WWE Smackdown Vs. RAW League

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Owner: Vince McMahon

WWE RAW General Manager: Eric Bischoff

WWE Smackdown General Manager: Shane McMahon

WWE Superstars:

Animal -
Batista -
Big Show -
Billy Kidman (overall 82) -
Booker T -
Bret Hart -
Bubba Ray Dudley -
Carlito Caribbean Cool (overall 89) -
Charlie Haas -
Chavo Guerrero -
Chris Benoit -
Chris Jericho -
Christian -
Danny Basham -
Doug Basham -
D-Von Dudley -
Eddie Guerrero -
Edge -
Eugene (overall 89) -
Hawk -
Hulk Hogan (overall 94) -
John Cena -
Kane -
Kenzo Suzuki (Overall 86) -
Kurt Angle -
Mankind -
Mark Jindrak -
Matt Hardy -
Maven (overall 87) -
Paul London -
Randy Orton -
Rey Mysterio -
Ric Flair -
Rob Conway -
Rob Van Dam -
Rosey -
Scotty 2 Hotty -
Shannon Moore -
Shawn Michaels -
Shelton Benjamin -
Stone Cold Steve Austin -
Sylvain Grenier -
Tajiri -
The Rock -
Triple H -
Tyson Tomko -
Ultimate Warrior (overall 92) -
Ultimo Dragon -
Undertaker -
Viscera -
William Regal -

WWE Divas:

Gail Kim (overall 59) -
Jazz -
Lita (overall 60) -
Miss Jackie (overall 56) -
Molly Holly -
Stacy Keibler -
Torrie Wilson -
Trish Stratus -
Victoria -


Royal Rumble - January
No Way Out - Ferbruary
Backlash - April
Wrestlemania - March
Judgment Day - May
Bad Blood - June
Summer Slam - August
Vengeance - July
Unforgiven - September
Survivor Series - November
No Mercy - October
Armageddon - December


WWE RAW Roster:

Animal - Face
Batista - Heel
Bret Hart - Face
Chris Benoit - Face
Chris Jericho - Face
Christian - Heel
Edge - Heel
Eugene - Face
Gail Kim - Heel
Gene Snitsky - Heel
Hawk - Face
Jazz - Heel
Kane - Face
Lita - Face
Matt Hardy - Face
Maven - Heel
Mankind - Heel
Miss Jackie - Face
Molly Holly - Heel
Randy Orton - Face
Rhyno - Heel
Ric Flair - Heel
Rob Conway - Heel
Shawn Michaels - Face
Shelton Benjamin - Face
Stacy Keibler - Face
Sylvain Grenier - Heel
The Rock - Face
Torrie Wilson - Heel
Triple H - Heel
Trish Stratus - Heel
Tyson Tomko - Heel
Victoria - Face
Viscera - Heel
William Regal - Face

WWE RAW Champions:

World Heavyweight Champion - VACANT
Intercontinental Champion - VACANT
Women's Champion - VACANT
World Tag Team Champions - VACANT


WWE Smackdown Roster:

Big Show - Face
Billy Kidman - Heel
Booker T - Face
Bubba Ray Dudley - Heel
Carlito Caribbean Cool - Heel
Charlie Haas - Heel
Chavo Guerrero - Face
D-Von Dudley - Heel
Danny Basham - Heel
Doug Basham - Heel
Eddie Guerrero - Heel
Hollywood Hulk Hogan - Face
John Bradshaw Layfield - Heel
John Cena - Face
Kenzo Suzuki - Heel
Kurt Angle - Heel
Mark Jindrak - Heel
Nunzio - Heel
Orlando Jordan - Heel
Paul London - Face
Rene Dupree - Heel
Rey Mysterio - Face
Rob Van Dam - Face
Rosey - Face
Scotty 2 Hotty - Face
Shannon Moore - Face
Stone Cold Steve Austin - Heel
Tajiri - Heel
The Hurricane - Face
Ultimate Warrior - Face
Ultimo Dragon - Face
Undertaker - Face

WWE Smackdown Champions:

WWE Heavyweight Champion - VACANT
United States Champion - VACANT
Cruiserweight Champion - VACANT
WWE Tag Team Champions - VACANT

WWE Shows Schedule:

Saturday/Sunday/Monday - WWE RAW

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday - WWE Smackdown

Friday - OFF!!!

Sunday - The WWE PPV's



1. Umm Results will be done on time, I guess he has it set up on the front page so I'll go by that, Results will be up ON TIME I GURANTEE it I will blow off all my friends and w/e else just to get it done for you, only reason it won't be done on time is unless it's a TOTAL EMERGANCY!

2. The way I will do results are like ok first, the winner of the match will stay that way no matter what, umm now about the results uhh ok like if I want to have a buried alive match (which isn't in the game) I'll pick hardcore match and everytime they hit one another with a weapon I'll say shovel or w/e goes along with the match type, umm everytime someone gets pinned I'll say they pushed him in the hole or what not. So thats it on that.

3. The eliminations will NOT be in the same order, they could be but ummm if I need it a certain way then I will have to do it that way but the winner will remain the same, so for an example if it's a 4 man elimination match, and RVD is eliminated 1st, Triple H 2nd, Angle 3rd, and Kane winning, I won't nescassarly have it that way I might say Triple is eliminated, then angle, then RVD, with Kane still winning.

4. Is there any problems you all have? You all gotta be pist I mean 19 pages and like 5 cards and 2 resluts rediculous!

5. Is there anything I need to know before I do the results? like Stables, or Storylines, Factions, anything else I can't think of right now?

6. Doing resluts straight from the game is boring and boring to read so I will spice it up but keep the winner the same.

SIDE NOTE: All the Divas are on RAW and All the Crusierweights are on Smackdown, the reason is so that all the divas can go for the Women's Title and all the Cruiserweights can go for the Cruiserweight Title. ALSO the overalls will be coming for the created superstars.

To Sign up just post saying who you want to be, I will let you pick a 2 Superstars and a Diva, HOWEVER if you pick 2 1 has to be from RAW and 1 from Smackdown.


YES, I have had expereince with these I've ran 4 successfull ones and 1 unsuccessfull one but that one was my fault.

wow, I"m conufsed, for the game or is this some sort of rp?

Yea, I've played SvsR but what are we doing?

turn-around-touch-the-ground bagsy being TAJIRI

(UK saying which means im being something and on-one else can be it.)

ummm.... which forum should I move this to? confused Is it an RPG....?

NO, see ok look I play the matches on SD vs. RAW, you all pick who you like and I'll play them and you'll be them, it's just for fun no RP or n e thing it's fake but I play the matches on SD vs. RAW get it?

I think this can stay here then happy

to bri br 4045

im sure you mean well by wat ur trying to do, and u probably have some good intentions, but this wrestling stuff is confusing

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