

angry are we?
told you did i?
not healthy this is.
poor troll sad


roll eyes (sarcastic)

Yeah ok i forgot i was in an english class
if im coming across as irritating im just trying to fit in


seriously though, this is a thread in the OTF dedicated to JP and the only one here that hates it is you. please, explain...just HOW is this thread disrupting your online experience, considering you have to go well out of your way to find it? we post here because we are her friends. the ep3 forum trolls who bashed on her dont even bother coming here because their little wish was granted.

so i have to ask...why are YOU here?
dont answer that, since we all know why

now please, keep posting here and prove my pointroll eyes (sarcastic)

Ok hands up
this thread was on a link on a thread in the EP3 forum
i posted my thoughts regarding the TRIBUTE thread and TEMPLE thread in here as they were both closed by the thread nazis
true no one cares about my oppinion but I care about having to sift through the most insipid cringeworthy bottom kissing crap ive ever seen in a forum just to look at a few pics and read some spoilers
and i wouldnt have even bothered typing a ****in word in here today but Darth Subjekt had to bring me into his gimp and dick licking obsession
there starts the domino effect
then you had to throw your "two cents" in as usual
and so on and so on and so on and so on and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz WHA? you finished?
now can you take your little troll show on the road?

Da Moose
JP LEFT?! WTF?? Why? eek! sad

whats with this troll bullshit

What is an Internet Troll/ Forum troll?
An "Internet troll" or "Forum Troll" is a person who posts outrageous message to bait people to answer. Forum Troll delights in sowing discord on the forums. A troll is someone who inspires flaming rhetoric, someone who is purposely provoking and pulling people into flaming discussion. Flaming discussions usually end with name calling and a flame war.

A classic CureZone troll is trying to make us believe that he is a skeptic. He is divisive and argumentative with need-to-be-right attitude, "searching for the truth", flaming discussion, and sometimes insulting people or provoking people to insult him. Troll is usually an expert in reusing the same words of its opponents and in turning it against them.

While he tries to present himself as a skeptic looking for truth ... his messages usually sound as if it is the responsibility of other forum members to provide evidence that what forum is all about is legitimate science.


*sigh* STILL posting here? huh
...not healthy at all no

there has to be one member in every forum that sooner or later you end up regarding as a c**t
congrats pvc
your my c**t


you finished yet?

oh...wait minute i get it. this is a last word thing isnt it?
ok fine, ill let you have your last little statement on whatever
and you can be done trolling on this thread and go annoy someone else.

so lets have it....

otherwise this will run and run
i have better things to do
like squinting at pics on figure packaging and trying to get enthusiastic about unfinished shots of someone stood in front of green screen for a movie thats only 3 months away
so i guess this is it pvc
its been great etc

Da Moose
What the HELL are you two going on about?

were having a bikini party and your invited

Da Moose
Uh huh.

Listen, all I REALLY want to know is why JP left. I got along well with her, and didn't know this had happened. You can go and finish your little hissy fit after you tell me, kay? Thanks. big grin

moose, just PM her if you care to stay in touch.
as for why she left, too many trolls stalking and harassing her like
it's their career, as you can see from cyclob's posts. that among other things.

Da Moose
eek! Yeah, I just read the temple....Jesus. What is wrong with people? I had no idea it was that bad for her...that is really sad.

As for Cylob, he seems like a real gem of a character. Lacking several human elements though.

im tired of this shit now
bring me evidence of this "stalking" and "harrassing" Jp and ill hold my hands up gladly
recommending a sing a long of "ding dong the witch is dead" after said member has left is neither of above

you have been proving it on this very thread dumbass

how can you stalk someone who is no longer a member
i never harrassed her when she WAS a member either
the only person ive harassed on this forum is you today ya prick and your givin it back equally
and its killin time at work
today has flown
thank u pvc

Da Moose
Man, you're 37..stop acting like you're 12. roll eyes (sarcastic)

**** off with the age thing if someone pisses u off you retaliate and like i said it kills time on a quiet day at work.

Da Moose
Spoken like a true 12 year old. roll eyes (sarcastic)

Its a forum
someone has disagreed with something ive said
it happens in forums
its in here
it stays in here
i aint going to go home and kill my cat

oh boy cyclob, you sure are the irritable one arent you?
i think i know the problem.

here, try this:

that should clear it right up wink

Da Moose
I realize that, but dude, really, take a look at what you, and for that matter, others are doing here. I've been guilty of it before, and I guess looking in from the outside, it just looks silly.

talking of pussy
well thanks for the heads up with the vagina cream
i take it comes with your recommendation?

4 out of 5 doctors recommend that you stfu laughing out loud

Da Moose
Is that you with Dead Prowse?

ok im bored
off to the ep3 forum for more weirdness
the Cylob and Pvc show is off air

Darth Subjekt
i was wondering, you pathetic cum-guzzeling gutter whole, where did i say ANYTHING, about the pink power ranger "suit"? See you're too busy trolling around here getting people to bash you, cause you're an attention whore, that you cant even read something properly. And you couldn't possibly fathom the intricacy of my mind. So stick to what you know about, kiddy porn, sitting on strap-ons and wondering why your parents basement is so drafty at night in the winter.

And how can you call PVS argumentative, when your every post is combative and simply typed for the sole purpose of antagonizing others?

OMG! This is all so petty and inane! Cy you are a prick, plain & simple. PVS I'm glad we are on the same side....Some damn funny slams in this thread (the Monistat really had me rolling!!!!) and you finally got to use your smiley!!! And it seems like it was made just for this ass.....

Darth Subjekt
i didn't know you could get on the computer in between washing peoples windshields. You need to take the squeegee out of you ass and get back to work, or else the homeless guy on E. 4th street will steal your income.

it fits him like a glove laughing out loud

This thread is getting soooo close if I catch anymore bashing. Warnings will issue to the members involved in the pointless fights.

you made yourself a target with the Temple thread which attracted a large clique, but it was initially spoken in the language of pish
and only a minority felt comfortable posting to it incase they got lambasted in front of other Temple followers.
This thread was an altar to JP and the rest of us didn't have a clue to its purpose, & couldn't be arsed to indulge your vanity.

Then you started this famous LIST
who was on it?
why where they on it?
what was the ramifications of them being on it?
You used this LIST like a BIG STICK
& we are still none the wiser as to the purpose for this infamous LIST.
to me it was you had given yourself the authority of a moderator and this was your only weapon to punish other forum users.

another point, The previous warnings from the moderators?
what were they for?....were they uncalled for?
please tell us.

It seems to me that your attitude is immature.
"the mods warned me, so I'll take my ball away."
so be it,
May is only a few months away
Spoilers be damned,
we can live without your BIG STICK and CLIQUE CLUB
thank you very much

KMC will live on without you.

they are facts
so warn me if you wish

lil bitchiness
Thats about enough with the flaming already!

Use the PMs from now on for any problems you have, and dont vent it on the boards.


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